Check out full casts, real names and pictures for Zee World Iron Lady series

The series Iron lady began airing on Zee World Africa for the first time on the 6th of July 2018. And so far the show is steadily building up a followership. Find the full cast ensemble of the series below, their real names and pictures.

Note: The show takes on two timeline. There’s one involving Indira sharma conflicts with her family and with finding love and happiness in Rishi Kumar…

And the other part of the show takes on a time leap and then focuses on Indira Sharma now in her marital home. It takes us through her journey as she  navigates living with her in-laws. Meanwhile see the casts of the series below.

Full casts of Iron lady Zee world series

Ranti Pandey as Indira Sharma

Sumit Vats as Rishi Kumar

Shruti Bisht as Indu Rishi Kumar

Rituraj Singh as Inder Sharma (father is Indira)

Sejal Shah as Kutumbh Sharma. Indira’s mother

Aakash Pandey

Moorti Persaud as Jaya

Sandeep Baswana as Munna Sharma, Indira’s brother

Smita Singh as Sunnaina

Rahul Pendkalkar as young Ishaan

Harsh Rajput as older Inshaan

  • Divya Naaz as Seher Sharma

Divya Naaz As Seheer Sharma 

Kapil Soni as Vidhit Sharma

Other supporting casts include:

Aasiya Kazi as Dr. Shweta Kapoor

Girish Jain as Dr Jaswant Rai Singhania

Silky Khanna as Abha Jaswant Singhania

Hardik Somnathwala as Sahil Singhania

Rahil Azam as Malik Khan

Rohit Roy as Major Kabir Chaudhary / Saheb

Dolly Sohi as Noor Kabir Chaudhary

Vikram Sahu as Major Khan

Abhinav Shukla as Inspector Sumer Singh Chaudhary

Mrunal Jain as Sameer Diwan

Neha Talwar as Sajni

Ravi Jhankal as RajRani

Jasveer Kaur as Savita Munna Sharma

Deepesh Bhan as Pappu Chaddha

Gargi Sharma as Mandira Pappu Chadha

Preeya Subba as Meher Khan

Navneet Nishan as Simi Diwan Chandela

Sheeba Chaddha as Dulari

Shabnam Sayed as Jhumpa Lahiri Sharma

Pankaj Vishnu as Kulbhushan Diwan Chandela

Garima Bhardwaj as Nanda Kulbhushan Diwan Chandela

Rituraj Singh as Kala Diwan Chandela

Jhanvi Sangwan as Jwaladevi Diwan Chandela

Sunita Rajwar as Jamuna Dhai

Saurabh Yadav as Saurabh Sumer

Nittin Sharma as Vanraj/Inspector Rudra

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