Imlie Starlife update Thursday 13 June 2024

Imlie 13 June 2024: Intoxicated Daadi apologizes Sonali for ruining her life with her wrong decisions. Intoxicated Agastya says she is right that it’s her mistake. Govind tries to stop him. Agastya says she chose Rajni for Govind and their wonderful chemistry and peaceful marital life is her mistake, Shivani chose Avinash as her life partner and it’s daadi’s mistake that she left her choose her life partner, Sonali is in pain and even then she is supporting them and it’s Daadi’s sanskars that has made her so strong, he is confident of what he does and it’s daadi’s mistake of giving him good sankars, etc. He apologizes Daadi and requests her to forgive him. Daadi tries to walk away. Agastya sings a song and tries to convince her. Govind supports Agastya.

After some time, Agastya calls Imlie. She disconnects his call. He walks to her with a wobbly gait and asks how dare she is to disconnect his call. Imlie asks what is his problem. Agastya says she went with Vishwa without informing him, he wanted him to feel jealous like a khadoos husband, now he is completely jealous and she will go only with him wherever she goes next. He lifts her and walks towards their room saying he already told she will go only with him. He says she is his wife and belongs to only him, but only according to the contract. Imlie get sad and says she is really not his real wife. Agastya if she was his real wife, he would have told her that she can do whatever she wants to and go wherever she wants to but be safe. Imlie says that is not real, contract will end in a few days. Agastya says even their relationship.

Imlie says he is intoxicated. Agastya says she is in her senses. He takes his mouth very closer to hers and tries to kiss her. She feels nervous, stops, him, and tries to leave. He holds her her tightly again. She asks what is he doing. He says he is reading her face, he knows what she is in distress and wants to know what happened in police station. Imlie says she remembers everything now and describes the whole incident. Agastya gets angry and says it means killer wants to kill her as he thinks she will identify him. He tries to call Vishwa. Imlie stops him and says Vishwa must be busy now. He tries to close window and notices Vishwa near a tree. He tells Imlie that Vishwa is standing there. Vishwa hides. Imlie stops Agastya and takes him away. Vishwa seeing their chemistry thinks it’s not easy to separate them.

Next morning, Agastya feels a hangover and tells Imlie that a girl gang made him drunk so much that he is feeling headache till now. Imlie searches for a medicine in her cupboard and finds divorce papers missing. Agastya asks what is she searching for. Imlie says divorce papers. Agastya says they must be somewhere here and checks a file. Jugnu informs them that Daadi is calling them downstairs. They both walk down and get nervous seeing Daadi holding some papers. They think she got their divorce papers and say they were about to inform him. Daadi gives him papers and says these are Imlie’s appointment letters. They both relax, and Agastya thanks her. Daadi says he learnt job from a grassroot level and even Imlie has to do that, he can decide Imlie’s designation and salary. Agastya asks if she is fine. Daadi says she is feeling headache since morning and walks away asking him to get Imlie’s signatures. Agastya checks papers and tells Imlie that he thought Daadi got their divorce papers. He asks where divorce papers must have gone. Imlie recalls Agastya telling that he saw Vishwa outside their room at night and says she will question him. Agastya asks if she has gone mad and tries to stop her. She says she will not directly question him but find out in her own style.

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