Imlie starlife update Wednesday 21 February 2024

Imlie 21 February 2024: Arto regains consciousness and he drinks water from Devika’s hand. She says he won’t let him go anywhere now. Shivani says he has to take care of his two kids so he can’t fall sick like that. Rudra arrives and he tells Devika that their house completely got burnt. She gets shocked to know that. There Anu is listening to music and Kia Akash come to her ward with cops.

Anu says she didn’t recover yet then why they have come to arrest her. Inspector says Kia complained against her that she burnt the Rana House. Anu smiles saying where is the proof? Kia says she already revealed sometimes ago when she and Akash were talking to her. Anu says then she might accuse her of doing bomb blast or bank robbery as well. Kia says in Rana House everything gets recorded in camera so Anu will get caught.

Anu says she then should search for the footage and bring the cops after that. Inspector says they can’t arrest Anu without proof. Anu smirks and says she already removed all the camera before burning the house. Devika cries as there are lots of memories of her children in the house which are gone. Arto consoles her saying wherever they will go they will make memories there.

Kia says now they are together and she can arrange shelter for Rana’s by asking her father to stay in their flat. Shivani says Kia is forgiven. She hugs her and doctor gives Rana’s the good news that Imlie gave birth to a baby girl. Everyone celebrates the moment and Kia is excited to see her sister. Arto sits beside Imlie to talk to her. They both ask each other at the same time how are they? Imlie says she wants to hold her baby in her arms. Doctor says she is premature thus after sometime only Imlie can hold her.

Rana’s tease Arto saying Imlie’s daughter should be like her mother not like her father. Arto says he already made a lot of mistakes in life so she wants his daughter to become like her mother only. Imlie says noone is perfect and he rectified his mistakes. He is respectful towards all so he should not feel bad. Imlie insists Arto to go to their baby. Kairi talks to her sister and Anu enters there. Kairi tries to stop her from taking away the baby but Anu pushes her away.

Anu leaves and Imlie gets a bad feeling. She asks Arto to check if there’s something wrong with their baby. Kairi informs them about Anu stealing her sister. Arto goes to catch Anu and Kairi says she will call the doctor for Imlie as the latter is not feeling good. Arto says he doesn’t want to separate her two daughters from each other. He seeks God’s help to find her baby. Imlie recalls how she lost Kairi when she was born. She tells Sita Maiya she cant stay away from her daughter for the second time. She doesn’t want to go through the same phase again. Arto notices Anu is sitting and touching her head.

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