Imlie Starlife update Tuesday 11 June 2024

Imlie 11 June 2024: Meera trembles in fear looking at the killer’s sketch drawn by her on wall and says the killer has returned. Agastya recalls how his mother had come to demand money from his father and then shot him. Guruji tells Meera that he is seeing her making this sketch since years and trembling in fear, but never questioned her about her past; who is this man whom police is searching.

Meera goes into flashback where she had gone to get back her son from her husband Kunal when the killer attacks Kunal and runs away shooting him. Agastya tells Imlie that his mother killed his father for money, so he doesn’t trust anyone.

Meera says her son doesn’t trust her and thinks she had married his father for money; people cuss an unmarried mother and make her life a hell; a kind person got her out of jail,she had gone to meet her son when killer tried to attack her and she escaped; she wanted to commit suicide when she saw 2 girls in a basket flowing on a river and saved them.

Imlie describes how her kaaki maa/Meera saved her and her sister and bought them up and just like Agastya got Dhanraj and Daadi, they got her kakimaa.

Meera describes how those 2 girls entered her life and became part of her life, but then . Agastya asks who had come that day to the house. Imlie recalls kakimaa kiding them under the cot when a killer barges in and when they came out, they saw blood alover and Kakimaa missing. Meera recalls how the killer attacked her and how she escaped. Imlie describes how Titu and Pallo found them next and bought them up. Meera continues to describes how she lived in fear of the killer and how he has returned now.

Chaudhry family gets concerned seeing Shivani crying. Shivani say she will be married in 10 days. Karan asks if she doesn’t want to marry. Imlie asks him not to talk rubbish and says Shivani is worried that she has to shift into some other house after 3 days.

Shivani jokes and all males laugh. Imlie says they will understand when they have to shift to someone else’s house. Agastya recalls his condition to divorce Imlie after Shivani’s wedding and ending their wedding contract. After some time, Agastya with Daadi and Shivani reopens Chaudhry sweets office. He asks Daadi if they can hire Imlie in their factory.

Vishwa takes insulin injection. Avinash asks him to take care of his health as he has diabetes. Shivani tells Imlie that she wants to throw a bachelorette party, but Daadi wouldn’t allow her due to the ongoing tension between Daadi and Agastya.

Imlie asks how to reconcile their differences then. Shivani says Daadi and Agastya love each other, alcohol can solve their problem. Imlie promises her that daadi will hug Agastya tonight. Daadi denies permission to Agastya to let Imlie work in a factory and says one has to operate heavy machinery and if Imlie works in factory, she can’t take care of her husband and family.

Imlie covering her face buys alcohol from local liquor shop and rides her bicycle back towards home. She notices a car following her and confronts it’s driver. Driver turns out to be Vishwa. Imlie asks why is he following her.

Vishwa says her life is still in danger as the killer is still behind her, he feels her kaaki and killer has some connection, so she has to accompany him and help his team make her kaaki’s sketch.

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