Kulfi the singing star update Wednesday 15 March 2023

Kulfi the singing star 15 March 2023: Kulfi asks Sikandar not to worry as she and Chalu are finding a way for his treatment on internet. They both act as browsing on laptop while Jantar disguised as thief walks towards them holding knife. Sikandar thinks Kulfi should turn back and when Jantar acts as attacking Kulfi Sikandar stands up. Kulfi gets happy seeing that. Amyra with Lovleen and team returns and she also gets happy seeing Sikandar on his feet and says dadda got well.

Kulfi the singing star 14 March 2023

Lovleen thinks how can Sikandar get well. Sikandar falls back on chair. Kulfi pleads Sikandar to get up again. Amyra tries to rush towards Sikandar, but Lovleen stops her and forcefully sends her to her room. She then laughs on Kulfi that whatever she tries Sikandar will not get up. Kulfi says she knows Lovleen is behind Sikandar’s condition and is the one who tried to kill her. Lovleen accepts all her crimes and asks Kulfi what she can do. She provokes Tauji and Sikandar if they can confront her.

Kulfi continues pleading Sikandar to get up. Lovleen says they can’t even touch her even after knowing what she did. Tauji pleads Lovleen to spare Sikandar and take his wealth instead. Kulfi reminds Sikandar what all Lovleen did and provokes him to get up, but Sikandar doesn’t move at all even after reminiscing all the events. After soemtime, Amyra joins Kulfi and says she misunderstood her that she is trying to harm dadda, now she is on her side.

Kulfi and Amyra plead Sikandar to get up, but he doesn’t. Chalu asks them to hug each other and consoles Amyra and says its not her mistake as she trusted her mother like any other child, now they both should get their father well. Amyra tells Kulfi that they both will get dadda well. Kulfi says Lovleen will not let them do anything. Amrya hugs and consoles her. Kulfi and Amyra hear someone knocking their doors and see a note reading to come to music room at 12 midnight without informing anyone. They both with their team walk into music room thinking who must have called them.

They see Sikandar on chair, and Kulfi asks who brought him here. Sikandar Sikandar stands on his feet amazing them and ask each other to pinch to check if they are dreaming. Sikandar smiles at them and says its reality and not dream. They both happily hug him. He pampers them both and informs that he got well when he saw Kulfi in danger, but continued acting as he didn’t want Lovleen to know about it. Tauji asks if he is fine. Sikandar thanks Chalu for helping his daughters selflessly. Chalu says she will always fight for truth.

Sikandar tells them that they have plan big to spoil Teek tigada Lovleen/Beauty/Cutie’s plan. Amyra says she doesn’t need mamma as she did wrong and she will never trust her. Sikandar says when their baba is with them, they need not worry. He says Tauji couldn’t help Kulfi as Lovleen has kidnapped Gunjan. Tauji apologizes Kulfi for not helping her as Lovleen would have killed Gunjan. Sikandar says they have to fool Lovleen and defeat her in her own game.

Lovleen sees Amyra upset during breakfast and asks reason. Amyra says Kulfi is around Dadda like a glue. Lovleen says she shouldn’t bother about it and concentrate on her singing. Cutie says after yesterday’s incident, Kulfi’s team is very afraid. Chalu and her team start singing loudly Jaago Mohan Pyare… Lovleen shouts to shut up.

Chalu asks how to wake her husband then, this is the only way she knows of. They all surround Lovleen and sing loudly while Sikandar silently picks Lovleen’s mobile and messages Cutie and Beauty. Lovleen yells at Chalu and team to shut up and asks Sikandar to get well and take everyone from here. Cutie reads Lovleen’s message asking Cutie to send Beauty from there as their work is done, she feels sad thinking Lovleen sent message to her by mistake instead of Cutie and walks away fuming. Cutie also gets message and she also feels sad.

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