Lost in Love update Monday 5 September 2022

Lost in Love 5 September 2022: Pakhi insists Samrat to break her mangalsutra and throw it away. Samrat remembers their wedding and stops it. She asks when he doesn’t want to be in a relationship, why don’t he break it. He says mangalsutra is a symbol of togetherness for lives, it reminds him of the promises he made during pheras and hence he thinks he will give their relationship one more chance. Pakhi gets happy hearing that. In living room, Bhavani tells family that tonight is Janmastami pooja, but it doesn’t look like their old celebrations where whole house used to fill with laughter and happiness. Mohit says he will call Samrat. Omkar stops him and says Samrat shouldn’t feel like they are forcing decisions on him. Saloni says they haven’t decorated the house at all. Ashwini says everyone are eager to hear Samrat and Pakhi’s decision. Sai with Virat walks to them and says she will serve them breakfast. Samrat walks to them next. Bhavani asks where is Pakhi. Pakhi serves multiple dishes and calls them for breakfast looking very happy. Sai thinks something is weird. Bhavani says Pakhi prepared Samrat’s favorite dishes and asks her to serve dishes to everyone.

Virat informs family that his transfer order letter has come and he needs to leave tomorrow for new posting. Bhavani asks how did the transfer happen suddenly. Sai asks Virat to inform family that he himself applied for transfer. Ashwini asks why? Virat says orders have come, he needs to go and there is no use of discussing about it. He tells Ninad that he will send money for Sai every month. Sai says she can manage with her scholarship money is enough for her. Virat says she is his responsibility and he cannot back off. Pakhi asks him to stay back for a few days as she and Samrat want to give their relationship another chance and want to start it with graha shanti and Satyanarayana pooja and want whole family to join them in their happiness. Bhavani gets happy hearing that. Mansi says Bappa heard her prayers. Mohit says Samrat dada will not leave the house now. Bhavani says she knows Pakhi is sensible and convinced Samrat. Ashwini prays for their happy married life. Pakhi says they want to perform both poojas this Monday and hopes Samrat likes her prepared food. Samrat smiles. Sai says she will help Pakhi. Pakhi asks her to sit as she wants to serve her. Sai sits confused with Pakhi’s suddenly changed behavior. Pakhi serves laddu to Samrat and says they should start afresh with sweets. She serves laddu to everyone next. Ninad praises her food.

Pakhi also praises he and says they will gets sweets every day as everything is normal now. Bhavani asks to invite guests for pooja. Sonali says this pooja is auspicious for married couple and prays Pakhi and Samrat’s happy married life. Pakhi says she is this house’s bahu but never sat with her husband for pooja, now she will as Samrat returned. She looks at Virat and thinks he shouldn’t think she will cry when he rejected her, she will show him even she deserves happiness; maybe Virat will postpone his posting.Virat walks to Samrat and hugs him happily smiling at Pakhi; he says he is very happy for his Jiva. Ashwini says she was eager to see Jiva and Shiva’s jodi back and wants them to be each other’s support always. Virat says he is happy for them, but cannot postpone his posting as it doesn’t suit an IPS officer.

Pakhi says Sai told he took transfer himself. Virat says his absence will not disturb their pooja. Ashwini asks why didn’t he think about Sai and leaving her alone here. Virat says Sai’s second year will start and she needs to concentrate on her studies. Pakhi asks if he will not stay for Samrat. Virat says no. Sai says let us see if his transfer will happen or not. Virat says its already sanctioned and cannot be canceled, she should celebrate as he is going away from her life and she can live peacefully. Sai asks if he wants to show everyone that he is taking transfer because of her and going away from family. He says everyone know she has problem with him, hence he decided to go away, but since she is his responsibility, he will follow it until she becomes self-dependent. Sai says he just now told she is the reason for his transfer. He says it would be beneficial for her, but he didn’t take transfer because of her. Samrat asks it means he took transfer because of his return. Virat says his transfer is his idea and he got transferred to a terrorist location as its good for his career. He informs family that there won’t be mobile network at his place and he will call them whenever he can. Shivani says he will not go. Virat says orders have come and he has decided already, so he needs to go right now. Ashwini says today is Janmastami and its Jiva and Shiva’s festival, so he should stay back. Bhavani also desires them to break dahi handi tonight. Virat says he understands their feelings, but there is no value for feelings in front of his duty.

