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It’s not easy to love 25 January 2023: Abhishek calls Dadu and says Gitika has forgiven us but Pramod is still angry. Dadu talks to Pramod and says I am sorry on Girish’s behalf, please come and have dinner with us. Pramod says I can’t say no to you, we will come there.Pramod and Gitika come to Dadu’s house. Girish talks to Pramod and says I am sorry about my behavior, I was just stressed about work so I lashed out at you. I am really sorry. Pramod recalls all the insults and thinks I will show him my real colors soon. Pramod tells Girish that you don’t have to say sorry to me, if you are not happy with my work then just fire me but I won’t be able to bear any more insults.

Girish sighs and they go to have dinner together. All family members are sulking at the dinner table. Pramod says I am not hungry. Mithai says I have cooked food, I can make anything if you want? Pramod says no, I will have this food only. Dadu smiles.Mithai is leaving the house but finds Bhura’s goon hiding there. She grabs him and says give the message to Bhura that I want to meet him. She takes a picture with him as proof.The goon comes to Bhura and says Mithai wants to meet you. Bhura says are you joking? He shows him her picture. Bhura gets happy and asks him to tell her I will wait for her in the village.

Mithai prays to the Lord and says I will meet Bhura today so just support me.Gitika comes into the house. Dadi asks if Pramod didn’t come with you? Gitika shows a letter to Girish. He reads it and is shocked. He says what is all this? Dadu reads the letter from Pramod, it’s his resignation letter from the position. Gitika says he must have felt insulted, I always pacified him but I saw him get insulted by Girish. Dadu asks Girish to go and apologize to him. We both will go. Girish nods.

Mithai comes to the village to meet Bhura. She sees the venue decorated for a wedding. She finds people dancing there and thinks if Bhura has prepared to forcefully marry her again? Bhura smiles seeing her and asks her to sit down. Mithai thinks if she is stuck here? Bhura says I want to marry you, we will finalize a place and date together. Mithai says you think you have won my heart? Bhura says yes. Mithai says you failed your exams. You kidnap a girl to marry her? That’s your way of thinking? You don’t even want to know what I want. You want to win my heart like this? Bhura says I want to marry you but you don’t listen. Mithai says if you force me then how would I agree? Bhura looks on.

Dadu and Girish talk to Pramod. Dadu says you are not just an employee for us, we are relatives. Pramod says I also thought so but now I feel like I am just an accountant. Dadu says we gave you this position because we trust you, we might have done a mistake but we trust you. I am giving you another responsibility. You will look after purchasing and selling of our shops from now on and Girish won’t interfere in that. Pramod thinks now I have an upper hand.Mithai scolds Bhura in front of his friends and says you want to win over a girl by kidnapping her? You have never tried to impress me and show me that you deserve me. Bhura says you are right.

Mithai says if you want to marry me and win over my heart then don’t ever hurt Dadu or his family members. You tried to temper with their sweets also? Bhura says I am not behind that. That Agarwal was behind all that, I just made a deal with him but I don’t care about anyone’s sweets. Mithai says if you try to hurt Dadu’s family then you will see my dead face. Bhura says don’t say that, I won’t ever look at Dadu’s family or hurt them. Mithai thinks I have to tell the family that Agarwal was behind the strike.

Apeksha asks Sid what is going on in the house? You sounded tense. Sid says there are a lot of problems in this family. I can’t even focus on my work if I am working from home. Apeksha says I have a solution, I have given my and your name in the company to transfer us to the Singapore office, and I think it will be better for you. Sid says you should have at least asked me, I don’t think Dadu would agree. Apeksha says just think about it.Mithai comes to the family and tells Dadu that I went to meet Bhura. I know it was told that Bhura was behind tempering with our sweets but I talked to him and he said that Agarwal was behind all that.


Sid says Bhura might be lying? Mithai says I know Bhura, he can’t use his mind to plot all that and what would he gain by tempering with Girish’s business. It makes sense that Agarwal did all this. Remember he even came here on the day of the strike. How did they know that we were in trouble? I don’t have proof against Agarwal but I am sure he did all that. I have talked to Bhura and he won’t hurt Dadu’s family now. Pramod looks on. Mithai tells Dadu you have done a lot for me so I can’t let this family suffer because of me.

Pramod calls Agarwal and says Bhura exposed you, all family members know that you were behind the plan.Sid comes to the kitchen and finds Mithai there. He thinks I always think wrong of her and even scolded her because of Bhura. Mithai sees him there and tries to run away. Sid recalls shouting at her. Mithai is trying to leave but stabs her foot. Sid says can’t you be careful for once? He asks her to turn away. Mithai looks away. Sid says I am sorry. Mithai is surprised. Sid says I blamed you when Bhura’s name came up so sorry and thank you for finding out the truth. Mithai is stunned. Sid leaves from there.

Bhura gets some gifts for Mithai and recalls her words that he can’t win her heart easily. Bhura says I have to get a gift for her that will win over her heart.Indu asks Mithai how did Bhura agree to not hurt Dadu’s family, and what did she do? Sid comes there and says Bhura is not an easy person so how did he agree to you? Mithai says I told him that no girl will like him if he is trying to hurt her family.

Scene 2
Pramod tells Dadu that I have changed our traders, we will get material from another trader now. Abhishek says why? We have been using the same trader for the last 20 years and we didn’t face any issues. Pramod says the new trader is offering better rates. Dadu has given this responsibility to me so don’t worry. Abha hears all that.Abha asks Abhishek to open his eyes, they have given your duties to Pramod, why? Because he was insulted so Dadu gave your job to him? Why didn’t Dadu take an action against Girish, why you have to suffer in all this. Sid hears all that and thinks what’s the end to this?

Sid finds Bhura’s man outside the house, he tries to leave a gift there but Sid catches him and asks what are you doing here? He says I am just leaving a gift here. Sid drags him in the house and tells the family that this is Bhura’s man. Mithai scolds the man Paras and asks what are you doing here? Abha says these goons are still lingering around our house, this can be bad for Karishma’s wedding. Mithai says Bhura promised to never look at this house again. Paras says yes he did. Mithai asks Paras why are you here? Paras says I didn’t come to hurt anyone, I just brought a gift for Bhabhi. Pramod says who bhabhi? Mithai is going to marry Shubham.

Mithai opens the gift and her father’s shop key inside. She gets happy and shows it to Indu. She gets emotional and says this is my father’s shop key. Paras says Bhura said you don’t need to pay any loan, you can open the shop whenever you want. Mithai gives the key back to him and says I don’t need Bhura’s charity, I will get this shop back after paying the loan on my own. She asks Paras to leave. Dadu proudly smiles at Mithai.

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