My desire update Wednesday 10 January 2024

My desire 10 January 2024: Kashvi asks Arjun why is he putting so much effort to impress Mahima who is not bothered him. She is about to reveal that Mahima wasn’t present at jaago ritual and stops suddenly. Arjun asks what was she saying and insists. She says nothing important. He drops a grinding stone on her foot by mistake. Her toe starts bleeding. Sam notices that and shows his concern for Kashvi. He warns Arjun to stay away as he injured Kashvi and takes Kashvi to her room to perform first-aid. Arjun fumes.

Sam performs Kashvi’s first-aid and asks why she looks tensed, she can reveal her problem with her. Kashvi thinks she can share her concerns with him at least and reveals how she replaced Mahima for jaago ritual to save family’s dignity. She further reveals how, as per Mahima, Pradyuman is troubling Mahima and forcing himself on her and how she saw Pradyuman forcefully kissing Mahima.

Sam is shocked to hear that and requests him not to convince Pradyuman to forget Mahima as she is marrying Arjun. Sam promises her. Kashvi asks can she hug him as she feels related to him. He agrees and says they are related by heart. Kashvi hugs him. Sam calls her beta/daughter. Kashvi gets more emotional and asks him to call her Kashu beta from hereon. Sam agrees.

Mahima gets ready for haldi ritual with Nitya’s gifted dress. Romila provokes her to not marry poor Arjun and marry Pradyuman instead. Mahima asks how will that happen. Romila promises to help her.

Mahima happily hugs her. Romila thinks she will take revenge from Nayan by making Mahima elope and let people humiliate Nayan. She tells Mahima that she will drop haldi bowl and make sure nothing is left for her. Haldi ritual starts. Nitya applies haldi to Arjun and asks Nayan to apply same haldi to Mahima. Romila picks haldi bowl and drops it purposefully. Haldi splashes on Kashvi’s face. Mahima says she will not apply this haldi as its spoilt. Nayan says she should apply only this haldi as per ritual. Mahima asks how can she do this to her, she will not apply this dirty haldi. Arjun says its organic and good for her skin.

Mahima takes haldi from Kashvi’s face and applies it on her hand and walks away stepping over haldi bowl saying ritual is over now. Sam stops her and says she has hurt everyone’s feelings by her rude act. Mahima rudely shouts who is he to question her, he is neither a guest nor invited her, so he should have a feast, enjoy rituals, and get out of here. Nayan confronts Mahima for misbehaving with Sam and says Sam is a rich businessman and has achieved a lot in life which Mahima can’t in her life. She insists to apologize Sam. Mahima asks if she is raising her voice on her because of a stranger. Nayan says if she had scolded her for her mistakes long ago, she wouldn’t have been like this. Mahima apologizes Sam and walks away.

Sam goes out to meet Pradyuman and confronts him for forcefully barging into Mahima’s room and kissing her even after his warning. He threatens to inform his father and send him back to USA if he doesn’t stop. Pradyuman says he loves Mahima and will marry him at any cost whether Sam agrees or not. Sam tries to convince him that Mahima isn’t loyal to anyone and wants to marry him for money. Pradyuman refuses to listen to him and walks away. Sam thinks he has gone blind in love. Romila asks why is he against this marriage when they both each other. She reveals that Kashvi loves Arjun since childhood and Nayan knows about it, but she is adamant to sacrifice Kashvi’s feelings and get Mahima married to Arjun.

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