Twist of fate update Thursday 22 February 2024

Twist of fate 24 February 2024: Akshay comes to Abhay’s room and hits him. He says Ranbir can’t be saved, I have done planning to kill him. Abhay says this is my room and says he would have got injury. He tries to stop Akshay.

Akshay is in shock still and calls the goon. He humiliates the goon and asks him to wear bangles and sit at home. The goon says if I can kill Ranbir then I can kill you too right now. Akshay says he is Akshay Tandon, and tells that he will not leave him. The goon says you have given me money to kill Ranbir, nothing will happen to me, but you can be trapped. Akshay throws his phone in anger. Abhay tries to calm him.

Ranbir searches doll for Khushi and gives it to her. Khushi thanks him and says she was missing her doll. Ranbir asks what is her name? Khushi says her name is Cookie and asks him to get her marriage done. He asks if you know any good guy for the doll. Ranbir says he knows many guys and will search guy for cookie. Khushi says we will buy lehenga for Cookie. Ranbir says I will take you and Cookie for shopping. Khushi says she wants to attend real marriage and says she has never seen real marriage. Ranbir says I will take you to real marriage and the food will be good too. Khushi says she wants to see Mamma’s marriage and asks him to marry her. She says you both look good together.

Ranbir says it is a good idea, and says I will marry your Mamma and will show our marriage to you. Mihika hears him and recalls her challenge to Prachi. She says I will not let Prachi snatch my Ranbir and shall do something fast.

Prachi is in the kitchen. Ranbir comes there and says boo..She says Baklu…Ranbir. Ranbir asks how is she? Prachi says good. He says you are making salad. Prachi asks if he needs anything. Ranbir says you and then says water. Prachi gives him water. She asks if he is fine and tells that she was scared when he was in danger. He thanks her for loving him so much. Prachi says it is not like that. Ranbir says I said as you are making salad for me, and says don’t add carbohydrates, as I don’t want my weight to increase as I am going to marry soon. Prachi gets upset, recalling Mihika’s words and goes asking him to have salad. Ranbir wonders what happened to her and takes biscuit to eat.

Later Ranbir is in his room and the glass breaks from his hand, when Divya comes there and asks Ranbir to see what happened to Mihika. Ranbir rushes to terrace and finds Mihika unconscious. He checks her pulse and says she seems to be fine. Divya locks the terrace door and goes from there. Mihika opens her eyes and says I seem to be alive, but I am dead in your love. She asks him to see that the terrace is decorated for him. Ranbir says I will go. Mihika holds his hand and dances with him forcefully. Huyi Main Tumhari plays….She bends down on her knees and proposes her love to him holding flower in her hand. Ranbir asks why you are doing this? Mihika says you are perfect, the way you care for me and love me. Ranbir says I don’t love you, and I said this to you many times. He says I came here for your Papa and got engaged to you, but can’t do this marriage. He says I will make them understand that there is nothing between us. Mihika asks him to stop and asks if you are doing this for Prachi.

Ranbir asks from where Prachi came. Mihika says Prachi is wooing and trapping you. He says enough and says I came here to help you, and then I saw Prachi here. He says everything was clear between us from day 1, then from where Prachi came between us. Mihika asks him to marry her, and says she is 10 on 10 and Prachi is not even 5 out of 10. Ranbir asks what you are saying? Mihika asks him to marry her, and says I love you so much. Ranbir says you don’t love me, it is your illusion. She begs infront of him to marry her and hugs him. Ranbir asks her not to do this. Mihika keeps his hands on her waist and says she can do anything to get his love. Ranbir asks her to respect herself atleast and says such things don’t suit her. He says I don’t love her. Mihika says then whom you love?

Ranbir says I love Prachi, she is my daughter’s mother. He says I don’t love anyone than Prachi. He says I can’t handle anymore and asks her to take back her engagement ring. He says I don’t have any relation with you, we are not even friends now, and says I will tell everyone now that we have no relation between each other. He goes out from there. Mihika gets upset and cries. She then gets angry and bursts the balloon. She then throws the things from the table and says I love you Ranbir, you can’t break relation with me.

