Evil Affairs starlife Thursday 13 June 2024

The Episode starts with Daayan asking Piyush, how did you fainted, I will kill you. She is about to bite him, when Malik sends the demon there, and stop Daayan. Malik says I asked you not to misuse your powers, but you are not mending your ways. Daayan asks if this is not our Shaitaani Dharam, I am relieving my hunger and thirst.

Malik says there are some rules of Shaitaani world. She says if we are not powerful and independent. He says we’re independent and powerful, but we are dependent on others for our needs. He says Piyush needs to be alive for my need, until Nikki returns safely, and says if she don’t return then I need Piyush’s heart for the Amavasya rasam. He says leave him, this is my order, your Malik’s order. She says Malik…He asks if you want to provoke my anger or want to go back to the desert. Daayan says I want to apologize to you for my mistake. She opens the rope from Piyush’s hand.

Nikki recalls Piyush’s words that Piyush that he trust her. Daakini asks Nikki to cut and offer her flesh to her. Nikki cuts her flesh and offers to Daakini. Daakini eats it and asks Vikrala to do something. Vikrala goes to the tied demons and offer them something. She then plucks some leafs and comes to pours its juice on Nikki’s leg. Nikki’s pain gets relieved. Daakini says you are truthful, else I would have known just as I consumed your flesh.

Nikki thinks she told true story, but incomplete. She didn’t tell that she understand their helplessness and that she has sworn to free them from Malik’s captivity. Daakini tells Nikki that she will take her to her shelter and will make her Hakini. Nikki thinks first step is successful. Daakini makes Nikki lie down on the stone and applies blood on her body. She tells her after becoming Hakini, she shall have just flesh, shall sleep on thorns’ bed and shall take bath once in a year with human blood. She says if you thought to betray then you will become ashes.

Nikki says it will not happen. Daakini slaps her and says this will remind you that I am your Guru. Other demons call her Hakini, Shishya of Daakini. Nikki thinks she has crossed first step, and is sure to steal the heart. Daakini asks Nikki to eat raw flesh, and says it is puja’s first prasad. Nikki feels like vomiting. She says forgive me. Daakini laughs and says first time this thing happens with everyone. She asks the demons to make arrangements to apply uptan to make her bride.

The demon tells that they didn’t forget. Nikki thinks Daakini’s marriage. She thinks Daakini is going to marry, I have to return before Amavasya, if it had passed, I can’t fight with Daakini’s powers without Daayan’s mercury. She feels the smell. Just then the demons come there and throws the dead body.

They ask Nikki to rest on it and eat it to relieve her hunger. Vikrala comes there and asks Nikki to come and apply uptan to Daakini, and says just like humans apply haldi, we apply uptan of blood, rotten meat etc. Nikki is going there, when tied demons hold her feet. The other demons throw meat at the tied demons. Vikrala tells that she will show her, how to apply and then applies on her hand. Nikki comes there and applies uptan to daakini. Daakini tells that she got a chance to touch her, as her story is like her story. She says she was married when she was young and had given birth to three daughters, but her inlaws killed them, and that’s why she became Daakini to take revenge from them. She says even you have the demon in your life, and asks her to tell about her husband. Nikki goes on to tell about the guy troubling her and says he is Shaitaan. Daakini says Shaitaan is just Malik. Nikki says Malik.


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