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If you were not there 20 August 2023: Abhimanyu takes a step back throwing the card on the floor, Nidtiya kneels to pick it up, asking if he received a big shock exclaiming it is indeed a really good news, Meera also takes the card to read it, she reads how Nidtiya has explained she is his daughter and lives with her mother, she found it last night and doesnot know why he thought she was dead when she is alive, she really missed him so will not leave him now, she really loves him as a father. Amma jee asks what has this child written, she replies she is saying he is her father.

Abhimanyu questions what is she saying when she replies she found out about him after seeing the photo of his mother, she takes out the photo of Niyati, showing it everyone before hugging him mentioning he is her handsome papa, Abhimanyu doesnot even

move because of the anger while she has hugged him tightly, she says she knows he is really angry with her mother but now that she is alive so they both can come together after which they will live as a family, Nidtiya replies this is what Mata Rani wants because they both were together in the Mandir, Abhimanyu replies this cannot happen as she is mistaken and Dr Aanad is her father, Nidtiya replies that he is her call friend and lives in Mumbai, she just calls him to complain about her mother and he only comes on her birthday with a lot of chocolates and sweets. She is insisting that he is her father but Abhimanyu replies that his daughter died just because of her mother and she should go and ask her for the truth, Niyati calls him from behind saying that he must stop, Mr Panday and Niyati walk towards them all, Nidtiya is crying when she explains that she saw his photo with her and so if she is her mother then he would be her father, which means they are a family, he in anger replies she is not his daughter as her mother is the reason she died.
Niyati requests Abhimanyu to not take out his desire for revenge on her daughter since she is just a child, he should have remained quiet but he replies that he just told the truth that she is the reason his daughter died and they are not a family when Nidtiya hearing this falls unconscious, they both try to wake her up but she doesnot move, Mr Panday exclaims that he is going to call the doctor, Niyati rushes inside the house with Nidtiya forgetting her promise to not come until she finds the true killer. She rushes into the room with Abhimanyu when they both have placed the hands on each other, he takes it off after a while when Mr Panday assures the doctor is coming, Niyati throws water on her face so she wakes up.

The doctor questions why did they not have get the tests even when they call themselves as the parents of the girl, she exclaims they are really not caring for the daughter, Abhimanyu and Niyati exclaim that she is mistaken since they are not a couple, she apologizes as she thought that they are parents because of the concern which they are showing, Niyati asks for the tests since she is the mother, she seeks permission to take her daughter away and they both start walking downstairs when Nidtiya is just looking at Abhimanyu from time to time when Amma jee stops Niyati questioning what is happening and when did she marry again, Niyati leaves replying she doesnot want to give any more clarification about her actions.

Amma jee asks Abhimanyu when did it happen, Devi asks why is she asking him when he broke the relation six years ago, Rupa explains she feels Niyati sent her daughter on purpose so that she can break their house, Amma jee orders them to stop since if they understood Niyati she would still be in this house, Rupa sitting on the sofa says just like her brother and she understood Niyati really well, Meera tries to defend Niyati but Rupa orders her to stop talking as they did not ask her advice, the girl exclaims the drama in this house never ends and she doesnot know what would have happened if Angad was present.

Abhimanyu is walking when Mr Panday comes to him, he questions what has he done since he should have not ruined the heart of that young child because of his anger with Niyati, Kavya comes throwing the gifts which Nidtiya brought, he stops her questioning what is she doing when she reveals that Nidtiya first became friends with her and then she entered her house to ruin it all, Abhimanyu replies that Nidtiya just said it all because she was mistaken and there is nothing to be angry with her, she is her friend.
In the night Ram in anger is explaining that Nidtiya was meeting Abhimanyu and even went to his house but they did not seem to tell him about it, he explains nothing good has come from going to that house neither for Niyati and not Nidtiya, since Abhimanyu is not the right person, Sulochana asks him to keep his voice low since Nidtiya is sleeping.

Nidtiya calls Niyati who enters the room to see that her daughter is really worried, she asks about her real parents when Niyati reveals the entire incident that happened six years ago and how she found Nidtiya in the foot steps of the Mandir, but she found a clue as yesterday she heard two beggars talking about how their friend left a girl in the Mandir six years ago, which is where she found Nidtiya, but now she will find he real parents hearing this Niditya replies she doesnot want to meet her real parents and only considers Niyati as her mother, Niyati explains she must not talk like this as it is not right, she asks if Nidtiya would like to hear a bed time song and starts singing, Nidtiya acts as if she has fallen asleep so Niyati leaves. Nidtiya wakes up in the bed thinking that she only considers Niyati to be her mother and doesnot want to live with anyone else, Nidtiya is riding the bike in the night when the chain of her cycle comes off, she gets tensed wondering what to do when two beggars see her in the night, they think that now they have a chance to earn a lot of money by selling her. They both hold Nidtiya from behind trying to force her however she keeps on struggling.

