Guddan update Thursday 21 July 2022

Guddan 21 July 2022: Guddan comes in front of Agastya. He recalls all things Pushpa said. Guddan says you must be shocked right? You wouldn’t be if you trusted my daughter when she was crying and telling you truth. When have you trusted her? She kept crying to tell you but you didn’t believe her. You only her. Choti says please mama don’t say anything to him. Guddan says she’s stopping me for you. Am I wrong? Agastya is shocked. Guddan says you don’t have answer to anything. You know Choti did everything for you and you only betrayed her and she kept crying. You had a chance today to believe her. You lost that chance as well. She was saying it was hurting her but you were blinded by your anger. You wanted to hear what lies you have been told. You can stay in our world of lies. But Choti doesn’t deserve that. You don’t deserve my daughter and she was alone before. Now her mother is with her. That injustice won’t happen with her. Choti says mama please.. Guddan says if you love my daughter prove your love. Even if I have to become evil for you Choti, I will. Go be deserving of her love.

Then I will talk to you. Agastya leaves. choti tries to stop him, Guddan stops her.Guddan says you can’t be weak for her. choti says he loves me. Guddan says not as much as I do. A moment like this came in my life as well when Antra created misunderstandings between me and AJ. I tried everything but he didn’t trust me. I am telling you the same lesson. Don’t call wrong right. You have to show people a mirror. Agastya is wrong and that’s true. Choti hugs her crying.

Agastya comes out and recalls how Pushpa lied to him and said Guddan ran. She gave away her mangalsutra. Agastya sits down crying and says why is this happening with me.Niya and Pushpa cheers and drink. Niya says finally we are done with that Guddan. Pushpa says I kicked Choti and her mom out of Agastya’s life. They couldn’t take Agastya. I kicked her out and Agastya couldn’t even know. Niya says get me an entry in his life again. Sona claps and says I have never seen a mother like you. How can you take your son’s happiness from him? Would he be happy without Guddan? At least thing about your grandchild. Pushpa says if you speak much I will also kick you out. Niya says yes. Sona throws water on her face and says don’t show me your lizard face. This is our family matter. Sona says I respected you. You thought you can part Agastya and Guddan? God is seeing everything. She leaves. Pushpa says this Sona changed party. Niya says she can’t do anything. Let’s celebrate in a 5 star hotel.

Agastya comes in and says where are you going? Let’s celebrate here. Maa you did so much to part me and Guddan? Let’s celebrate here. Pushpa is shocked.Choti cries and Guddan picks all of Agastya’s photos. Choti says I know you’re angry. But Agastya is important to me. He is my baby’s papa. Guddan says we have to make this baby strong and make his mom stronger first. What’s the point of crying for someone who doesn’t care about you? Agastya doesn’t deserve your love. Aarav says it’s not like that. I know you are mad at him. So am I, he did wrong. But his love is real. He saved her life and risked his own. Guddan says I am grateful but he can’t keep hurting Choti. He thoughts are weak. He always gets fooled by his mother. He has to Choti’s trust and until that happens, I don’t wanna hear his name in this house.

Agastya opens a box. He cuts a cake and says eat maa. Pushpa is shocked. Agastya shouts eat it. He throws away the cake and says why did you do this? Everyone is shocked. Pushpa says Chiku no please. He says don’t call me from this name. I hate this name. You considered me a toy. I did all you asked. I did everything you said. If you considered me your son, you won’t have done this to me. You took my love, my everything from me. Pushpa says please stop. He says to hide your sins, you proved Guddan crazy. Do yo have any shame? Did you think before ruining her life? Pushpa says yes I wasn’t ashamed.She doesn’t deserve you. Because of her you were ready to send me to jail. He says you deserved jail after what you did.

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