My Desire update Thursday 21 July 2022

My desire 21 July 2022: The Episode starts with Rudraksh coming to sleep with Saransh. Saransh hugs him. He wakes up and says you are sleeping here, I will get a good sleep now. Rudraksh says you were already snoring. He says I will always protect you, I have some problem with your mumma, but I will bear her for your sake, she is stubborn and went, I hope she manages. Prisha checks Usha and asks her to calm down, her BP is high. Usha cries. The guards stop Prisha and say its HOD order, you can’t take her inside, its our duty. Prisha scolds the nurses for not saving the patient, and saving their jobs. She calls Rudra. He answers her call. He asks what happened.

She says I m fine, I need your help. He asks what help do you need. She tells everything. He asks is everything fine there. Usha screams. Prisha checks her and says baby’s heart beat is getting slow. He asks how will you manage. Prisha says just do as I said. He says sure. She says we have to do her delivery here. Naresh asks how, here in this open place. Prisha says I can just see her life, nurses won’t help, you have to help me. Naresh agrees. Nurses think if we go to help Prisha, then we will lose the jobs. Prisha says I will go and get few things needed. She goes. Saransh shouts save me. Rudra rushes to him and hugs. He says I m here, just sleep. He thinks don’t know, he is scared since that time, what shall I do, don’t know how is Prisha managing.

Prisha takes the necessary things. HOD asks what’s all this. Prisha says I need this for Usha’s delivery, I will do it in the lobby, I m just taking the equipments, keep it and go. HOD asks her to keep the equipment and get out, else he will call the security. She gets shocked. She says I need this cover her up, I will return the double. Prisha goes to Naren and says HOD didn’t let me take anything, we have to do the delivery ourselves, we have courage and blessings of Lord. Usha asks if anything happens to my baby. Prisha asks Naresh to take Usha aside. They take Usha to a corner. Prisha asks Naren to hold Usha’s legs upwards. Usha says please cover me up, everyone is watching. Prisha scolds the staff. She asks her to just do as she tells. Some nurses come to help and get the stuff to cover up Usha. They say we will help you, even if we lose our job. They cover up Usha.

The media reaches the hospital. Reporter says we will be reporting live. Rudra says great, is Prisha there. Prisha answers the media. She says we have got a warning that we will be fired from the job, I m a doctor and doing this delivery in an open area to save the life. The reporter says the hospital management is treating the patient badly, Dr. Prisha is facing a difficulty and still doing her duty. Rudra plays the news and sees Prisha. Sharda asks what is Prisha doing there. Rudra says Prisha called me to expose the hospital. Usha shouts to her mum. Reporter asks Usha’s mom to come to her daughter, she needs her. She salutes Prisha who is helping a patient so much. She says Prisha is Rudraksh’s wife, Rudraksh is live now, what will he say in this, will he support Prisha. Rudraksh says yes, this work has become a challenge for Prisha, I know she will win. Reporter says we hope so.

Ahana wakes up and answers Kanchan’s call. She asks what, Prisha is on tv, live, okay, thanks. She ends call and says she will infect all of us, Balraj should know about it. She comes to Rudraksh and asks what if Prisha gets infected. Rudra says I know, I dropped her to the hospital, she is doing the delivery with much difficulty. Balraj says I know it, she went against my wish, it happened because of Rudra, he supported her. Balraj argues with Rudra. He says we have a risk, we are staying with Prisha at home. Ahana asks Balraj not to get angry, its good publicity, its beneficial for Rudra’s concert. Balraj says I don’t care, I told her that if she goes out of the house, then she won’t come back. Ahana smiles and thinks I like it, thanks Prisha for doing this. Vasu gets a call and asks what, really, Prisha is on tv. She checks the news and prays for Prisha’s safety. Prisha delivers the baby. Usha and Naren get happy. Everyone claps.

Naresh asking why isn’t the baby crying, is the baby fine. Prisha worries. Everyone looks on. Rudraksh asks how will Prisha treat the baby. Sharda asks where are you going. Rudra says I m going to Prisha, take care of Saransh. Ahana says she is virus infected. She smiles and thinks I will tell Balraj and he will see you. Prisha thinks this happened when Saransh was born. She asks the baby to open eyes for his mum and dad. Usha cries. Naresh worries. Prisha asks the baby to see his family. The baby starts crying. Naresh and Usha smile. Reporter says Prisha had prayed for the baby and it worked. Prisha says she is a baby girl, congrats. Reporter says congrats from our side also. Nurse asks where will we take the patient. Hod says they will be treated here, no need to go, Prisha suggested us to keep a separate ward, I spoke to management, we prepared a special ward, so we had to get delivery done here.

