Imlie starlife update Wednesday 10 January 2024

Imlie 10 January 2024: Imlie over phone asks Rupali not to inform Sundar and Arpita about her situation as they are settled in Canada with great difficulty and would return for her. She promises to keep her updated about herself and disconnects call. She seeks a room in a hotel for her and Kairi. Receptionist asks where is her husband. Imlie asks if he would have same question to a male. She gives her ID card and says this is her identity. Receptionist gives her keys and apologizes her. Imlie thinks she will sleep in a hotel tonight and will start searching for a house from tomorrow.

Next morning, Devika is busy with prayers when she drops aarti thali in a shock seeing Atharva lying on a floor. Family gathers and rushes to Atharva. They wake up Atharva who asks about Kairi and Imlie. Akash informs that they are not in their room. Atharva says Imlie took Kairi away from him forever. Keya comments that Imlie is ruthless to take a little kid in storm outside the house. Shivani warns her to stop spilling venom against Imlie.

Devika says Keya is right; though Atharva did wrong with Imlie, Imlie is wrong to take Keya away. Shivani says Atharva hid truth for 5 years and betrayed Imlie, any mother would have done same. She tongue lashes Atharva for ruining imlie’s life. Keya tells Akash that Imlie doesn’t have any money and Rathore’s have moved to Canada, so Imlie will return to Rana house for sure; she hopes Imlie doesn’t grab their property share. Rudra asks where Imlie and Kairi must be. Atharva says he wants to meet Imlie and Kairi at any cost as he knows Imlie would do work to earn money but not return home.

Imlie cuts all her credit and debit cards and thinks she will never seek any monetary help from Ranas. Kairi wakes up wishing good morning mamma. Imlie feels happy hearing mamma and asks her to repeat it. She pampers Kairi and says they will be playing a game where they will stay away from family and home as long as they can. Kairi agrees. Imlie then meets Dhairya’s friend Monty and seeks his help in getting a rented house. He takes her to an apartment where its society members refuse to rent her an apartment as she is a divorcee. Imlie confronts them and leaves. She is denied a house in all the societies. Secretary of the last society comments on her. Imlie gives him a befitting reply and walks away.

Atharva meets Kairi and pampers her. Secretary returns to Imlie and says she can get a house here as her husband cleared their misunderstanding. Imlie asks where is her husband. Secretary shows Atharva playing with Kairi. Imlie says he is mistaken as Atharva and she are divorced now. Secretary says they can’t give her a house then. Atharva gives him a befitting reply. He pleads Imlie to return home for Kairi’s sake. Imlie asks Kairi to sit in Atharva’s car. Atharva gets happy and asks if she is ready to return home. Imlie says no. Their drama continues…

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