Read September teasers for Iron Lady Zee world series


A major leap of 8 years occurs in September on iron lady, the Sharma house has changed dramatically.

Inder has lost his mind and Munna has been left by his wife with 2 children to take care of, but what has become of Rishi, Shweta, and their daughter, Indu? Keep watching to find out. Read teasers below:

Saturday 1 September 2018
Episode 58

Indira is working hard to find a job, but matters get worse when Rishi does something. Dulari is not stopping when it comes to her bad influence, and she has her sight set on Munna. What will be her plan for him now?

Sunday 2 September 2018
Episode 59

Dulari looks as if she will be on her way to success in getting Munna married off again, but will Indira’s presence prevent this from happening? Rishi calls to mind something Munna told him and decides to get involved as well.

Monday 3 September 2018
Episode 60

Indira confronts Dulari about her scheming ways but surprisingly, Indira’s family doesn’t support her. Left with no choice, Indira is forced to do what she has never done before. What will become of the Sharma house now?

Tuesday 4 September 2018
Episode 61

While business seems to be going well for Dulari, an interesting guest arrives at the house. Although the entire house is influenced, Dulari quickly discovers what this guest’s real intentions are. How will she respond to this?

Wednesday 5 September 2018
Episode 62

Indira soon comes to find out what she has in her possession. However, Dulari resorts to an all-time low when she mistreats a family member to try and get her own way; but Indira will not go down without a fight.

Thursday 6 September 2018
Episode 63

After the devastating news of her brain tumor, Indira realises it’s time for her family to take care of themselves. How will Indira handle this immense responsibility? Will she even be able to tell her family the truth of her sickness?

Friday 7 September 2018
Episode 64

Indira comes up with a very clever plan to motivate every member of her family to find work and start taking care of themselves. Indira begins to see changes within her family, but there is one person she may have forgotten about…

Saturday 8 September 2018
Episode 65

In a desperate attempt to make money before she dies, Indira is on the verge of selling her kidney. But what happens at the hospital may work against her. Loan sharks are after Munna again, watch how low he stoops to escape them…

Sunday 9 September 2018
Episode 66

After Munna’s lies, the family is forced to hold a fake mourning session for Indira – will they get away with it? Indira decides to enter a dancing competition but something happens to her which causes Rishi to learn of a truth…

Monday 10 September 2018
Episode 67

Rishi is left at a loss not knowing what to believe about Indira anymore and Indira is unaware of what he has come to learn. Will this affect the dancing competition? A mistaken appointment causes Indira to learn about the secret.

Tuesday 11 September 2018
Episode 68

After coming to know the truth about Mandira, Indira confronts her at the house. Unfortunately, Rishi walks in at the wrong time and overhears news that he can’t believe. This causes an upset that may be the end of Rishi and Indira.

Wednesday 12 September 2018
Episode 69

Rishi is still in a state Of shock about Indira and this causes him to try and ruin her chances in the dance competition. How will the Iron lady respond to what “Jazzy Singh” has done to her? Will this upset cause even more problems between them?

Thursday 13 September 2018
Episode 70

Rishi keeps on hitting walls in trying to gather the money for Indira’s operation. Will desperation cause him to go back to a person he hadn’t planned on seeing again? Indira also has her own plans, but plans that Rishi cannot accept .

Friday 14 September 2018
Episode 71

As time gets closer to Indira’s death, more and more people get to know about the condition. This puts even more stress on Indira. Rishi is becoming desperate but Indira mentions that she will only get treatment under one condition.

Saturday 15 September 2018
Episode 72

Indira’s time is almost up, she realises that it’s time to tell her family the truth about why she has been forcing them to fend for themselves. But how will the family react? Will Indira see a side of her family she thought to be dead?

Sunday 16 September 2018
Episode 73

Just when everyone thinks that all secrets are out, Shweta comes to learn of something that Indira has been hiding all along. But what will happen if Rishi finds out the truth?

Monday 17 September 2018
Episode 74

Indira falls into a coma and it seems that Rishi’s hopes of becoming a father are about to come to an end. However, Shweta makes a decision towards the situation that may affect the future she had hoped to share with Rishi.

Season 2 Begins, but the series continues.

Tuesday 18 September 2018
Episode 1

8 years later and the Sharma house has changed dramatically. Inder has lost his mind and Munna has been left by his wife with 2 children to take care of, but what has become of Rishi, Shweta, and their daughter, Indu?

Wednesday 19 September 2018
Episode 2

Indu is determined to find out the truth of who Indira Sharma is, but Rishi refuses to tell her. Eventually he makes a decision to send her to a place that he hopes will cure her stubborn ways, however will Indu listen to her father?

Thursday 20 September 2018
Episode 3

It looks like Zaara has met her match in Indu, she tries to lock her up in her house to control her. Indu has plans of her own though and she threatens Zaara with her own weapon. But will she stop her threat with Zaara?

Friday 21 September 2018
Episode 4

Rishi decides to travel to Mumbai to search for Indu and bring her back home. His search leads him to the home of Zaara Malik Khan, an intensely committed policewoman. In the hearing of Zaara’s voice, can Rishi keep it together?

Saturday 22 September 2018
Episode 5

As the day progresses in Mumbai, Rishi is continually prevented from seeing Zaara’s face. Back in Delhi, Munna is smitten with his new crush, however his family doesn’t agree with him getting re-married, especially Seher.

Sunday 23 September 2018
Episode 6

On the way back to the airport, Rishi and Shweta harm the man who saved Rishi at the train station, but things aren’t as they appear. Indu is soon up to mischief back in Delhi, however this time she messes with the wrong lady

Monday 24 September 2018
Episode 7

Zaara has been suspended as a police officer and so she spends her time off on finding out how Indu is doing. While on the phone to Indu, Zaara hears an explosion. What is happening at the Sharma House? Is Indus’ life at risk?

Tuesday 25 September 2018
Episode 8

Zaara rushes to Delhi in hopes of saving Indu. When she gets there however the reaction of Inder causes her some shock. Still, Zaara makes her way to the cycle race Indu is competing in and Indu just may need all the help she can get.

Wednesday 26 September 2018
Episode 9

Indu is in danger once again. This time not from thugs but from her own health. She faints and is desperate need of help. Will Zaara be able to rescue her? And how will Shweta feel about the fact that she cannot save her own child?

Thursday 27 September 2018
Episode 10

Zaara returns to Delhi, this time though many others also see her, completely shocked as they feel that Indira has come back from the dead. Zaara comes into the Sharma house, when Malik sees her though, something very interesting happens

Friday 28 September 2018
Episode 11

Rishi can’t believe that Malik is married to Zaara. Malik realises that he will need to convince Rishi, so he shows him a video to prove the marriage to Rishi. Zaara can’t take the pressure and makes a decision that brings problems

Saturday 29 September 2018
Episode 12

Rishi listens to Munna about a DNA test – Malik agrees and passes Rishi a blood sample of Zaara. What will the results be? In the meantime, Indu and Zaara become closer and Shweta becomes upset feeling that Zaara may be her real mother…

Sunday 30 September 2018
Episode 13

A play is coming to Delhi and Indu shows a lot of interest in auditioning for it. In the meantime, Zaara is intent on finding the stolen chip. The director of the play is set to arrive in Chandni Chowk but someone gets in the way…




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