It’s not easy to love update Tuesday 24 January 2023

It’s not easy to love 24 January 2023: The worker says Bhura gave him money to temper with their sweets order.Sid and Shubham look for Bhura, Sid says this is Mithai’s fault. Mithai says I am helping you, I am looking for Bhura also, it’s not my fault if he is doing all this. Sid says Bhura has become a problem for us because of you, we keep having problems because of you. Mithai says I would never want to hurt Dadu and his family members. Sid says let’s just go home.Abha comes to Dadi and asks if she can do anything in her daughter’s wedding? Dadi says we have already decided that we won’t overspend.

Abha says then give me my jewelry, I will sell it for my daughter’s happiness. Dadi says Karishma is a kid but you should be mature, you are still comparing yourself with Aarti. Aarti sold her jewelry to help with the business but you want to sell them to overspend on useless things? I won’t let you sell your jewelry for this. Gitika asks Dadi to calm down, Abha cries and leaves.Pramod calls Agarwal and says I am scared. Agarwal says my worker took Bhura’s name so don’t worry. Bhura comes there and asks when will Mithai come out of Dadu’s house? Aditya says I have a full-proof plan so just trust me.

Sid and Shbuham come to Dadu. Sid says Mithai is behind all this stress. Dadu says Mithai helped us when we needed huge orders. Mithai says sorry to Dadu and says Sid is right, I keep bringing problems in this house so I should leave. Dadu says you never did anything wrong, Bhura is responsible for all this. Shubham says I will inform Girish. Dadu says don’t tell him anything, it doesn’t matter who was behind all this.Dadu says Mithai helped us when we needed huge orders. Mithai says sorry to Dadu and says Sid is right, I keep bringing problems in this house so I should leave. Dadu says you never did anything wrong, Bhura is responsible for all this. Shubham says I will inform Girish. Dadu says don’t tell him anything, it doesn’t matter who was behind all this.

Karishma is busy on her social media when Roham messages her. She asks Kirti to read them. Kirti reads his message and replies to him. Kirti says Rohan is asking if she can go to meet him? Karishma says I don’t have time. Kirti messages him. Rohan messages her that she can come with Kirti so Dadu would let her. Mithai comes there and says I will talk to Dadu and then you can go. Rohan calls Kirti and asks her to bring Karishma to meet him. Kirti agrees.

Mithai is cooking in the kitchen. Abha is angry at her. Mithai is helping Gitika and leaves from there. Gitika asks Abha to not be sad, we will have a lavish wedding for Karishma. Abha says you gave everything to your daughter at her wedding but I have to compromise on my daughter’s wedding? Rohan is from the US so we can’t compromise on things. Gitika asks her to calm down. Abha says no one takes me seriously here. Abhishek comes there and enough Abha, you keep misbehaving with my family. He asks Abha to say sorry to Gitika, she leaves from there. Gitika says it’s okay.

Girish comes to Pramod and asks about payment. Pramod says we didn’t get any payment yet, I know my work so stop questioning me. Girish says I am just asking you about work, we decided to keep work and personal lives separate. Dadu comes there too. Girish says we have given you important responsibility of accounts but you have been lazy with it. Gitika hears all that and recalls Pramod telling her that they treat him like a servant. Gitika thinks they should show some respect to him. Gitika says we will just go home. Dadi says stay for dinner at least. Gitika says no, we are full with taunts today, she leaves with Pramod. Sid thinks this is a new problem now.

Mithai recalls Sid’s words that this family is getting in trouble because of me. Mithai talks to Indu and says I can’t hide it from you, Bhura was behind tempering with the sweets. Indu says what? Mithai says Bhura is my enemy but he has started harassing Dadu’s family which I can’t let it happen. I will go and talk to Bhura directly. Indu is stunned and says Bhura is dangerous. Mithai says he is stupid. Indu says you will not go anywhere. Mithai says Sid also thinks I am behind all this. Indu asks her to stay in the room and listen to her. Mithai says I will try to make you understand. Indu says I will go and talk to Dadu. Mithai thinks I can’t let her give stress Dadu. She takes her from there. Sid sees them and comes to Mithai. He says what are you doing with Indu?

Don’t give her stress. Mithai says I am talking to my mother, can’t you give me privacy with my mother? I have something important to discuss with her so please.. Sid leaves from there. Mithai locks the door.Rohan and Karishma are on a date. Karishma is busy with her phone. Aditya likes her photo and she messages him by thanking him. He replies to her. Kirti brings coffee for them. Karishma goes from there to talk to Aditya. Kirti says Karishma is a little childish.

Mithai tells Indu to trust her, Indu says I do but I have to stop you so I will talk to him. Mithai says we can’t give stress to him. Just trust me for once. Indu says he kidnapped you before so he can do anything.Aditya keeps messaging Karishma and tells Bhura that this girl will get Mithai thrown out of the house. I will use this girl.Mithai tells Indu that I have worked hard and I have solved all problems. I will go and talk to him alone, he won’t do anything because he knows I can answer him back. Indu says I won’t let you go there. Mithai says I am tired, I can’t be a trouble for this family. I have to stop Bhura so just trust me. Indu nods. Mithai says nothing will happen to me.

Abhishek tells Abha that you shouldn’t have misbehaved with Gitika, go and say sorry to her. Abha shouts that I am just asking to get my daughter married with honor and respect. Dadu and Dadi come there. Dadu says why are you both shouting at each other? Abhishek says Abha misbehaved with Gitika. Dadi tells Abha that you should respect relationships here. You should go and say sorry to Gitika. Abha says if I can’t get anything in this house then how can I feel that there is no partiality in this house? Dadu says we can go and say sorry to Pramod and Gitika. Abhishek says no, we will go and talk to them.

Sid calls Apeksha and says there is a lot going on in the house, everyone is fighting with each other. Apeksha says just relax and stay away from these problems. She thinks I can bring him closer to me by showing sympathy.Abhishek and Abha come to Gitika and Pramod’s house. Abha says sorry to Gitika for blasting at her. She says I shouldn’t have misbehaved with you, please forgive me. Gitika hugs her and says it’s okay, I know you are a mother and just worried for your daughter. Abha says I am sorry, let’s go back and have dinner there. He asks Pramod to come back. Pramod says why should I go there? As a business servant? Abhishek looks on.Bhura tells his man to keep an eye on Mithai and give me news about her.

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