Imlie starlife update Friday 8 March 2024

Imlie 8 March 2024: Imlie gets ready at a bar for performance and covers her head. Her friend says they are bar girls and shouldn’t cover her head. Another friend asks if she prays god even for this heinous work. Imlie says why not as every work is divine.

She serves Janmastami prasad to her friends. Friends praise that she cooks so well, she should be a chef at a big hotel. Imlie says soon she will. She says she wants to earn lots of money for Ashu’s treatment and once he gets well, she will leave this bar job. Bar owner informs Imlie that she is getting late for her performance as a rich man’s assistant informed that his boss is waiting for her performance. Imlie says she considers all her customers equal.

Agastya gets irritated with bar girls’ behavior and tries to leave. He stops

hearing Imlie singing Ye Hai Reshmi Zulfon Ka Andhera.. song. He then tries to leave midway. Imlie asks if he didn’t like her song, leaving midway is a disrespect to art and artist. Agastya throws money on her face and asks her to pick each note carefully as she works here for money and she is cheap and fallen like these fallen notes. Imlie says he insulted both maa Saraswati and maa Lakshmi.

Agastya says he insulted her. Imlie says he should be ashamed of his cheap thinking and continues to tongue lash him for insulting art and women. Agastya says cheap girls like her only knows to talk emotionally and gain attention. Imlie says they hide their face to protect cheap men like them, they have such a cheap thinking, etc. Agastya angry walks towards her. His manager stops him and takes him away from there.

Imlie returns to her locality in a bar’s car. Neighbor taunts her husband is a steno in a government office and was never picked up for work in a car, but a cheap girl is always picked and dropped via car. Imlie gives her a stern reply and walks into home counting money and thinking she has to collect money soon for Ashu’s treatment. Pallo snatches money from her and says she needs to pay rent to stay here. Imlie snatches money back and says she cooks and does household chores for her and if she has any problem, she will leave her house with Ashu. Pallo says she took care of her since childhood and wants to reap the benefits now, she should dance at a bar and can’t leave until she makes her rich.

Imlie walks to Ashu. Ashu calls her Imma. Imlie asks him to call her Maasi. Ashu continues to call her Imma. Imlie pampers him and recalls Kairi passing away after giving birth to Ashu. She gets emotional and hopes she protects Ashu. A man walks into her room. Imlie gets afraid but then relaxes and says maama/uncle frightened her. She asks if he met doctor. Maama says yes, doctor told there is no improvement in Ashu’s condition and he needs surgery within 6 months. Imlie says she will arrange money soon. Maama says she works so hard and is straining herself, he doesn’t like that. He shows his concern for her and fumes on Pallo for troubling her, he hopes Pallu leaves them soon. Imlie asks him to stop drinking so much and spoiling his health. Maama asks her to stop working at a bar and become a chef at any restaurant as she may face an evil person some day. Imlie recalls Agastya’s misbehavior today.

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