My Desire update Wednesday 12 June 2024

My desire 12 June 2024: Mahima asks Kashvi, how she will bring her out infront of everyone. Kashvi says she will bring Mohit here and he will reveal how you have done the drama of rape, and gave him money for it. She says lets see if Arjun and others get happy with you or get angry.

Mahima asks her to go and bring Mohit here. She says Mohit will not say anything against me, as he is my puppet and he is in my control. Kashvi says but I am not in your control and I will make sure that Mohit will confess everything. Mahima says you can’t get it.

Kashvi says she will prove that her work letter and certificates are fake like her. Mahima says you can’t do this, as I cover my tracks and plans, and knows someone from RNJ company who will lie for me again, so you can’t do this. She says Arjun and the family will trust me and not you. Kashvi says I will do something so that everyone trusts me. Mahima asks if you will use magical stick. Kashvi says I will get lie detector test. Mahima says it is not allowed for everyone. Kashvi says I will be exposed and will take permission from Commissioner. Mahima says I am not here to hear your nonsense. Kashvi ties Mahima’s hands, while the latter shouts to leave her. She then ties her to chair and says I have trusted you enough, and says until I return, you will be here and I will bring Commissioner and lie detector machine. She says I will end the evil today.

She closes the door and says this time Mahima’s truth will be exposed and says I need Dadi’s help for this. Dadi is shocked and tells that this girl went to this extent to get Arjun and says she has played a big game, and asks Kashvi what she will do? Kashvi asks her to make sure that Mahima don’t come out of her room and nobody sees her. Dadi says Romila went to her mayka and Nitya went for work. Kashvi says Papa is in office. She goes. Mahima shouts calling everyone and then realizes Romila went to her mayka, and Dadi will never help me. She thinks to free her hands and thinks to call Nitya.

She reaches her phone and takes it with her feet. She then calls Nitya. Nitya is in the meeting with Panchayat and gets the call. She goes to talk to Mahima. Mahima asks her to save her and says idiot Kashvi came to know everything and will expose me. She says Kashvi knows that I gave money to Mohit and didn’t work with RNJ company. She says she will get my lie detector test, and asks her to save her, else she will tell everyone that she has killed Dada ji. Nitya gets angry, and tells that she can’t come, but will send Jagdish to stop Kashvi. Mahima insists asking Nitya to come. Nitya says she is very far away and knows well how to manipulate her husband. She calls Jagdish and tells that Kashvi has done a big drama, and has locked her in room, and saying that she will expose her. Jagdish asks what happened?

Nitya says Kashvi came to know that Mahima didn’t work in RNJ company and that’s why went to call Commissioner to get lie detector test on Mahima. She says she wants to prove that Mahima had lied and says that foolish girl will know that Arjun didn’t attack Pradyuman to save Mahima. She acts. Jagdish says I will go there, and stop Kashvi. Nitya says Kashvi is stubborn girl and asks him to stop her anyway. Jagdish says Kashvi has to listen to me and leave from there. Arjun comes home and calls Mahima. He folds his hand and prays to God. Dadi thinks she can’t let Arjun hear Mahima, as she will shout hearing him.

She plays the bhajan loudly, connecting to the music system. Arjun shouts Mahima. Dadi increases the volume. Mahima says Arjun is not listening to me due to the music. He is about to go inside, when Dadi asks him to take her to temple. She takes him to temple. Kashvi brings Commissioner and the lie detector machine. Commissioner says Mahima is your sister. Kashvi says my mother taught me that lie a lie and Mahima has said many lies. She brings Mahima out and says first tell me if you have…Jagdish comes there and says stop. He asks kashvi to come with him and takes her inside. He asks Kashvi, how she can do this? He says it was family matter. He says if you know what could be the consequence. Kashvi says you didn’t know what Mahima has done. She says she has lied to us about her work certificates and diploma.

She says did you know that Mohit never attempted to rape Mahima. Jagdish says it is her matter and asks how does it matter. He says I don’t care. Kashvi says if I tell you truth then nobody will believe me. Jagdish says if she tells about Pradyuman then Arjun will be jailed. Kashvi says I will not ask any questions about Pradyuman and will ask only about Mohit and her job. Jagdish asks why you are doing this? Kashvi says Arjun shall know how Mahima is, she is using him for her advantage. Jagdish says I don’t care if she is liar or fraud and says I am happy that she lied to save my son. He says she is not satyavadi like my son. Dadi and Arjun return home. Dadi asks him to park the car, and come. She thinks Kashvi might have get the test done by now. Mahima asks Dadi to see what Kashvi is doing. Dadi goes inside, and tells Jagdish that Mahima needs to be caught. Jagdish says you are not listening and says if Mahima said that she had made fake story then how we will stop Arjun from going to jail. Dadi says Kashvi will handle everything. Jagdish asks if you are family of mad people.

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