I’m On the Edge update Thursday 21 July 2022

I’m on the edge 21 July 2022: Devi is going towards aadhi’s room. Masa says where are you going? devi saus I am the maid here. i was going to clean. Urmi says don’t go there at all. Masa says then who would clean? Masa says go clean the room and come out fast.

Devi cleans the room. Devi is about to fall Adhi holds her hand. The theme song plays in background. Adhi leaves her hand. He says I saved you. She says I fell because of you too. He says what are you doing here?> She says cleaning the room. I am the servant. Can i go in my store? he says your rats would be waiting for you. She says they are not a problem anymore. He says go.Devi says my neck hurts. He says go. She tries to pick her purse. She says thanks for what you did for ishu. Adhi says stop. He says clean the sheets.
Adhi says Devi you are playing so well. You have no idea what I am going to do.

At night, Devi is sneaking ins= the corridor. She spills rat food everywhere.. She comes to the store. Bansuri sits outside store and devi goes inside. She says there are so many rats. Bansuri is scared. The rats start going outside.The rats come to Adhi’s room as well. He wakes up scared. Adhi says rats in my room. Where did they come from. He sees rats outside as well. He comes to hall but rats are there as well. He goes from there as well. Adhi comes to the store. he sleeps next to Devi. Devi pretends that she is asleep.Devi says what are you doing here? He says I was looking for something? She says tell me I will send it in your room. He says this is my house. He says where are those rats? She says I don’t know i have been looking for them they have gone somewhere. She says are you scared of rats? he says no I am not scared.

She says I know why you came here. He says why? She says because you want to stay close to me. He says this is my house I will sleep wherever I want to. She says okay stay here. She sleeps.He says I will sleep here too. She says you can’t sleep here. There is no space. He says I don’t care. he sleeps. Devi’s lehnga gets stuck in his shirts and she falls on him while he is asleep. Devi sleeps as well.Adhi feels like his shirt is smelling like rats. He takes off his shirt and sleeps.. devi sleeps as well.

Scene 2
Next morning,, urmi says where is Adhi? Masa says must have gone to work. DEvi says give me this tea. urmi says you are servant. Devi says my husband is in my room. Come and see. Bansuri says she is lying. I was outside the store all night. She is lying. Devi says come and see. Masa comes with her and see Adhi sleeping in store. she is dazed. Masa says Adhi.. he says why are you shouting.Masa screams Adhi.. He wakes up shocked. DEvi says your tea. Did you sleep well? Masa says what is this? He says there were rats in my whole room. She says didn’t know that my son who becomes lion was scared of rat. He says where is my kurta? devi says where you took it off. I will press it and send to your room.Adhi comes to his room. All the maids giggle at him.

Kesar is in her room. Saradh comes. He says Adhi I feel like he is falling fore Devi? Kesar says I hope she gets the love I never got. No one remembers me here. Saradh says remember you talked about a TV serial? How is it going? She says yes. Saradh says if she got a chance what would she do?She says a lot of things. A lot of dreams.Urmi says to Bansuri your sleep did this. Adhi went in and you couldn’t see. Bansuri says to Masa she is so clever. I think she gave me sleeping pills in food. Masa says we have to keep an eye on her.

Adhi says I will make her suffer. She made me insulted in front of my family.
He takes her clothes out of closet and burns them all. Devi is showering. He says I will see how you come out now.Masa has called Guruji. He checks Adhi’s hand and says your good days are now starting. The women in your house will play important role in your success. He says yes my mom always prays for me.Gurji says villagers told me that he got married. Masa says she is just a servant. Not our daughter in law. Devi says how do I get my clothes. Adhi has burned them. She finds Adhi’s clothes and wears them.

Masa says she came who has no respect. Guruji says its not like that. Love of husband is her respect and I feel like she has that love. Devi touches Guru’s feet. He gives her blessing.She says I want to do the durga pooja. He says yes you will do that pooja. You are such a good girl. Masa says your chauhan pooja’s won’t happen here. Devi says I am doing this pooja for rajawats. Urmi says you are not our master. Devi says I am married to Adhi and this sindur makes my relation stronger. Guru ji says well done.you have to do this pooja. Truth always wins. Stay blessed and married. He leaves.

Adhi stops Devi. He says how dare you wear my clothes. Take it off right now. She says here? why are you being so romantic in front of everyone. Urmi says you have no shame. Go to store and wear your clothes. Devi says I have no clothes what will I wear? Adi says to Kesar give her your clothes. Adhi leaves for work.Masa says to Devi you want to do pooja right? i will see how you do it.

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