Nidtiya steps off the cycle to fix the chain of her cycle, the beggars see her so they both plan to make a lot of money after selling her, one of them questions what about their parent’s when they say what do they care since until they are able to find them both of them would be lying unconscious somewhere, they both manage to tie her and walk away while she is in a bag.

Niyati enters the room calling Nidtiya but she is not there, Niyati wonders where could have she gone since she was not outside but Niyati seeing that the window is open wonders if she has once again gone to be with Abhimanyu however wonders why would she go there, she thinks she would have to call Abhimanyu, he is sitting in the room when he receives a call from Niyati so questions what does she want from him, she asks

if Nidtiya is with him but she is shocked when he replies she did not come to him, Niyati explains she could have told her the entire truth at the right time but had to tell her now and she is warning to make him pay if anything happens to her daughter.
The beggars are taking Nidtiya in the bag when she is constantly moving, they both are having a lot of difficulty.
Abhimanyu rushes when Meera stops her questioning where is eh going as she also saw him in the party where he was really tensed, she asks if it is because of what he said to Nidtiya, Abhimanyu replies Nidtiya did not reach back home till now and it is just because of what he said, had he control his anger she would have be fine, so he has to find her.

The baggers are pulling Nidtiya when one of them asks the other to see if something has happened since she is not moving at all, they both agree so sit down to open the bag, they are shocked since Nidtiya is not moving and think that she might have died, but Nidtiya suddenly wakes up and pushing them both she gets out of the bag, even removes the bandage smiling before running to bring mud which she throws at both the beggars who find it difficult to see, Nidtiya exclaims that her Grandmother says the enemies should die, they threaten to not leave her but Nidtiya challenges them to first catch her, she starts tricking them both to the extent that they say she is really a mischievous person, Nidtiya says they are really filthy questioning if they donot take a bath, they once again try a lot but even then are not able to catch her meanwhile they both hit each other. The beggars think that even if they were not able to sell her but would now kill her.

Niyati is on the call with her father when she informs that she was not able to find her and even exclaims she is going to go and look for her at the Panday Mansion.

The baggers exclaim they have gotten really tired because of Nidtya and would make her pay, she starts throwing tomatoes at them both and then runs away.

Niyati is walking when she sees Abhimanyu in the car, she asks what is he doing here when Abhimanyu mentions he is searching for Nidtiya as she is also his friend, Niyati replies this is why he treated her in such a manner at the party, he asks her to come and sit with him in the car as they both will search for her but she says she can search by herself so walks away, he once again stops the car mentioning she would not even find an auto at this time, she sits in the car with him.

The beggars are both walking mentioning how that little girl has ruined their life and even caused them to fall, they are glad that she is not with them otherwise would have made their life a living hell when she mentions that just like the women who caught them last night asking about the girl which their friend had placed on the steps of the Mandir, she plans that they can ask the person for a larger amount and leave this city once and for all when no one would be able to find that child.

Niyati and Abhimanyu both are searching for Nidtiya in the car when they even start calling her name, he suddenly stops the car and she falls over to him, he then helps her tie the belt mentioning that nothing can change of them both, Niyati recalls how she would also fall on him when they were together and he would asks why does she not tie the belt so she will always say that she likes when he comes close to her.

The beggars run into the Panday Mansion when they call Angad who comes warning them to never come to his house ever again, they taking the money mention that they are going to Delhi with the child but he insists on first meeting with the child when they excuse that she has already gone with Jhumki, he realizes that something is wrong and so mentions that he wants to see the child, he threatens to kill them with a gun when they reveal the truth that Jhumki had placed the child on the steps of the Mandir six years ago, he in anger explains that he gave the money to raise the child but they had put her on the steps of the Mandir, Nidtiya thinks she was right as he gave her to these bad women, she in excitement hits the car so the siren starts beeping. Angad is shocked to see her wondering what is the friend of Kavya doing here at this time of night, she runs away when he asks both of them to also follow.

Nidtiya reaches some stalls when she hears the footsteps following her so hides under a box, Angad walks away from her when she comes out, he tries to stop her however both Abhimanyu and Niyati reach the location, seeing which Angad is shocked. Niyati hugs Nidtiya questioning why did she run away in the middle of the night, even Abhimanyu says that he asked her to not tease her mother as it is wrong however Nidtiya keeps on smiling, she takes the hand of both Abhimanyu and Niyati and is about to reveal the truth but falls unconscious, he asks why does she keep falling unconscious and suggests how they must take her to the hospital, both of them leave.
Angad comes out of hiding thinking that this child is the daughter of Niyati from her second marriage and she has even made friends with Abhimanyu, he vows to silence her just as she wakes up in the hospital otherwise Abhimanyu would kill him when he finds out the truth not even waiting for Maa to return, he says she is just like her mother who needs to be silenced.

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