Virat and Samrat agree to break dahi handi during Janmasthami celebration. Sai and Pakhi perform their aarti and get them ready as Govinda with a peacock feather. Pulkit tells Devi that both brothers have agreed to become Govinda, let us see who will win. Sai whistles in excitement. Shivani says both brothers are looking handsome and whistles with her again. Sai challenges Pakhi that Virat will win. Pakhi says Samarat will. Virat and Samrat climb human ladder. Everyone cheer them up. Virat stops midway remembering childhood incident. Samrat climbs till handi. Sai thinks Virat will not let his brother lose. Pakhi thinks why Virat is purposefully making his brother win. Samrat calls Virat up. Sai cheers up Virat. Pakhi at first cheers up Samrat and Virat. Sai asks if she will not stop thinking about Virat. Pakhi asks if she has any problem. Sai says she has and says she told Virat will win. Pakhi says even she wants same. Sai says looks like she wants Virat to win. Pakhi says she didn’t know they teach face reading in MBBS. Sai says she knows her thinking and says let us see who wins. Samrat slips and falls. Virat holds and pulls him back. Family claps for them. Omkar tells Ninad that Samrat saved Virat in childhood, today Virat saved Samrat and cleared his debt. Ninad says brother should talk about duties and not debts. Samrat tells Virat that he saved him. Virat says if he had not saved him in childhood, he wouldn’t have been alive. They both break handi and walk down.

Ashwini prays god for a long and peaceful life of a person who held Virat’s transfer. Sai smiles hearing that. Shivani tells Sunny that only Sai can do that. Mohit says 2 Govindas won, so they will distribute money among all. Virat and Samrat dance on Go Go Govinda.. song. They drag familiy along. Pakhi thanks Virat for saving Samrat and congratulates for winning the competition. Virat thanks her and gets back to dance. Pakhi thinks if she has to make Virat realize her value, she needs to boost his morales often and make him more strong. Omkar praises that both brothers won competition for the first time. Bhavani asks Virat and Samrat to feed laddu to each other. They do. Sai congratulates them. Samrat asks if Virat kept her words. She says yes. Mohit says he is happy to see both brothers together.Shivani and Sunny take Sai aside and asks how did she held Virat’s transfer. She asks them to speak low. They insist to tell how did she as only she can, they are happy to see Jiva and Shiva together because of her. Sai says even she is happy, but she didn’t do anything, thinking if Virat finds out, he will get angry.

Devi feeds laddu to Virat and Samrat and tells Pulkit that her Jiva and Shiva are back together again. Pulkit says he is happy to see whole family together again. Ashwini asks about Sai. Virat goes to call her. Shivani tells Sai that she knows how much she loves Virat and should express it; a mirror or human breaks down in pain, Virat is in pain, and Sai should stop him from shattering. Sunny says Shivani is right. Sai says they are not seeing her pain, what she told in Mahabaleshwar was true. Sunny says that truth has changed since a year, they both have traveled so far and cannot stay away from each other, so Sai should accept truth. Sai says she is right. Shivani asks why don’t she accept that Virat loves her. Sai says he doesn’t love her. Shivani says people change over time, why she is adamant and blind to see Virat’s love for her while everyone can notice it. Sai says its not love but responsibility, Virat is just fulfilling his promise to her Aaba. Shivani asks to stop her one-sided track and asks if she doesn’t love Virat. Sai says she doesn’t. Virat hears their conversation and thinks he knows she doesn’t love him, hence he decided to go away from her, but didn’t think she will inform it to everyone.

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