Imlie starlife update Thursday 7 March 2024

Imlie 7 march 2024: In a remote village named Purvaiya, a woman serves grass to her cow and searches for its calf. Her neighbor says calf will not come if she calls her. Woman asks how will she come then.

Choti Imlie (now grown up) is seen singing Bansi Baajegi Radha and dances around. Cows walk behind her listening to her flute. Imlie returns woman’s cow. Woman says she will tie her calf now. Imlie says calf will stay only with love as it’s not a daughter to stay back even after hearing taunts. She realizes she needs to fill a pot with butter for janmastami festival, takes butter from the woman, and rushes away. Woman asks if Radha plays bansi/flute, then what will Kanha do.

A rich Agastya says he will get angry as he doesn’t want to celebrate Janmastami with his grandmother.

Imlie drives her bicycle discussing with her friends how she expects some love and attention on festivals and says she needs to go home and prepare sweets for the festival. Agastya says he hates poor people as they try to gain attention first and then grab money. He drives his car away while his driver requests him to let him drive. His servants with him.

He rams his car over Imlie’s bicycle. Imlie falls down and confronts him that it’s India where everything goes slow and not his foreign. Agastya angrily punches on music player. Yeh Hai Reshmi Zulfon Ka.. song plays. He expects Imlie will come and seek money from him and counts. Imlie leaves. Servant says he can count.

Imlie apologizes her bicycle Mister Pinky and reaches home. She realizes her butter pot is missing. Her cousin Bulbul steals it and gives it to her mother Pallo/Imlie’s aunt. Aunt says they will replace fresh butter with old one and blame Imlie.

Imlie walks to her and tells Pallo that she gives her food only once a day and can even stop it, but not defame her. Bulbul says as if Ms Imlie has a dignity. Imlie says she can even be doctor, engineer or chef Imlie. Pallo threatens to trash her and says she is an orphan who can’t dream big and orders her to get ready for work.

Imlie tells her friends that she thought she will get a festival holiday today, but has to work even today. She determines to break janmastami’s curd pot first and then go to work. Her aunt gives her a new dress to wear for work and get more money. Imlie tricks Bulbul to wear her dress, ties her down, and sends her out with friends.

Aunt thinks it’s Imlie and yells she does a heinous job but acts as if it’s pious. Imlie walks to her friends and reveals that Bulbul is in the new dress and she tied her down so that she can celebrate festival. She dances with the villages celebrating festival and breaks curd pot.

Pallo reaches her and gives her a tight slap. She recalls finding Bulbul tied down and asks how dare she is to let Bulbul wear this cheap dress, her parents Atharva and Imlie died long ago and an orphan doesn’t have any dignity. Imlie says every girl feels shy. Pallo says she is just like a cattle.

She forcefully gets her into car and asks driver to take her to her real place. She orders Imlie’s friends to get into car. They reach a countryside bar. Agastya sitting outside the shop fumes seeing girls wearing revealing clothes commenting on other women. He describes his imagination of a woman. Imlie gets ready as per his imagination and enters bar. Servant asks Agastya to get into the bar until his car gets ready or another car arrives.

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