Imlie update Thursday 7 September 2022

Imlie 7 September 2022: Aparna asks Imlie to apply mehandi to Malini. Anu asks if a maid will apply mehandi on her daughter. Malini says she is happy to see Anu and Aditya agreeing together for the same issue and her long waited wish is fulfilled, so if Imlie can apply mehandi on her. Aparna signals yes to Imlie. Imlie agrees. Nidhi asks who will apply Aditya’s mehandi. Kids say they will and insist Aditya, Aditya agrees. Aparna asks Anu why did she bring so many gifts, those were not necessary. Anu says grocery comes according to necessity and not gifts. Daadi says she had to feed poor girl as a shagun. Anu says she can feed Imlie maid. Aparna and Dev look at Imlie. Imlie asks not to look at her like that, its not wrong to be poor, she heard from panditji that even god is called as daridra narayan, when god doesn’t mind, should she. Daadi offers her food and asks Shashank to bring water for Imlie.

Shashank mixes alcohol in juice and offers it to Imlie. Imlie drinks it. Daadi offers her 501 rs shagun after finishing food. Imlie picks 1 rs reminiscing Satyakam Dadda’s words that she is like a 1 rs in shagun which is incomplete without it. She informs same to Daadi. Daadi says good Imlie is applying mehandi to her granddaughter and hopes Malini’s future would be good like Imlie’s thinking. Imlie feels dizzy due to alcohol effect. Sashank offers to drop her to her room. Imlie resists, but he forcefully holds her hand and takes her towards room when Adi enters and asks what is happening. Sashank says this girl is not feeling well, so he is dropping her to room. Adi asks him to go and let him handle Imlie. Sashank says he will manage.

Adi says he is a guest and should go and enjoy. Sashank leaves thinking he missed a chance, but nevermind he will get many till wedding ends. Adi asks Imlie if she is unwell, why did she agree to apply mehandi on Malini’s hands. Imlie under alcoholic effect starts baffonery and climbing on confronts Adi that he has family with him, but she is away from her mother; mimics filmy dialogues; and continues her drama. Adi gets her down and warns her to stop her misbehavior, they need to tolerate each other just for a day and then they both will go on their own ways, she should stop her drama today just for today.

Malini gets ready for mehandi ceremony in a beautiful dress. Nidhi and Rupali praise her beauty. Imlie comes to apply mehandi feeling drowsy. Daadi emotionally tells Malini that she will be with them till tomorrow and then will leave them. Imlie reminisces Mithi hugging her and crying during bidayi and sheds tears which fall on Malini’s hand. Malini tells Dadi that she made even Imlie emotional and says nobody will cry till her wedding. Rupali mimicking as a boy dances on Cutie Pie song and drags everyone on stage. Aditya dances romantically with Malini. Imlie feels sad seeing that. After sometime, she joins Malini and dances with her. After dance, Imlie again tries to apply mehandi on Malini with great difficulty.

Adi notices her and thinks she was behaving weird even in kitchen, means she is not well. Shashank mixes alochol in guest’s juice, and Sundar serves them. Adi tastes it and tasting alcohol in it stops kids from drinking it. Imlie feels nauseous, runs away and vomits. Aparna and her team rush to her and hold her. Anu shouts she can’t believe it, they wanted maid to apply mehandi to Malini to save some money, they should have taken money from her instead. Aparna brings water for Imlie. Anu shouts they didn’t ask hwo is Malini and are just worried about maid, they should send maid right away or else she will cancel this mehandi function.

Tripathi family gets worried when Imlie gets unwell. Anu yells that they are still worried about a maid and not bothered about Malini at all, their maid spoilt Malini’s mehandi, even then they didn’t scold her. Adi reminisces Imlie drinking alcohol spiked juice and confronts Anu to think before alleging Imlie as Imlie drank alcohol spiked juice which came from her house. Anu asks why would she do that. He says to increase the value of their drink, and he can say that Tripathis don’t drink alcohol. Sashank walks in. Anu asks him if he mixed alcohol in drinks. He says it was a joke. Aditya says children would have consumed the drink, if that was a joke. Dev scolds him and orders to apologize everyone. Shashank does and walks away thinking he will not spare Imlie.

Malini shouts that Imlie spoilt her daughter’s mehandi and who will correct it. Imlie says when she spoilt it, she will correct it. She stands wobbling. Rupali and Nidhi hold her and ask her to rest while they handle mehandi. Imlie insists and applies mehandi on Malini’s hands while Sunny and Tinkle apply mehandi Adi’s hands. Malini gets impressed with mehandi design and praises Imlie that she never saw such an unique design, says her mehandi got on Imlie’s hands by mistake. Imlie reminisces Pagdandiya incident and walks away sadly while a sad song plays in the background.

Imlie returns to her room and looking at calendar reminisces Adi telling she will return to Pagdandiya on 15th and he doesn’t want her to return in her life again. She emotionally thinks that she used to climb on village tank whenever she used to feel sad and seeing sunrise think its a new day with new beginning, but tomorrow nothing of that sort will happen. Aditya walks in and knocking door asks if she is awake. She says she was asleep, but will wake up for him as she doesn’t get deep sleep without his scolding. He says he always scolded her and is sorry for that. She continues pouring her heart out. He says she will leave tomorrow and since he will be in mandap, someone from his office will drop her; she need not worry as he will send a good person; asks her to sleep now and says if she informs anyone, they will not let her go, so she should go without meeting anyone.

Once he leaves, Imlie sits crying. Adi reminisces her words and thinks he is sure he has Malini in his fate. He sees Sunny and Tinkle and asks what did they draw on his hands. They say its tamarind/Imlie. Adi thinks whatever god’s wish is, he wants Imlie to leave his life and house.Next morning, Mithi with Satyakam reaches Delhi. Imlie wakes up and looking at calender thinks today is the last day in this house. Malini on the other side thinks today will be her first day in her new house, she was dreaming about it since years and is so happy today. Imlie packs her clothes and looking at her wedding sari reminisces marrying Adi, thinks she had not dreamt about it.

Aparna with Badi maa passes by and seeing Sari says its very beautiful, looks like wedding sari, she should wear it tonight during bidayi. After sometime, Bade papa calls Imlie for studies when Sundar serves him tea. He thinks Imlie serves him tea at this time. Imlie watches him from a distance. A man brings Adi and Malini’s photo cutout and clashes with him. Family walks to them. Adi asks what is this. Dhruv says it was necessary as he is not making faces in cutout. They joke and ask Imlie to keep it aside and come along.

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