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If you were not there 19 August 2023: Angad steps out of the car, he is really drunk when Niyati sees him and he is also shocked to wonder what is Niyati doing here, he washes his face meanwhile Niyati manages to hide behind the car. Niyati thinks Angad must neve find that Nidtiya is her daughter because he might then also snatch her like he did with Guria, she goes to hide on the other side of the car meanwhile Angad gets shocked since he is even seeing bad dreams in broad daylight. Angad sees both Nidtiya and Mr Panday, he leaves Angad in immense anger.

Niyati seeing Nidtiya coming rushes to hug her, questioning what happened and why did she get unconscious and so would not have had water when Nidtiya explains that she was given water and even dost said the same thing, how can she know what happened with her when Mr Panday

explains the doctor assured she is fine but she just asked them to get some tests done to be on the safer side.
Niyati is walking with Nidtiya thinking why did she call papa as Dadu, Nidtiya wonders that she called him as Dadu in front of her mother who can now ask her, Niyati questions Nidtiya for the reason, she thinks that her mother does what she is not supposed to do and so Nidtiya replies she calls her Dadu because this is what kavya calls him, Niyati asks ho9w can she call him Dadu when he is the uncle of her father, Nidtiya asks how does she know it, Niyati replies that people tend to know such people.Nidtiya sees the Mandir where they usually go when she insists on spending some time here but Niyati replies they should not do it in the night but Nidtiya reaching the stairs of the Mandir exclaims that she really likes to come here as she feels she has two mothers, one if Jagat Mata and the second her own mother. Niyati comes to sit beside Nidtiya who once again asks the truth about her father, Niyati questions why did she run away from the house after what the neighbors said to them, she got really worried for her daughter. Nidtiya once again questions saying that she should at least tell her something when Niyati questions why is she asking about the person who is not in their life anymore, she questions if her love is not enough for Nidtiya who replies that no one can love her more then her mother but there should be someone who also loves her mother a lot and then she would get twice the love from both of her parents.

Niyati explains whatever Mata Rani wishes is the only thing that happens and it would be better if she decided that her parents should not live together anymore, Nidtiya turns to rush inside the Mandir, Niyati asks where is she going when she replies she is going to pray that both her parents are once again reunited. Nidtiya standing in front of Mata Rani prays that her parents are reunited.

Niyati standing on the stairs sees two beggars talking with each other when one of them exclaims that six years ago their friend put the child on the stairs of this same Mandir, she could have kept the child with them after which they would be really wealthy but she turned out to be not so clever and then they are still eating the money because of that child, Niyati thinks they both are talking about Nidtiya, she will surely find out the truth about her parents as she also has the right to live with them, when she decides to go and question the beggars asking them the truth regarding the child who they placed in this Mandir six years ago, the beggars refuse that they had stolen any child, Niyati however is really frustrated and threatens to call the police if they donot reveal the truth but the beggars manage to push her away, Niyati falls on the ground which gives them a chance to run away. Niyati starts following them when she suddenly comes in front of a car that is being driven by Abhimanyu.

Niyati seeing the lights of the car covers her face with her hand, Abhimanyu from inside questions why was she trying to end her life questioning if she did not see such a big car, Niyati immediately turns her face covering it with the dupatta, she reveals that two women were running away with her purse so she was trying to catch them, she prays that Nidtiya should not come outside otherwise it would create a lot of problem, Nidtiya calls Abhimanyu from the stairs of the Mandir, he is shocked to see her and questions if she even came here alone however Nidtiya assures she is with her mother, Abhimanyu is excited that he finally got the meet the mother of Nidtiya so extends his hand to greet her but she doesnot even turn for him, Nidtiya thinks they both would have gotten in a very big fight since her mother is not even looking at Abhimanyu, he closes his hand when Abhimanyu explains that his father said she came to the house but left without meeting anyone, he offers to drop them both.

Nidtiya refuses saying that he must first do something, Abhimanyu asks what is she doing when Nidtiya explains that it is wrong to leave without praying in front of Mata Rani, she takes the hands of them both walking up the stairs of the Mandir, Niyati thinks what is Nidtiya doing because she has no idea what will happen if Abhimanyu sees her, they all reach the Mandir. Nidtiya is smiling.

Abhimanyu is constantly looking at the mother of Nidtiya not knowing who she is when Nidtiya holds both of her hands to pray, she praises Mata rani for listening to her prayer because she wished that both her parents come here together which she listened so must also listen to prayer number two so that she is able to end the fight between her parents. The flower drops from MataRani seeing which Nidtiya starts rejoicing with joy, now that what she asked from her will be fulfilled, she asks them to give her the flower when they both kneel in front of her, the dupatta of Niyati lifts from her head so Abhimanyu manages to see her face, he is left shocked that she is the mother of Nidtiya.

