Every Girl’s Dream update Tuesday 24 January 2023

Every Girl’s Dream 24 January 2023: Devraj says Krisha won’t go anywhere. She will stay here. Ugra says she stole. Devraj says she didn’t. She did what’s Rathore house’s ritual. Minakshi says what? He says this necklace is of the DIL. This necklace was maya’s and will always be hers. Krisha is my wife now. THis is the justice. Krisha is shocked and angry.

Scene 2
Ugra says how could Devraj do this. We underestimated this Krisha. Naina says we will trap her so bad she will have to leave the house.Rati says to Aarav I saw Krisha myself. Aarav says there’s something that we don’t know. She’s planning something. It’s not simple. We can’t see something. Rati says we should keep our eyes open. We haev to keep an eye on her. Aarav says I will always be there for Krisha and take care of her.Devraj comes to Krisha. He says you can’t step out of this castle. You think I didn’t tell you anything. I told you I won’t let EPisodeyoDevraj says start walkingin these heels. Krisha says I will always be Krisha. I won’t be forced into this. Devraj calls Vishwanath and says how are you? Krisha wanted to talk to you. He gives the phone to Krisha. Krisha takes the phone and says how are you? He says how are you my daughter? She says I am fine.

Where are mummy and pinky? Is everyone okay? He says we are all okay. There is a big news. YAsh says we got our first order. We got our first payment too. Krisha is shocked. Vishwanath asys is everything okay? Krisah says yes. I will talk to you later. Devraj says see.. they have invested all money in that order. They will lose it if they lose this order. So wear these heels now. u go away from me. Krisha says what do you want? He says for you to become Maya. Krisha says you are making me prisoner. Devraj says you can’t fool me so don’t act smart with me again. Do as I say.

Krisha comes in heels. Devraj holds her. She shoves him. Krisha says is this enough? He says it’s falling not walk. Maya was very confident with every step. You’re in nursery class of Maya graduation. He puts a book on her head. He says focus on book not heels and walk. Krisha falls and says I can’t. He says if you focus you can. Let’s stay again. Krisha takes off the heels and throws them. Devraj makes her wear the heels again. He says royal DIL is confident. Use this confidence in walking. Let’s try again. Krisha walks again. Devraj holds her everytime she falls. He says look in front and walk. Krisha walks. Devraj says keep practicing. He leaves.

Kriah comes to the dressing room and cries. She throws the heels. Krisha says I can’t do this. I want to keep my family safe but want to leave this place too. Krisha stands up and says I will find a way out. I won’t give up. Krisha comes to her room and sleeps. Krisha says my love’s foundation was based on lies. She cries to sleep. Devraj looks at Krisha. Krisha can’t sleep. She says I have to find out the way to get out of here. What should I do? Krisha looks in the drawer. She tries to take off the cuff in her hand. Devraj comes. He gives her a pliers and says try with this. It will cut your ego for sure. Time for task no. 2. She says what? He says to be maya.

Scene 2
Ugra says to Raghav do everything as per the plan. He says are you sure mom? She says yes I am. I got insulted for my mom’s necklace. This plan is risky so I am trusting you only. Krisha loves her parents. I will send her to her parents and she will never come back. Raghav says then I am leaving for Udarpur. rati hears. She says you are going to Udaypur? He says yes for hotel work. Naina says don’t tell everyone. Ugra says she means, there’s some problem in the hotel. Raghav is handling it. Krisha and Devraj are already worried. Shouldn’t give them more troubles. So Ragha will handle it.

Scene 3
Devraj shows the clothes to Krisha. He says start from here. Krisha says is there something else too? He says what do you mean? Krisha says how can a person change so much? Is there anything else that you’re hiding too? He says you’re living in your dreams again? You feel like someone is forcing me to do this? Or is there a reason? No. I am doing this for myself. This is real Devraj Singh Rathore. I brought you here to make you like Maya and I will do that. These are Maya’s clothes. You’ve to wear them from today. Krisha says are you crazy? You showed me her videos? If I walk, wear and speak like her I can become Maya? He says do what I say. Krisha says if I do everything like her will you love me? No right?? Because you love a soul.

Your heart will always tell you I am not Maya. There’s something you’re hiding. He says enough. Forget my old memories like a lie. I brought you here for a mission to make you Maya. Do as I say. He leaves. Krisha looks at the clothes.

Scene 4
Vishwanath says to Yash I am really worried since I came from Ambikapur. They’re at the temple. Raghav comes there. A man asks Yash to park his car at the right spot. Yash goes to check. Raghav follows them.Krisha takes her phone. she says should I call Yash? I can’t get them in trouble. What if I ask for an idea without telling him? He knows a lot of stories. Devraj knocks on the door and says why are you taking so long? Krisha says washing my face.

Yash goes to check his phone. Krisha calls him but he phone is out of reach. Raghav sees Vishwanatha lone near the stairs. He shoves him. Vishwanath falls downstairs. Yash runs to him. Krisha says why is he not picking my call? The phone gets picked. Krisha hears Yash screaming papa.. He says papa are you okay? Krisha says is everyone okay? Yash screams for help. Devraj comes inside the washroom. Krisha’s phone falls in the tub.

Vishwanath’s head bleeds. Devraj says you are not doing what I asked. Krisha says Yash was screaming. He was taking papa’s name. Devraj says what next? She says I couldn’t hear. She picks her phone. Devraj breaks his phone. He says do as I say. Wear Maya’s clothes. Krisha says why did you break my phone? He says wear the clothes right now. Krisha says right now? He says I will stand here. Change. Krisha says I won’t change in front of you. He looks the other way. Devraj says I gave you a chance you lost it. Krisha says I won’t wear these clothes. He says what would you wear then? Krisha says my clothes. Devraj brings her clothes and burns them. Krisha says what are you doing. He says burn Krisha inside you the same way. Will you wear Maya’s clothes now or should I make you wear?

Scene 2
Krisha comes out in garden. She sees watchman talking on landline outside. Krisha says this phone is working. She says to the watchman Dervaj is calling you inside. There’s a problem. Krisha dials Yash’s number. Devraj comes drives in. Raghav follows him too. He says the prince is here. Raghav takes out his gun. Devraj gets out to open the door. Raghav points the gun at him. Krisha sees the gun. She runs outside. Devraj goes towards his car. Krisha runs towards Devraj. She gets current from her foot cuff. Raghav shoots Devraj Krisha comes in front of him. She gets shot. Raghav drives away.Devraj says Krisha.. Please open your eyes. He picks her and takes her inside. Devraj says call a doctor. Jaya says how did this happen. He says open the medical room.

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