Jhanak starlife update Saturday 25 May 2024

Jhanak 25 may 2024: The Episode starts with Jhanak’s Mama and Shrishti coming there and seeing Jhanak. Mamu scolds Jhanak. Shrishti says oh, so he is Urvashi’s daughter Jhanak. Mama taunts about Urvashi. Jhanak says don’t get mum in between.

Vinayak says we will go home and talk. He says Jhanak is right, we shouldn’t talk about her mum. Shrishti says I didn’t say anything wrong, everyone knows about her mum. Arshi says its okay. Jhanak says this didn’t happen because of my mistake. Mama scolds her. Rahul says Jhanak works for whatever he gets.

Mama says you worry for Jhanak, I will talk to your dad, she is stubborn. Shrishti insults Jhanak. Anirudh and Arshi worry watching this. Shrishti says we should go now, our time and mood spoiled because of her. Jhanak cries. They all leave.

Rahul says we will go and fill the form. Jhanak says you think festival committee will let me participate, no. Rahul says we will convince your mum. The girl says you will prove that you are the best. He asks Jhanak to come. Anirudh gets his uncle’s call and talks to him. Appu takes the phone and says I miss you a lot, you remember the promise, my gift. He says I will not forget it. She gives the phone and goes.

Appu falls in the river. Dadi worries and asks someone to help. Appu gets sinking. Uncle saves her and brings her out of the river. They all worry. Appu gets conscious. She says I also want to leave the diya in the river. Her mum kisses her. Jhanak comes to the fest venue. Rahul asks for a form for Jhanak. He gets her there. The man asks what will you present. Jhanak says we want dance form. The lady says you have to write your dad’s name also, form will get rejected, what’s the use to fill it. Jhanak says I can write my mum’s name. The man says your dad is alive. The students support Jhanak. Jhanak says you know my history, why are you doing this. The man says its better you don’t participate in the event.

Shrishti and Vinayak greet Arshi’s Nani. She asks where is Urvashi. Arshi hugs Nani. Shrishti introduces Anirudh. Nani blesses him. She introduces Anirudh’s family members. Jhanak’s friends argue in her defense. Jhanak says if my dad has refused to accept me, then its not my mistake. The lady asks do you know his name, no, right, many men leave their wives and children, but their children know their name, what name will you write. Mama calls our Urvashi. Shrishti stares at Urvashi. Mama asks Urvashi to go and get the bags. Shrishti stops Urvashi. Urvashi greets them.

Shrishti taunts her. Mama laughs and insults Urvashi. Vinayak feels bad. Urvashi says I will get the bags. Shrishti stops her. Mama says you said Jhanak has college, she is roaming on the streets with her friends. Shrishti says be careful, she can follow your steps, she has done a drama today, this shouldn’t happen again. Mama says control Jhanak, she argued with me. Urvashi says Jhanak isn’t like that, I m sorry from her side, she would have a reason, I will explain her. Nani says I will explain her in my way, go and get the bags. Urvashi goes to get the bags. Anirudh sees her and says Maasi, let it be, I will do. She says no, I will take it. Mama says let her do, its her work. Anirudh says I will do, don’t worry. Urvashi smiles.

Anirudh’s family perform the puja at the ghat. Anirudh and Arshi have fun with everyone. Urvashi says I m very happy for Arshi, she got a nice guy, Jhanak doesn’t want to marry, I just want her to get happiness and respect. Nani says Anirudh stays near your house, right. Shrishti says yes, we can meet Arshi anytime. Vinayak says Anirudh’s company can transfer him to US. Mama says you have set Arshi’s life. He taunts on Urvashi’s daughter. The family members speak against Jhanak. Urvashi says Jhanak would be coming, I will scold her. Mama asks who will do the work here.

Nani asks Urvashi and Jhanak to leave the house. Shrishti says you got the family defamed, I have a reputation, think about this family, is Jhanak following your steps. Jhanak comes home and say Bharat Mama might have told everything to Urvashi. Mami sees Jhanak and angers Urvashi. Urvashi asks Jhanak where were you. She slaps Jhanak. Shrishti stops Vinayak. Everyone looks on. Mamas and Mamis smile.

Urvashi says I asked you to come home from college. She gets a stick and beats Jhanak on her legs. Anirudh and everyone look on. He says don’t beat her, its not right. Urvashi says no one will stop me. She says you don’t know our status in this house. Jhanak asks why did you stop, beat me, I should have remembered my status in this house, how did I go to college and see big dreams, please beat me, I have hurt your heart, beat me a lot and kill me. She cries.

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