Imlie starlife update friday 9 September 2022

Imlie starlife 9 September 2022: Aditya performs god’s aarti with family. Imlie tries to leave silently. Bade papa calls her followed by whole family. Imlie walks to them and Tinkle by mistake drops haldi on her and Aditya. They both look at each other. Rupali asks if she should brings something to wipe haldi. Imlie says no need to wipe as they play with haldi in their village and applies haldi on Tinkle’s cheeks. Haldi rituals start at Malini’s house. Daadi brings haldi for her. Anu stops Daadi and says her daughter will apply organic uptan and not this cheap haldi. Daadi says she grinded this haldi and since generations, their family grinds and applies haldi to bride and groom for their prosperous and love filled life, they also call it basant color.

Anu says this color never stayed in her life, looking at Dev. Malini mixed uptan in haldi and says she will apply both uptan and haldi and will get both health and blessings. Daadi and Anu smile. They apply haldi on Malini, Anu gets emotional and tells she loves Malini a lot and Malini will know her concern once she becomes a mother. Malini also gets emotional. Haldi rituals also start at Adi’s house. Aparna performs ritual on Adi and applies haldi on him. Mithi shows Pagdandiya temple’s sindhoor to Satyakam and says she brought it for Imlie, Satyakkam says she will call Adi and inform that they reached Delhi to meet him and Imlie.

He calls Adi, but Sunny picks call and walks towards Adi to give him phone. Imlie passes by and everyone call her to join them. Mithi gets happy hearing everyone’s love for Imlie. Phone gets disconnected. Mithi says everyone love Imlie so much, they are playing some game there, her doll is so happy.Imlie in kitchen reminisces Adi’s words to leave home without informing family or else they will not let her go. Adi walks to her and asks if she packed her bag, someone from his office will come and drop her to Pagdandiya. She nods yes. Aparna walks in and shows babaji’s blessed sindhoor to Imlie and says Adi will apply this sindhoor to Malini during wedding, she should keep it and give to her during wedding. Adi says maa.

Aparna says she may forget due to rituals, so Imlie can remind and give it to her then.Anu and Dev walk to Malini gift her Switzerland honeymoon package. Malini gets very happy. Anu hopes Adi doesn’t create any issue and don’t insist to take her on bike to Switzerland. Malini says she will speak to Adi. She calls Adi and informs him about her parent’s Switzerland honeymoon package. Adi gets angry and says he is sure that her mother purposefully wants to degrade him with this favor, he can give Malini of his status. She says why he is overreacting, if her mother cannot gift anything genuinely. He calms down and disconnects call, turns and sees Imlie standing, hence scolds her for hearing her conversation.

He also scolds her for accepting responsibility of keeping sindhoor till marriage. Imlie says she didn’t want to, but Aparna gave it forcefully. Adi says she will leave before his wedding anyways. She pours her heart out and asks him to get ready as baraat would be leaving soon. He walks to his room and thinks he cannot accept Imlie as his wife, by why his each step towards Malini is getting difficult, don’t know what his fate wants. Pankaj walks in and seeing his sad asks if there is any issue. Adi says he is afraid today and feels everything will change, he is with Malini since 7 years, but feels he will break Malini’s heart and may not fulfill his promise made to her.

Pankaj says when they hold a woman’s hand and perform pheras and then apply sindoor in her hairline and put mangalsutra in their neck, then everything looks real; its a 7-life bond after 7 pheras and will not end so easily. Adi hugs him and thinks he chose Malini and will marry her even if its against god who creates fates. Malini gets ready as a bride and Imlie wears her bridal sari on the other side with jewelry and makeup.Aditya with his baraat reaches wedding venue. Malini’s friends stop him and insist that they will not open gate until he gives them shagun/gift.

