My desire update Thursday 7 March 2024

My desire 7 march 2024: Nitya disguised as a masked assassin walks to her father-in-law with a knife to kill him. Dadaji panics seeing her. Nitya says he is so strong that he escaped from a horrifying accident, anyways she will kill him.

Dadaji moves behind and drops water mug. Kashvi hears sound and rushes out. She is shocked to see a masked assassin trying to stab dadaji and shouts.. Nitya hears Kashvi and thinks what is Kashvi doing here instead of being at Sabharwal house, she had burnt Sabharwal house to divert Kashvi’s attention there and kill Dadaji here, now Kashvi will catch her red handed.

Kashvi asks who is she and tries to pull her mask. Nitya pushes her away and escapes. Kabir and attendant return. Kashvi says she can’t let Arjun’s Dadaji die.

Arjun tries to get Mrs Sabharwal out of burning Sabharwal house. He notices her trying to get her husband’s last photo from the wall. He helps her get it and tries to get her out when a burning beam falls in front of them. Daadi panics and collapses. Arjun checks her pulse, lifts her, and gets her out of the house. He himself collapses due to inhaling smoke. Keval and his children get concerned for him.

Ambulance reaches, doctor checks Arjun and informs that his lungs are filled with smoke and they need to rush him to hospital. Kashvi informs Kabir that Dadaji was attacked just now. Kabir asks who would do that. Kashvi says one who tried to kill Dadaji via accident 10 years ago. Kabir asks how did that person find out about Dadaji’s presence. Kashvi says she didn’t inform even Arjun about it and only they 3 know about his presence here. Kabir asks Kashvi to go home as the assassin is following her closely.

Nitya reaches Sabharwals to show her fake sympathy towards them and learns that Arjun fell unconscious trying to save them and is in ambulance. Nitya rushes to Arjun and thinks she wanted to kill Kashvi, but her plan backfired and Arjun is harmed instead. She blames Kashvi for Arjun’s condition. Arjun wakes up and asks about Daadi. He questions doctor about Daadis’ condition. Doctor says her vitals are fine, but she got smoke in her lungs and will be fine soon. Sabhwarwals thank Arjun for saving their lives. Fire brigade officer informs that they set off fire, but the house is unfit to stay right now and hence they have shift somewhere else.

Romila panics and asks where will they stay now. Arjun offers them to stay at their house. They hesitate and say they will manage somewhere. Arjun insists and says they will shift to Bajwa house. They emotionally agree. Nitya thinks she made a big blunder and has to tolerate Sabharwals at her home.

Arjun takes Sabharwals home. Daadi cries saying they lost everything. Kashvi returns home and is surprised to see her family there. She asks daadi if something happened.

Romila says their house is burnt and they lost everything. Nitya to create differences between Arjun and Kashvi asks where was she when she left home to meet her daadi. Romila questions Kashvi next. Arjun thinks Kashvi must have gone to meet Kabir and to protect her from Romila asks her not to question Kashvi more. He takes Kashvi from there. Nitya thinks she needs to try something else to make Arjun and Kashvi fight.

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