My desire update Wednesday 8 May 2024

My desire 8 May 2024: Nitya tells Arjun that it is right that she is suspended as she did a mistake. She asks Kashvi to say. Jagdish asks Kashvi not to worry and says we all know that you didn’t help the terrorist. He says today is mahima’s sangeet, if we tell this at home then nobody will enjoy it.

She says we have to hide this right now and asks Arjun to handle her. Kashvi cries talking to Nayantara’s photo. Arjun comes there and says I have a surprise for you. Kashvi says she don’t want to see. Arjun calls Bijli…Kashvi gets happy seeing Bijli wearing the dress. Arjun says it is the dress which is twinning with your dress. He asks her to smile. Kashvi says a dangerous terrorist had escaped because of me, and I hope Police catches me. Arjun says they will catch him and says I am thankful to God that he didn’t do anything to you, and you are fine. He kisses on her forehead.

Bijli barks. Arjun says it seems Bijlu couldn’t wait and wants us to get ready for sangeet. Mohit and his mother come for sangeet. Mahima comes there and sits with Mohit. Arjun asks Kashvi to sit with him and says he will be with her like a glue, as he wants to see her enjoying the sangeet , and don’t want her to think about mirchi langra. He then asks if she doesn’t see that anything is missing. She asks what? Arjun calls Bijli and says our group is completed. Keval welcomes the guests and says there will be full on entertainment. He calls Romila on stage.

They ask Dadi to come. Dadi thinks she has to give money to Shobhana, and refuses to dance. Romila says leave it, she is senior citizen. Romila and Keval dance on the stage. Shobhana asks Dadi if the money is arranged. Dadi says yes. Romila and Keval dance on the stage with their sons. Monty and his brother asks Dadi to dance. She takes them to dance. Dadi dances. Everyone claps for them.

Keval says next performance is of Nitya Bajwa and her husband Jagdish Bajwa. Nitya and Jagdish dance on the stage. Nitya falls down suddenly while dancing. Arjun and Kashvi run to her. Jagdish asks what happened? Nitya says she couldn’t stand also. Arjun says I will take you to doctor. Nitya says I am not a child, take me to car and I will go. Kashvi says I will come. Nitya says today is your sister’s sangeet, just take me outside till the car. She pretends to be hurt. She comes to her Assistant’s house and knocks on the door while driving the car herself. He opens the door and asks her to come. She sees Mirchi Langra there and smiles.

Keval announces Mohit and Mahima’s performance. Mohit tells Mahima that he can’t perform. Mahima says I shall not be insulted. Kashvi says something is wrong. Arjun says Mohit is nervous and couldn’t dance. Kashvi asks what to do?

Nitya appreciates her assistant and mirchi langra for their work. A fb is shown, the assistant asks her to snatch Kashvi’s job, and shares his plan to take away Kashvi’s job. Nitya asks him to befriend Golu’s family so that my name is cleared and Kashvi’s name gets ruined. Fb ends.

Verma tells Nitya that just as she agreed for the plan, he had bribed the constables and they did their work rightly well. A fb is shown, Verma shares his plan with constables and tells that they will get cash for the work, and asks them to help Mirchi Langra to escape. He asks them not to let Kashvi enter the van, and asks her to come by her car. The constables give the tablets to Mirchi langra as per their plan. Fb ends. Nitya appreciates Verma for his plan and tells that Kashvi’s career is over before start. She says I have ruined her. Mirchi Langra asks where I will go now. Nitya says you will go to jail again. Mirchi Langra asks if you have gone mad and asks why you want to sacrifice my life. Nitya says you have to go to jail now, and I promise that you don’t have to stay there for long. She says you will go back to jail and shall tell that you had given money to Kashvi for escape.

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