Imlie update Wednesday 7 September 2022

Imlie 7 September 2022: Imlie gets disheartened seeing Aditya and Malini’s bonding during jagrata bhajans and walks to kitchen from there. Aparna asks Malini to kitchen and says she wants her son and would be bahu to serve prasad to devimaa, so if she can check prasad and see if anything needs to be added. Once Aparna leaves, Malini gets a call and not getting signal properly walks into a room. Sundar thinks of teaching Imlie a lesson for bullying her and mistaking Malini as Imlie sees her going into a room and locks door from outside. Aparna searches Malini. Malini sees door locked and thinking someone is playing prank knocks door in vain.

On the other side in Pagdandiya, Mithi packs gifts for Imlie and her in-laws and hopes they like gifts. Satyakam says she gave the best gift Imlie to them. Dulari walks in yelling at Mithi and seeing sari as gift says she will wear it. Satyakam says he was thinking of red silk sari for Dulari, but if she is happy with Pagdandiya sari, he doesn’t mind. Dulari returns sari and walks away yelling. Satyakam sees Dulari keeping Dev’s doll in her bag and giving her bus ticket says he waited for her since city man left her and became rebel from a farmer leaving his land and everything behind, but she cannot leave city man’s memories behind.

Malini continues knocking door and calls Aditya’s number in vain. Imlie lights temple lamps for pooja. Aditya asks Aparna about Malini. Aparna says she must be somewhere around and seeing confusing Imlie as Malini says she is sitting for pooja, so he should go and perform aarti with her. Adi walks towards her. Panditji says would be couple should perform aarti together. Imlie hearing that gets up. Adi noticing her says she is not his fiancee. Dev also says she is not his daughter. Adi says he will bring Malini and goes searching her. Malini feels suffocated and dizzy and sits near couch. Aditya finds room door locked and sensing her presence breaks door and walks in calling her. Malini cries hugging him and says she felt suffocated and breathless and as if someone is trying to push her away from him.

Family rushes in and ask if Malini is fine. Malini says she came to this room searching mobile network and someone locked it from outside. Aditya angrily asks who locked door. Sundar accepts his mistake and says he wanted to prank Imlie. Aditya scolds him to dare not repeat any mistake. Pankaj warns Sundar and Imlie to stop their childish acts from hereon as Malini’s life was at risk because of them. Pankaj apologizes and promises. Anu asks how can they spare their servants and be so leniant to them, Malini’s life was at risk because of them, they gave Malini’s right to Imlie who was performing aarti in Malini’s place. Aparna says its not like that and apologizes her. Dev and Daadi request her to calm down. Nidhi and Rupali apologize Malini for not paying attention to Malini and promise to be with her always.

Aparna praises them and they all walk away. Aditya scolds Imlie that he already warned her that he cannot see Malini in tears; he says bringing Imlie to this house is his biggest mistake and she entering his life is a biggest mistake. Imlie stands sadly while he leaves.Tripathi and Chaturvedi families get busy dancing and singing bhajan during jagrata. Aditya and Malini perform Devimaa’s aarti looking at each other. Imlie walks away shatered and cries reminiscing Adi telling bringing her home and marrying her is his biggest mistake. Mithi on the other side remembers Satyakam telling he left everything for her, but she cannot forget city man even now. She tears bus ticket and cries that she will not go with Satyakam to meet Imlie.

Her friend comes and asks if she made all arrangements to meet Imlie. Mithi says she will not go with Satyakam as he is also same like other villagers. Satyakam enters and asks Imlie to give him 2 rotis as he is very hungry. She asks why should she. He asks why she wants to meet City man. She says for Imlie’s sake, she wants to get a father’s name for Imlie. He says when he is referred as motherland’s son, why can’t Imlie be referred as Mithi’s daughter.Imlie hears Rupali weeping holding her bridal lehanga and asks her to change if she doesn’t like it. Rupali asks how to change her fate and pours her heart out.

Imlie reminisces her similar condition after marrying Aditya and says they should consider pain as boon instead and think what they got from it. Rupali says she didn’t get anything. Imlie says she got Tinkle. Rupali says she is so small, but thinks so high. She goes to keep her lehanga. Imlie cries. After sometime, Aparna, Nidhi, and Rupali look at mehandi designs. They ask her if they use mehandi leaves in her village. Imlie describes procedure. Aparna says she wants Imlie’s mehandi on her bahu Malini. Rupali insists Imlie to agree. Imlie weeping agrees.

At Malini’s house, her cousin Shashank comes to attend Malini’s wedding and happily lifts Anu. Anu asks why didn’t his mother come. He says she herself should call her sister and ask, he came to attend his cousin’s wedding and throw a bachelor party. Malini joins and chats with him. Daadi enters and informs Anu that they should feed a poor before wedding. Anu says they will feed some poor on the way to Adi’s house and anyways there are lots of poor over there.Bade papa and Pankaj return home and inform that they had gone to Rupali’s in-laws home to invite them for Adi’s wedding. Badi maa asks what did they say.

They say they are good people, but what can they don’t when Rupali and Pramod fight. Aparna asks why don’t they confront Pramod. Pankaj says when its a question of son and DIL, one will always support son as he is their own blood. Imlie while grinding mehandi hears that and hits her finger reminiscing Adi telling same. Aparna and Badimaa rush to her worried. Adi enters kitchen for tea. Aparna shows him mehandi and says Imlie grinded it so well. Adi says they could have bought it from market. Aparna says mehandi color will be strong only if dear ones prepare it and walks away scolding him. Adi asks Imlie why did she is doing all this.

Imlie pours her heart out and reminds Adi about his words. Their conversation continues. Malini’s family enters for mehandi ritual. Rupali calls mehandi designers, but gets a reply that they are all booked due to wedding season. Anu throws tantrums. Aparna asks Imlie to apply mehandi to Malini. Anu yells if a maid will apply mehandi to her daughter now, Imlie cannot even do a single work without any mistake. Adi backs her. Malini says for the first time in years Adi and Anu’s opinions are same, Imlie fulflled her long waited wish and hence should apply her mehnadi.

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