Imlie Starlife update Wednesday 12 June 2024

Imlie 12 June 2024: Agastya searches for Imlie at home and thinks where she must have gone. Imlie helps Vishwa’s team draw a sketch of her kaaki maa Meera. Vishwa asks if she remembers her kaaki’s face. Imlie says Kaaki was like her mother and a child can never forget her mother’s face.

Meera reaches Chaudhry house. Sketch artist gives her sketch. Imlie gets teary eyed seeing the sketch and tries to walk away. Vishwa stops her and says she saw a killer killing somone, is she sure it was her kaki. Imlie closes her eyes and recalls the event. Vishwa notices Agastya’s call on Imlie’s phone and switches off phone.

Imlie recalls the incident and says killer killed her kaaki and made her an orphan once again. Vishwa calls Agastya from his phone and tells Imlie that even he has gone through the same pain and is with her always, to create confusion between Agastya and Imlie. Agastya hears that and stands confused.

Vishwa drops Imlie home and says he is sure she wants to keep this sketch with her and can take it once the investigation is over. Imlie notices Vishwa watching them from balcony. Visha thinks he created a first doubt between Agastya and Imlie.

Imlie walks to Agastya and says he must be confused why she had gone with Vishwa. Agastya says no. Imlie gets angry seeing him not jealous and walks out of room. Imlie then shows liquor to Shivani and Sonali and explains her plan to spike Agastya and Daadi’s drinks and reconcile their differences. Sonali says she doesn’t want so see any more drama after seeing what happened today, recalling Daadi refusing to let Agasty hire Imlie in their factory.

Shivani’s bachelorette party starts. Imlie dances on Didi Tera Dewar Deewana.. song. Agastya with Karan and Jugnu watches it from balcony.

Shivani serves spiked juice to Agastya and Daadi. They both get heavily drunk. Agastya then dances with Imlie. Imlie asks what is he doing in only-women party. Daadi stops Agastya. Heavily drunk Agastya pleads Daadi to forgive him as he is her little kid who is following her principles of life. Daadi says she doesn’t want any more drama again. Imlie asks what happened. Daadi reveals that Agastya wanted her to give a job to Imlie in their sweets shop. Agastya says Imlie is highly talented and deserves a job. He says when Daadi praises his hard work and feels proud of him, why can’t she acknowledge Imlie’s hard work and talent. Daadi gets emotional and blames herself for encouraging Sonali to chase her dream and lose her martial life because of that.

She says if Sonali had concentrated on her marital life, she would have been happy in it. Imlie says even if Sonali had become a housewife, Amrit would have betrayed her; she took a right decision of leaving Amrit. Sonali says Imlie is right. Daadi continues to blame herself. Agastya says she is right.

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