Adi says he will gift them 50-100 rs. Aparna says its saali’s right from jijaji. Badi maa backs her. Adi gives them 5001 rs. Malini’s friends say 5001 rs will not get them even a lipstick. Anu enters and says let it be girls as he gave according to his status. She performs his arti and performing his nazar gives 2 lakhs rs bundle to maid Imlie. Malini’s friends taunt that maid got more money than them. Imlie says she cannot accept it as its not shagun and she accepts money only after hard work, so girls can take it for their lipstick and other makeup kit. Anu stands fuming. Dev enters and greeting Adi and family garlands them. Malini looking at her jewelry thinks she didn’t wear so much jewelry in life, but she feels something is missing without mangalsutra and soon Adi will gift it to her.

Friends laugh that one more bride is roaming down. Malini asks who is it. They say Tripathi’s maid. She asks if they are talking about Imlie and seeing pic says its Imlie and they shouldn’t laugh on anyone. They apologize. Adi sees its already 4:30 p.m. and his office boy hasn’t come yet to pick Imlie from here. He reminisces Imlie’s words. Imlie thinks she will not go in front of Adi. Nidhi walks to her and asking her to do something for her and murmurs in her ear. Imlie says she cannot do that. Nidhi insists, and Imlie agrees. Adi eagerly waits for Malini. Dhruv announces that Tripathi family is throwing a surprise performance. Aparna, Badimaa, followed by whole family start dancing on Tare Hai Imlie joins them and dances in center as a bride. Adi silently looks at her.

Family continues their dance. Imlie runs away midway crying. Dev noticing her remembers Mithi and thinks this girl reminds her always of Imlie.Mithi with Satyakam reaches Adi’s house and seeing decoration asks him if they celebrate diwali twice in city. Satyakam says no, but looks like there is some celebration here. Mithi sees Adi’s photo cutout and greets him. Satyakam says its babu saheb’s photo. Mithi walks toward photo when Sundar walks in towards pic. Satyakam asks if he call out Adi. Sundar says sir follows time punctually and reached the venue with family at 3 p.m. itself when he had to reach at 4 p.m.; asks who are they. Mithi says she is Imlie’s mother and he is Imlie’s dadda.

He greets them and asks if they are Imlie ji’s relatives. Mithi gets happy hearing that and asks if he knows Imlie. Sundar jokes that she is boss of this hosue and has gone out to have ice cream. Mithi gets more happy hearing that. He tries to take out cutout. Satyakam helps him, and he takes it in. They both leave.Imlie cries sitting in a corner. Anu walks to her and asks if Tripathis take her along everywhere, if her name is Jalebi; when rich people speak, poor should stand up. Imlie stands up and says her name is Imlie. Anu says she went to search her father last time, what is his name. Imlie says he really doesn’t know. Anu asks what is her age. Imlie says 18 and walk away. Anu gets tensed thinking Dev had gone to Pagdandiya 18 years ago and Imlie told her father stays in Meera Bagh.

She stops Imlie and asks when she visit Pagdandiya she should ask her father’s name and should come and inform only her. Imlie walks away without speaking. Anu prays god that her doubt shouldn’t come true. Imlie cries that whole world is dumb, everyone wants to know her father’s name, she cannot take Adi’s name; her dadda taught her to fight since childhood, how will she face dadda now. Adi walks to her and asks what is she doing here, his office boy is waiting for her near gate and she should go and get her bag soon. Imlie says its not the time for her to leave as a girl leaves her sasural only after death, Delhi is her sasural and she will not leave it or him. He asks how daer she is to speak like this.

She says why should she listen to him when she is not wrong; her mother didn’t get her husband’s name even without her mistake; if she goes today without Adi’s name, she would be in sorrow whole life, so she will not go leaving her right. Adi asks if this was her plan to promise fakely that she would rather die than breaking her promise and then blackmail him at this stage, if she thought she will grab money from him blackmailing, he will not budge; let him see if his love for Malini is strong or her blackmailing. He holds her hand and walks saying he will expose the truth today.

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