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Anupama 16 March 2023: Shahs rejoice after they get a new member in their family. Toshu is still uncontactable. Vanraaj asks Anupama to give good news to Anuj. Leela asks Vanraj to give her money to distribute among hospital workers. Anupama calls Anuj and informs him that a babygirl is born. Shahs ask Anupama how the baby looks. Anupama says she looks like a little angel and recalls holding the baby for the first time. Doctor passes by. Shahs ask about Kinjal. Doctor says they need to take good care of Kinjal as she just went through surgery. She says they couldn’t handle anxious Kinjal because of Anupama or else it would have been very difficult.

Anupama 15 March 2023

She thanks Anupama for holding both Kinjal and doctor’s team. Shahs also thank Anupama. Anupama says she is a mother. Leela asks about Rakhi. Vanraj says she is in Rajkot and will be reaching anytime soon. They continue expressing their happiness.
Anuj shares sweet with Little Anu and GK. Ankush and Barkha walk to him. He shares sweets even with them announcing baby’s arrival. Barkha signals Ankush. Ankush apologizes him again for his mistake and says they will not trouble him again and thanks for letting them stay in his house.

Anuj its temporary and not permanent. Barkha says she will serve him food and medicine as Anupama is not here. Anuj says Anupama doesn’t forget anything, she knows GK is here to take care of him, Barkha shouldn’t speak about Anupama at all. He ges a reminder from Anupama to have food and medicine and tells Barkha that Anupama doesn’t forget anything.

Anupama and Vanraj peep into neonatal room. Vanraj excitedly asks which one is his granddaughter. Anupama says one who has anger on her nose, one who is cute, etc., is his granddaughter. He points at a baby. Vanraj says he got it. Anupama then video calls Anuj and shows baby to him. Vanraj congratulates him for becoming dada buddy and subconsciously keeps his hand on Anupama’s shoulder repeatedly. Anuj notices it. Anupama says she will disconnect now as she needs to show baby to Leela and others. Anuj feels sad that he is not present there.

Shahs and Anupama meet Kinjal who ask about her baby. Anupama says baby is fine and will be with her soon. Kinjal asks about Toshu. Anupama says he is not yet reachable, but surely would be disappointed that he couldn’t be with his baby when she is born. Kinjal thanks her for being with her during delivery. Anupama thanks her in return for giving her an opportunity to be with her. Shahs congratulate each other. Nurse brings baby. Everyone hold her gets emotional. Vanraj cries holding her. Vanraj a man never cries even in the toughest situation, but a little girl made him cry. Anupama asks him not to cry much. He walks out of room.

Kinjal misses Toshu. Anupama says baby looks like Toshu. Leela says baby looks like her. Anupama says yes. Hasmukh hopes baby doesn’t get Leela’s nature. Leela asks Anupama to feed gaddoodhi/elixir of life to baby. Pakhi asks what is it. Anupama explains. She thinks where is Toshu stuck, why didn’t he come here.

Vanraj is unable to control his happiness after seeing his granddaughter. Toshu calls him and asks if Kinjal is fine as he saw Vanraj and Samar’s multiple missed calls. Vanraj gives him good news that he became a father. Toshu rejoices and tells someone in his cab that he needs to go. Anupama and Leela pamper baby. Anupama asks when is Toshu coming. Rakhi enters and asks a person who had to be present first is missing. Anupama says he is on the way and asks her to hold her granddaughter. Rakhi gets emotional holding her grandchild. She again asks why is Toshu missing. Leela says even Rakhi came late. Rakhi says she had gone for an important work. Leela says even Toshu has gone for important work and is on his way. Rakhi says Toshu should have been with Kinjal. Vanraj asks her to cheer up and smile or else her granddaughter will laugh on her.

Anupama notices Rakhi’s changed expression and comforts her with a juice. Rakhi hugs her. Leela asks Samar to click their pics. Kinjal tells Rakhi that Anupama was with her in labor room, she doesn’t know how she would have managed without Anupama. Rakhi thanks Anupama. Anupama says one mother was present in another mother’s absence. Rakhi questions Toshu’s absence again. Kinjal says Toshu wanted a baby girl. Leela asks Rakhi not to hiss like a nagin/snake. Rakhi says she doesn’t hiss without a reason.

Anupama asks Rakhi why is she questioning about Toshu repeatedly, if there is something she is hiding. Rakhi says let him come whenever he wants to. Vanraj asks why she is angry on Toshu. Rakhi says Toshu’s priority should be Kinjal, but its not. Vanraj says Toshu had to visit Mumbai for a job interview. Rakhi says she will take Kinjal and baby home from the hospital. Anupama says they can discuss about it later, let us not fight now. Rakhi says she doesn’t need anyone’s permission to take her daughter and granddaughter home and leaves from there. Vanraj says Rakhi cannot digest kind behavior. Anupama says something is wrong or else Rakhi wouldn’t get angry on Toshu unnecessarily.

Samar calls Toshu who assures that he is on the way to the hospital. He thanks god that Kinjal and baby are fine. Anupama tells Vanraj that maybe Toshu rejected Rakhi’s job offer and hence she is angry or maybe there is something else. Vanraj says even he feels so as Rakhi speaks up her mind directly without any hesitation, but she is hesitating now. Little Anu insists Anuj to meet the baby. Anuj says she cannot, but Little Anu gets amant. Anuj gets angry. GK controls Little Anu and sends her in. Anuj struggles to control his right hand. He notices temple lamp flickering and with great difficulty draws his wheelchair towards it, then tries to get down the wheelchair and falls down. Barkha, Ankush, and Adhik rush to him and puts him back to the wheelchair.

Ankush ask if he is fine. Anuj says lamp was flickering. Barkha fills oil in the lamp. Anuj asks where is the nurse. Ankush says Anuj himself gave her festival leave and says he will be with him till Anupama returns from hospital. Anuj asks them not to inform Anupama about him falling down and wheels his wheelchair away.

Anupama notices Rakhi anxiously munching sweets and asks if she is tensed regarding Toshu. Rakhi starts crying. Anupama comforts her and asks what really happened. Rakhi nervously says Toshu. Just then, Pakhi informs Rakhi that Kinjal is calling him. Rakhi leaves. Anupama recalls Rakhi’s anger towards Toshu and thinks what Rakhi wanted to inform about Toshu.

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