Imlie starlife update Monday 22 January 2024

Imlie 22 January 2024: Imlie and Atharva find Kairi’s sandal on the ground and ask a cleaner where he found this sandal. Cleaner says he found it under A wing building. They look up and find Sharmaji’s wife Suman peeping from window. Suman hides seeing them. Kairi troubles Sharmaji. Imlie requests Suman to tell if she has Kairi’s clue as they found Kairi’s sandal under her building.

Suman says Sharmaji will beat him if she reveals Kairi’s location. Imlie says if Sharmaji can beat his wife, he can beat even her daughter. She pleads Suman to reveal Kairi’s location before Sharmaji harms her. Suman reveals that Sharmaji had brought Kairi to their home and then fearing police took her to store room. Imlie thanks Suman for her courage and assures that Sharmaji will never beat her again.

They with police reach store room and find no one there.Sharmaji hides Kairi in a water tank and locks it’s lid. Inspector tells Atharva and Imlie that Sharmaji eloped from there fearing arrest. Atharva and Imlie find a locked door, break it open, and walk downstairs. They find Kairi’s other sandal and her hairclip near a tank lid. Kairi calls Imlie from the tank. Atharva tries to break the lid open while Imlie breaks water pipe to release water. They both then break the lock and rescue Kairi out. Sharmaji attacks Atharva for ruining his reputation. Atharva falls down injured.

Police arrests Sharmaji and takes him away. Rana family reaches Atharva and Imlie late. Imlie pleads to call the ambulance. They rush Atharva towards the hospital in an ambulance. Atharva insists Imlie to take him home as he is fine and doctors can come home and check him. Imlie says he needs tests and she can’t take risk. Atharva says he wants to be with her and Kairi. He thinks god took many tests on him and he will prove now that he deserves to stay with Imlie and Kairi.

Ranas bring Atharva home where doctor tests him and keeps him under observation. Devika asks Imlie to take care of Atharva’s medicines and be with him while Divya takes cares of his food. Kairi says she will play with monkey paa once he wakes up. Keya and Akash discuss that they thought Atharva would also die like Dhairya, but he is alive; they will make sure he dies soon. Imlie cries seeing Atharva’s condition and pleads him to wake up. He tries to leave when he holds her hand and opens his eyes. He reminds her how she supported him always and got him closer to his father, his music, himself, etc. Imlie says he did a mistake and went far away from her. He says he was made to make a mistake and pleads him not to go away from her again and give him a chance. Imlie tries to leave, and Atharva’s heartbeat increases and his condition worsens. She shouts in fear and realizes it was her imagination.

She goes out in search of Kairi. Atharva’s condition really deteriorates. Devika and Rudra see her searching for Kairi and says Kairi is with Ginni. Imlie says she wants to return home with Kairi. Devika and Rudra plead him to stay back, but Imlie gets adamant. Shivani informs Imlie that Atharva’s heartbeat increased once she left his room, his heart is related to her heart. Devika pleads Imlie to stay back and save her son’s life. Imlie doesn’t agree. Shivani takes Devika and Rudra to Atharva’s room.

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