Vishaka asks Manpreet where are the warm clothes and says there is much cold today. Manpreet says she kept the warm clothes in the storeroom. Divya comes there laughing and says good news can come at any time. Vishaka asks what happened? Divya says she had gone to Mama ji’s room first. Ashok asks her to say. Divya says they have decorated the terrace so beautifully that anyone can agree for marriage in that ambience. Ranbir comes there and tells that he can’t marry Mihika. He asks Divya to call everyone. Divya goes to Mihika and asks what happened? Mihika says he didn’t feel anything for me, not even a bit. She asks what to do, to make him mine.

She says I proposed him lovingly and touched him, but he saw me with hatred which I can’t see. She says I said I love you so much and asked him to marry me, but he said that he never loved me and the love can’t be given in charity. She says he said that he loves Prachi and not me. Divya asks her to control her feelings. Mihika says Ranbir and Prachi, both have betrayed me. She says Prachi has wooed my fiancé, how dare she? Divya asks her to calm down and says Ranbir wants everyone to gather as he wants to say something. Mihika says no and runs from there.

She goes to Prachi and says she shouldn’t have do this cheap thing. Prachi asks her to talk to her well. Mihika says you are a cheap woman. Prachi says you are very mannerless. Mihika says you are using your daughter to get Ranbir. Prachi says you are not her bau, as you tried to kill her along with me. Mihika says she don’t want any relation, and says you have stolen Ranbir, by wooing him and roaming around him. Prachi says I have to reply to you, that you can’t bear. Mihika says it is easy to talk, and provokes her to do something. Prachi is going out. Mihika asks what you are going to do? Prachi says you have involved me between Ranbir and your problem, and I have to answer you infront of all the family.

Divya asks Mihika what she is going to do? Mihika says everything will be fine. She says I sent Prachi there, so that she goes to tell everyone, and is trapped by me. She says now Ranbir will apologize to me and will fix the marriage for tomorrow.

Ranbir waiting in the hall. Prachi comes out to hall, while Ranbir is waiting for everyone. Akshay asks Abhay who called us here. Abhay says don’t know. Prachi says she wants to tell something to everyone. Ranbir says I want to say something. Mihika says Prachi wants to say something. Prachi says Mihika is having problem with me and accused me that I want to snatch Ranbir from her. Ranbir asks Mihika what is she saying and says Prachi is not snatching me.

Mihika asks Prachi to tell that she has challenged that she will not let her marriage done with Ranbir. A fb is shown of the same. Prachi telling Mihika that she will not let her marry Ranbir, as Khushi is not safe. Prachi asks her to tell the whole truth to everyone. Mihika says don’t accuse me fakely, and don’t say that I have failed your car brakes to harm you. Ranbir says it is enough, and tells that nobody understands our relation.

He says can I explain to everyone about Prachi and my relation, so that this thing don’t happen again. He goes infront of Ashok and Manpreet and says they met in college, and fell in love. He says they got married after a lot of hardship, and says we will happy and united, but something happened that we have to be separated, but even after separation, nothing changed in our hearts, and we feel the same thing for each other even now. He says Prachi is my daughter’s mother and I respect her a lot. He says Prachi had taken care of me and my family and says we had no complaints with each other. He says we have true and sacred relations, but few people here don’t know it and is throwing dirt on our sacred relation. He says don’t throw dirty water on our relation, and don’t make it bitter. He says this is our relation.

Mihika asks why did she say that Ranbir and my marriage can’t happen, and says she might be the reason that you are behaving differently with me. Ranbir says enough and says if Prachi said this then she might have seen or heard something. He says I can’t marry Mihika as I don’t love her, and there is nothing between us. He asks Mihika to tell the remaining truth. He says we never had anything between us, none of us love each other. He says I met her when she was trying to commit suicide, and I saved her.

