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I’m on the edge 22 July 2022: Devi prepares things for pooja. She says first time I will do pooja in this house. Please help me do it well God. Devi is looking for Kalash. Kesar gives her Kalash. Urmi takes it from them. SHe says are you mad? She can’t touch pooja stuff. Masa will be so mad. I am sorry but I can’t give you this. Masa said you cant touch anything.

Kesar says I am sorry. Devi says don’t be. I knew it. I will do this pooja.
Devi goes out to look for it. Bansuri says you can’t go out. Devi says what should I do? She goes to her store. Devi takes the pot she had for water.. Masa stops her. She says how will you live without water if you put it in temple. Devi says thanks for care. God always helps people with pure intentions.
Kesar says you found it. Very good. The water in this kalash purifies the house. Devi says thanks a lot.

Devi gets other things ready for pooja as well. Masa says you are a servant. You can’t take flour from the kitchen. DEvi says you can give it to me as a poor person. I am your servant you can give it to me as a needy. Masa picks flour and pours on the floor. All of it falls down. Msas says pick it if you can. Devi says no problem. She picks the flour from the ground. Devi says however I give it. When this flour is given to temple God would consider it pure. She gets her arti ready and prepares for the pooja.
DEvi says this pooja is for my family. I will do it at any cost. We all have to go down to bow. Masa bows in temple and goes to her room. Kesar says well done. Devi does pooja. Devi says it was possible with your help only.

Scene 2
Saradh looks for Masa. Devi comes and gives Adi parsad. He says what is this? She says I did pooja for our family. So this parsad is from God. This pooja will bring good news. He says how you know? She says what? He says about good news? Devi says I knew God would send some good news. Masa looks at them. She says in heart Adhi won’t takke her parsad. SAradh says in heart I hope he takes it.
Adi takes the parsad.

Scene 1
Devi says to Adhi take Parsad. He takes it. Masa is dazed.
Adi says to Masa we won that case. Our time is changing.

Kesar says to Devi eat something. You haven’t eaten anything. Devi says I will eat later. Masa says how will she when staphna hasn’t ended. You have walked on the wrong end. A chauhan can’t come to our house and give you the coin.
Ambika comes in and says Devi I brought the coin.
Masa says how are you so shameless? Ambika says I haven’t entered your house. I am standing is street. I brought this coin for your blessings. How nice of us but you wont understand. Look at our DEvi she is praying for the house that doesn’t even deserve it. Masa says be scared. Masa leaves. Devi hugs Ambika. Amibika says are you okay? She gives her coin. Ambika says good luck. Devi says tell Ishu I miss her. Ambika leaves.

Devi does the pooja. Masa syas who helped this girl and told Chauhan? She burns a coal. Devi is scared. Masa looks at Kesar. She takes her phone and sees that she called Ambika. Kesar says I am sorry please. Masa is about to burn her hand. Devi holds her hand.


Devi says punish me its not Kesar’s mistake. Punishing me will make you happy. Punish me not her. Masa looks at her angry. She says first to save Ishu you married and now to Kesar you are getting yourself in other trouble. I will see the tolerance level of yours. She asks Urmi to call at Ishu’s office. Masa says to principal insult that Ishu in school. Punish and beat her in front of all the kids. I should hear her screams here in my house. She slaps Ishu. Ishu cries. Devi and Kesar are in tears. The teachers beats Ishu. Kesar says to Devi let her punish me leave all this. Why is the child being punished. Leave Masa’s hand. Devi leaves Masa’s hand. Masa burns Kesar’s hand.

Adhi says to Devi how dare you insult my masa. If masa is hurt I would not leave you. She says bua came for pooja’s coin. For peace of this house. You know how your mom rewarded for pooja. She burned Kesar’s hand. Adi says either this is lie or maybe kesar did something. She helped you behind masa’s back. Masa wants anyone in the house to stop helping Chauhan. I will ask masa. Masa comes from behind. Devi says don’t ask Masa. It was my mistake. Don’t ask masa please. Leave it she is our elder. He leaves. He didn’t see masa. Bansuri says adhi is out of hands. He is completely her puppet now.

Saradh comes to Kesar’s room and gives her burnol. He says let me do it. He applies med on her burn. Kesar looks at him. He says you were talking about dreams your TV serial heroin was seeing. I think she should start living those dreams as well.
Devi is going for pooja. Masa says don’t do this easily. You have to take this as well. She gives her a large metallic balls and ties them to her feet. Masa says now walk to the temple with these.
Masa says I will see how you walk now. Go.
Devi starts walking with them. Her feet hurt.

Scene 2
Devi is walking towards the tmeple on the road with metal balls tied to her feet. She says I have to win this. i have to win hatred with love. She is walking.
Masa says to Adhi I want to see fear and defeat on her face. Lets go to temple. he says okay.

Devi is walking. She climbs the stiars and comes to the temple. DEvi places her arti there. Pandit ji doesn’t let her place arti. He says the time of mahorat is over.
devi requests him. He says I will place it.
Devi says to idol I was doing this for that family. They produces hindrances in my way. They tried stopping me. But I lost. Is this written in my fate? Defeat? I can’t take it anymore. What should I do now? My efforts go in vain. Why couldn’t I do this. Is my mistake that I tried finding good in a devil. But I think I will always fail Like I failed today.

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