Prisha says I know it takes time, I hope next time it doesn’t happen. He says yes, sorry. She asks him to say sorry to Usha. She says we have to fight with the pandemic together. Reporter asks HOD if Prisha will have her job or not. HOD says of course, her job will be there, we are proud of Prisha, she is a good doctor. Usha’s mum comes and says I want to see my grand daughter. Prisha says you can’t see now, we have to get baby tested for virus. The lady says I want to make her taste some honey. Prisha asks Naresh to do it. Usha says Prisha, you gave a life to my daughter, I want you to do this shagun. Naresh says yes, you have a right to do this. The lady stops Prisha. Reporter says she saved Usha and the baby’s life, why are you refusing.

The lady says they don’t know Prisha’s truth, she is an unwed mum, I won’t let her shadow fall on the baby, its good that lady called and told me everything. Ahana thinks it happened as I thought. She recalls calling the lady Mrs. Kumar and telling about Prisha. Ahana says this is so embarrassing, media is calling to ask if its true about Prisha. She switches off her phone. Balraj says this girl will get me defamed. Sharda asks how did Mrs. Kumar know this personal matter. Ahana asks do you still worry for Prisha, our family name is spoiling. Balraj says enough, I don’t want to see this news. Sharda says I want to see. Mrs. Kumar insults Prisha.

Rudra comes and shouts enough. He says Prisha got your granddaughter into this world, the baby wasn’t crying, Prisha have given her a heartbreat, she gave a life to your daughter, Prisha is characterless, yes, because she saves others’ lives, she fights with family for others, if she is characterless, then everyone should be characterless, just she has humanity in her, that’s why Usha and her daughter are alive. He scolds the lady. He asks what do you know about the past, why did she give birth to her son and raised him, Prisha has shown bravery, she knew that people like you will taunt her, she is doing a mum and dad’s duty, what did you do, she is your daughter, you knew your daughter is pregnant and infected, you left her to die, did you forget that she are Usha’s mum, you will now understand who is characterless and who isn’t, Prisha showed courage and saved Usha and her baby, she isn’t unlucky, she is a blessing for you and your family, you should fold hands to her, you want to say bad to her, don’t point a finger at her, thank her, tell her that she is a Lord in human avatar, who fights death and saves lives, hats off to you.

Everyone claps for Prisha and Rudra. Usha says Prisha, do the shagun, whatever my mum tells. Prisha does the ritual. Rudra says Prisha, you have to get your right. He asks Mrs. Kumar to say sorry to Prisha. Usha says yes, you have to say sorry, mum. Mrs. Kumar apologizes to Prisha. Prisha says its okay, these things don’t matter to me, I know who I m, its imp that I can see myself in mirror, people have work to talk, my work is to live and let others live, we will admit Usha fast. She sends Usha. Rudra and Prisha thank reporters for coming on short notice. Prisha thanks Rudra for supporting her. He says you get happy soon, I did this for Saransh, so that he doesn’t get hurt, I did this for my family, you stay with us now, I did this for Rajeev, whom you murdered, I don’t want Saransh to be called an illegitimate. He goes. Prisha cries.

Gopal says Rudra is arrogant, rude and a big rockstar, I thought he will speak against Prisha, but he has… Yuvraj comes and says Prisha got insulted, I will find out, its Rudra’s plan. Vasu says Prisha called the reporter. Yuvraj says Prisha will ask Rudra to help, she doesn’t know reporters, we should get Prisha right now. Gopal asks Vasu to explain him, if he saw the entire news, then this would have not happened. He says Rudra took a stand for Prisha, he did a husband’s duty, its good Prisha chose a person like Rudra, else people are so selfish, I know one, he did a murder and blamed his would be wife. Yuvraj coughs. Vasu gives him water.

Vasu asks did you know that woman. Gopal says yes, I can’t remember the old case, the woman proved her innocence and got free of that blame and that cheap man. He thinks I can’t tell the truth to Vasu. Yuvraj worries and thinks he insults me a lot, once I get Prisha and Saransh, I will murder him. Ahana says Rudra reached Prisha to save her, what happened to him, Prisha murdered Rajeev, Rudra is taking her side instead taking revenge, he is going against us, he is refusing to you now, look at him, he was ready to leave the house, she snatched Rajeev, we will lose everything to her. Balraj thinks.


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