The rules of love April teasers 2024

The Rules of love April teasers 2024: Nandini and Maitree friendship grow apart even more as family influence pitch them against each other….

Zee world The Rules of Love April 2024 teasers.

Monday 1st April 2024
Ashish and Maitree tell Nandini that Vasundhara is instigating her against them. They lose their cool after Nandini accuses them of having an affair.

Tuesday 2nd April 2024
Maitree hides Nandish from the goons. Ashish does not answer Nandini’s call but takes Maitree’s call. She asks Ashish to come home. Maitree and others work on the plan, will it work?

Wednesday 3rd April 2024
Sona, Kusum, Nandini and Vasundhara save Maitree from Dhananjay’s son, Veeru. Ashish and Veeru get into a scuffle. Ishani learns about the irregularity in the accounts. She steps out and Bhupen follows her. Ishani fools him and returns home.

Thursday 4th April 2024
Nandini devises a plan against Maitree. The next day, Nandini’s letter worries the family. Maitree and Ashish go to find her. Ashish and Maitree find Nandini and stop her from committing suicide. They get into a heated argument.

Friday 5th April 2024
Maitree explains to Nandish that she has to go back to her house. Before leaving the house, she bids everyone adieu. Nandini’s words anger Maitree. Sona tells Kusum about her suspicions. A saddened Maitree asks Dinesh to take her home.

Saturday 6th April 2024
Maitree decides to take her business to new heights. While Nandini plans to demolish Maitree’s office, she also executes a ploy against Maitree.

Sunday 7th April 2024

Maitree lashes out at Radhika for her words. Radhika gets her ousted from the office. Nandini brings gifts for the family. Nandini instigates Nandish against Maitree. Sachin tells Maitree that his account was hacked by someone.

Monday 8th April 2024
Nandini argues with Vasundhara. Ashish’s words frighten Nandini. Later, a boy saves Maitree’s life. Nandini prepares a surprise for Ashish and tells Sona that Vasundhara is gone. Maitree and Harsh get into a banter.

Tuesday 9th April 2024
Sadhna talks to Maitree about marriage. Nandini tries to spend a romantic moment with Ashish. Maitree runs into Harsh. Maitree accuses Harsh of snatching her clients. She goes to a meeting and finds that even Harsh is present there.

Wednesday 10th April 2024
Nandini’s maternal uncle and aunt invite her to the wedding. Dinesh visits Vasundhara’s house to arrest the culprit. Maitree scolds Harsh. Worried for Princy, Sachin argues with Dinesh.

Thursday 11th April 2024
Maitree, trapped by Nandini, comes to the police station to help her and talks to Dinesh. Later, Maitree refuses to work with Harsh at an event. Vasundhara argues with Nandini, who tells the family that Vasundhara has wronged Maitree. Harsh asks Sadhna to convince Maitree to work with him.

Friday 12th April 2024
Harsh pranks Maitree. Vasundhara decides to teach Nandini a lesson. Sachin tells Maitree that he is in love with Princy.

More teasers to be added

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