Titli Starlife update Friday 10 May 2024

The Episode starts with Manikant saying Paresh is a thief, why shall we pay a price for your love. Garv says you don’t regard me your son, else you would have done something for me. Koel says Manikant cares for the family, if we join relations with them, then we will get defamed.

Maina says yes, this issue is big. Garv says Manikant is the reason for this, this happened because of him, he forced Paresh to do this, he did what he felt right. Manikant says you accepted them so you think we are wrong, you remove Mehta surname, go and live in their house as their Ghar Jamai. Maina asks him to calm down. She asks Garv to think well and decide. Garv says its my life, I promised Titli, I will never leave her, I will keep this promise, I will marry Titli.

Titli consoles Jaishri. Hiral argues with her. Chintu says Titli is doing this for dad. Titli says I promise, I won’t let anything happen to Paresh. Jaishri gives the bag. Hiral says I won’t let you ruin our life, you can’t take the house papers. The bag falls. She sees the jewellery. Titli picks it and cries. She says its not the house papers, but my mum’s jewellery, I m going to sell this to save Paresh. Baa and Jaishri ask Titli to go and save Paresh. Chintu says Hiral, you couldn’t understand Titli. Garv asks Paresh not to worry. He says I will handle everything. Manikant calls Paresh and says I m breaking this relation. He scolds Paresh. Paresh asks him to listen. Manikant disconnects.

Paresh says Manikant has… Garv says Titli stay ready at the mahurat time. Paresh gets Jaishri’s call. Garv asks him to answer. Titli asks how will we marry without family. Garv says don’t worry, I m your life’s real hero, I will make everything fine, we will marry today itself.

Ishani gets angry and sees the cctv camera. She thinks to bring his truth out. Garv says we are enough for each other, you think you have to accept my love or not. Ishani goes to check the cctv footage. She sees Garv writing on the walls. She says Garv left the proof himself, now Garv and Titli’s love story will end. Garv says I promise, I will come. Guard says it will take 2 hours. Ishani says Garv won’t even get a chance to repent. Titli brings Paresh home. Everyone hugs him. Paresh tells everything. Baa starts crying. He says Manikant isn’t agreeing. Titli says don’t worry, I will talk to him. Koel gets green tea for Garv. He asks for his sherwani. She says marriage isn’t happening, so I didn’t get it ironed. He says I have no condition in this relation, I love Titli a lot. She says I know, Paresh did wrong. He says I m sure, if Titli knew this, then she would have not let him do this, she has sold her mum’s jewellery to save Paresh from jail, just like you did for Manikant once, I know her, I want to keep my promise. Dhrishti says Titli has come. Manikant asks why did you come here. Titli asks him to listen to her once. Garv stops Titli at the door.

He says you can’t come inside, we will enter the house together after marriage. Monica smiles. Manikant says your marriage can’t happen with this girl. Titli says I admit Paresh did a big mistake, he was helpless, his intention was right, Garv and I love each other, and also our families, please uncle, our marriage can’t complete without your blessings, please accept our love and relation. Koel stops Monica.

Garv takes Titli with him. He asks what’s the need to do all this, they didn’t agree, its insulting for me, you don’t respect me. She says I have to stay here after our marriage, they are our families, they have to be there in our marriage. He says I m also trying hard, I spoke to mom and Koel. Ishani says I will tell the truth to Titli. Garv explains Titli.


Ishani says I got the best proof, Titli will see your shocking side, I won’t let your marriage happen. Garv says lets focus on the marriage. Manikant says I will disown Garv from my family, Koel go and call him. Koel says no, I know your anger is right, but Garv is our son, its wrong, I can’t let you do this. Manikant gets angry and argues with his dad. Garv comes and says parents can’t take wrong decision according to you, you want to control everyone’s life, my life’s remote isn’t in your hands, I really wish you could have become my dad. Manikant goes in anger. Koel cries and says this is happening because of me. Maina says you didn’t do anything wrong. Alpa and Maina argue.

Titli sees her bridal dress. Garv comes and says you didn’t get ready. She says you here… He says cheer up, its our marriage today, special day, I m happy, I got ready and came here, you also get ready. She says but baraat.

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