He says she told me that if she goes home then his family will throw her out and will get angry on her, so I told that I will come with him and will do something so that you throw me out. He says I want to tell this, but was afraid that you can’t bear it. He says I didn’t know that Prachi stays here, and says I told Mihika that I don’t love her, and says I had come here to help her. He says he was about to refuse for engagement, when he saw Tandon ji’s condition deteriorating and that’s why he agreed for engagement. He says I told this to Mihika. Mihika asks Prachi if she is happy now. She says it is Prachi’s mistake. Ranbir says it is not Prachi’s mistake.

Ashok shouts Mihika and tells Ranbir that he has understood his story and hopes everyone understood. He says this forced marriage will not happen now. Mihika asks Ranbir not to break their marriage. She tries to convince her Mom and Dad and then Ranbir. Ranbir says I don’t love you. Pallavi calls Ranbir and says her heart is shaking up, and says she wants to meet him. Ranbir says I will come there. Pallavi says no, I will come there and meet Khushi and you. He says ok and ends the call. He tells Ashok that his Mummy is coming here. Mihika goes from there. Ranbir folds his hands. Manpreet holds his hands. Ashok thinks Akshay will be angry as Ranbir refused to marry Mihika. He thinks Akshay might not leave Ranbir and might do the same thing with Prachi which he did with Saniya. Akshay goes from there and thinks of Ranbir and Mihika’s words.

Mihika comes there. Akshay asks why did you propose him and says I told you that he don’t love you, and asks if she got happy with his rejection. He says I would have handled everything. He says Bua ji told one day that everything is fine, until the things are hidden. He says you are curse in my life and slaps her. He says he will kill Ranbir. Mihika slaps him back and says she will kill Ranbir. They start fighting with each other. Ashok gets shocked seeing the fight and try to stop them. Abhay and Divya come to stop them. Ashok tells them that he is with Ranbir and Prachi, and warns them not to harm them else nobody is bad than him.

Prachi comes to Ashok and says you have called me. Ashok asks Prachi, do you remember how we met first? Prachi says how can I forget and says I had fallen in river and you have saved me and gave me life. He asks do you remember what I called you first. She says Prachi. Ashok says Prachi beta and says I don’t call anyone as beta until I regard someone as my own child. He says your parents gave you birth for us and me. He says you gave me love of a daughter, and says I love Mihika also, but I have more feelings for you than my own daughter, and says if anything happens to you then I will die 1000’s deaths, and says you are my life.

Prachi asks why you are saying all this, if it is needed. Ashok says let me say, this love stays in heart. Ranbir comes there and says sir…Ashok asks him not to disturb them. Ranbir turns to go, but Ashok stops him and asks him to wait. He tells Prachi that he wants to see her happiness and wants her to be happy. He says he wants her to marry Akshay so that he gets better person. He says I have realized that nobody can love you like Ranbir. He brings Ranbir near Prachi and asks him to give his hand. Ranbir gives his hand to Ashok. Ashok then holds Prachi’s hand. He gives Prachi’s hand in Ranbir’s hand. Prachi tries to take back her hand, but Ashok keeps her hand in Ranbir’s hand again.

He says Ranbir is a good guy, and tells him that they have spent a lot of time by staying away from each other. He asks Ranbir to promise him that he will take care of Prachi, will give her all the happiness. Ranbir promises him that he will take care of Prachi and keep her family. Ashok says I am taking this promise from you, so that I will be assured that someone is there to take care of my daughter, and says there is no guarantee of life, anything can happen to me. Prachi says nothing will happen to you and hugs him. Ranbir says they need just his blessings and says I will never let Prachi harmed, and says I will keep all the family happy. He keeps his head on Ashok’s chest. Ashok blesses them both to be happy always and goes from there. Prachi looks at Ranbir and cries. Ranbir wipes her tears. Prachi hugs him. Song plays……phir se ek baar….They look at each other and keep their forehead on each other’s forehead.

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