The flower drops from Mata Rani, Nitya is really excited and she explains that whatever they question from Mata Rani is fulfilled, so they should bring the flower for her, Niyati and Abhimanyu both kneel when her dupatta blows out of her face, she immediately covers it before he can see her face, Abhimanyu agrees to drop them they both to their house, Nidtiya asks her mother to come with her as they are going to go in her friend’s car, Niyati turns around and is about to walk down the stairs when Abhimanyu stops her questioning why has she covered her face, she replies that her face got burnt while cooking so she has to cover it, she is about to fall when he helps her by holding her hand, he advises her to be careful, calling Nidtiya to him so he can drop her.

Niyati asks Abhimanyu to stop the car here when he replies he can drop them at their house, she picks Nidtiya who is sleeping but then her dupatta gets stuck in car door, she restlessly is trying to pull it out but fails, he then helps her but after that she takes it without looking at him, he is tensed about what has happened just now.

In the morning Nidtiya is in her room when she wonders how would she make her parents meet, and to make them love each other once again, she prays to Mata Rani that she helps her just like she did last night but then hears the bells ringing. Sulochana is praying, Nidtiya sits beside her and acts as if she is praying when Sulochana questions why is she so quiet when Nidtiya replies she is trying to find a way for the solution, Sulochana asks what problem is she facing when Nidtiya explains that there is one path which is not straight at all but everything that seems to be the truth is a lie while the second path is the one which might seem straight but whatever is in it is the truth, Sulochana reads a verse mentioning that this means they should always work towards the truth and using the straight path as only then would get the truth, Nidtiya is really grateful, she thinks that Grandfather is lying and is innocent but she thinks of going to tell the truth when Nidtiya hugs Sulochana thanking her saying she is the best Grandmother.

Abhimanyu is arranging the party in the house when he questions why did they use these balloons, when he told them everything would be according to the wishes of Kavya since they are celebrating her birthday for the first time, someone hugs him from behind when she exclaims it is looking really nice so questions why is the birthday not celebrated every month, he explains they will celebrate her birthday each and every month, he starts calling Nidtiya which worries Kavya when he asks what happened as if she got in a fight once again, Abhimanyu assures he would only love her the most.

Sulochana is praying when Niyati is about to leave, she asks her to have the Parshad questioning where is she going, Niyati replies that she heard two women talking in the Mandir, she feels they would have been the one who put Nidtiya there six years ago and so she is going to try and find out the truth about her parents, Sulochana asks if she is able to find them, would she let Nidtiya leave. Niyati replies even she has the right to a complete family, Sulochana is glad to have a daughter like her.

Nidtiya takes the flower from the shop and leaves without paying explaining her Grandfather is going to pay the entire money.Niyati walks out of the house, Mr Panday stops his car in front of her, he coming to her questions who did she marry after leaving Abhimanyu inquiring about the father of Nidtiya, Niyati exclaims she is not going to hide anything from him and reveals that she is indeed the mother of Nidtiya but did not give birth to her, Mr Panday replies that she considers Abhimanyu to be her father, Niyati doesnot understand anything when he informs she saw her photo with Abhimanyu in their house and might go to tell him the entire truth. Niyati rushes inside the house calling Nidtiya when Sulochana replies that she was saying about revealing some truth, Niyati rushes outside.

Rupa comes to the party asking Abhimanyu why did he not arrange for the imported flowers when Devi comes to the party correcting Rupa that she is taking the wrong names but even she is not pronouncing it correctly, Nidtiya is walking towards Abhimanyu thinking that today she is going to tell the truth and ask Abhimanyu to end all the differences with her mother so they can live together.
Niyati comes out of the house informing Mr Panday that Nidtiya is not in the house, she explains she would have gone to meet Abhimanyu so they must stop her, she calls him when he in turn asks her if he can send the driver to her house, but turns to see Nidtiya standing and ends the call.

Nidtiya comes to stand in front of Abhimanyu, Rupa exclaims she has arrived before the birthday party begins when Amma jee questions who is this beautiful girl, he informs she is the friend of Kavya and even brought so many gifts for her, Nidtiya replies they all are for him but he questions why did she bring them for him when today is not his birthday, she replies she will give him such a big good news that he will like it more then his birthday, she goes to the table when Kavya questions what is the problem of Nidtiya as she is always so close with her uncle, Meera asks her to not talk like this since Nidtiya is a nice girl but Rupa exclaims even she is feeling that the girl is really clever, Abhimanyu after eating the sweets asks for the good news.

Niyati sitting beside Mr Panday asks him to drive fast since it would create a lot of problem if Nidtiya tells Abhimanyu the truth.
Abhimanyu asks Nidtiya to tell the good news, she exclaims what if she tell him that his daughter is still alive, hearing this they all are left stunned, he is shocked to hear it and cannot believe himself, she hands him the card, it is written that she is his daughter and really misses him, she was with her mother and not dead, Nidtiya is smiling while he reads the card in a state of tension, Nidtiya calls him papa hearing which they all are left shocked. Abhimanyu drops the card from his hands.

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