Unfortunate love update Sunday 20 August 2023

Unfortunate love 20 August 2023: The Episode starts with Rishi telling Malishka that Lakshmi is his wife and he is her husband. Malishka says we were about to get married and are about to get married. She asks him to say if they will get married or not? Rishi says I don’t know what to say. Malishka says your hesitation answered me and tells that you don’t want to leave Lakshmi. She asks what is in her, she is nothing infront of me, if she is beautiful, intelligent, class. She says she has no value, don’t have parents or home, don’t know from where she came. Rishi shouts enough and tells that Lakshmi has everything, as she has me, I will never let her miss anything, she is my wife and I am her husband. He says I will listen you about me, but not against Lakshmi. He says we had relation before my marriage,but before marriage and not now. He says he has relation with Lakshmi now, she is his life partner, he has married her, made her wear mangalsutra and filled sindoor in her maang. Malishka asks until when? She asks if he will divorce her or not. Rishi says I have no idea, what will happen in future. He asks if she ever thought that lakshmi will be so good, I reached court, but divorce haven’t happen. Malishka says I totally get it, that you don’t want to leave Lakshmi. She says I hate you and goes out of the room. Rishi shouts Malishka. Kiran sees her and thinks why she is angry. Rishi thinks why Malishka is angry, and why I shall hear against Lakshmi. He thinks I will not hear, and only I can understand what Lakshmi means to me. He worries that Malishka might harm herself and comes downstairs. Dadi asks him to give her water.

Rishi gives her water and tells that he was going behind Malishka, she went in anger. dadi says I saw her going and that’s why stopped you. She says Kiran went behind her. Rishi says he will go and see, and worries that Malishka might harm herself. Dadi says I know why she is angry and tells that you are good and truthful, and tells that Lakshmi is his wife and asks him to move on with her, and let Malishka live her life. She says you shall move on with Lakshmi and says if this thing doesn’t happen then you both will do injustice with Lakshmi. Rishi says but I am worried for malishka. Dadi says Kiran will handle her, sometimes it is the way to gather the attention. She sends him to Lakshmi.

Lakshmi feels shy and blushes thinking about Rishi tying the flower in her hair. Song plays….Malishka is walking on the road and thinking about Rishi’s words. She is about to meet with an accident, when a guy saves her. She calls him Rishi. He asks her to be careful while walking on road. Malishka realizes she has lost him, and thinks he used to come behind her always.

Neelam comes to Rishi and tells that Malishka didn’t take her name to save our family respect. Rishi tells that why Malishka will take her name. as Balwinder and two more people were involved in kidnapping. Neelam says I know what Lakshmi can do. Rishi says you don’t know and asks her to trust Lakshmi once like trusting Malishka.

Kiran comes to Malishka in her car and gets down. Malishka hugs her and cries, says Rishi can never be mine. Kiran says we shall go home and talk. Malishka sits in the car and goes. Kiran thinks I will kill lakshmi if anything happens to her daughter.

Rishi comes to their room and pulls comforter from Lakshmi’s face. Lakshmi is awake and gets up. She smiles. Rishi holds her face and says it seems clouds are gone and moon has come. He says he sounded filmy, but he felt the same.

Malishka is driving the car and thinks what is that in that cheap Lakshmi that he forgot all the promises. Lakshmi is about to get up. Rishi asks where is she going? Lakshmi says where will I go leaving you. She says sometimes I feel that you are that person for me for whom I have come in this world. Rishi says a big compliment. Lakshmi asks him to say this for her. He says you are patlubaaz. She tells that many times, she was wrongly accused, but you always stood by me. Malishka regrets and thinks if she got Lakshmi kidnapped or murdered, then she wouldn’t have seen this day. Kiran calls Sonal and asks her to come, says Malishka needs you.
Rishi says this way. Lakshmi asks if you will not change. He says no, you are good and truthful. Lakshmi says don’t change. He says shall I change a little bit. Lakshmi says Rishi. He says he can’t stop now. He holds her face and takes out eye brow hair from under her eyes. He asks her to make a wish. Lakshmi prays to God for Rishi’s happiness etc. Rishi asks her to ask for herself. Lakshmi says yes. He asks her to tell her wish. She refuses and asks him to leave her Pallu. Rishi says he didn’t hold it.

Balwinder recalling Rishi beating him. Guddu tells him that his destiny is good that he got saved, else Rishi would have killed him. Balwinder says Rishi won as lakshmi is with him and tells that the plan was good, Lakshmi would have died and I would have got crores. Guddu asks him to maintain distance with her, and forget Lakshmi completely. Malishka breaks the things in her room and imagines Rishi and Lakshmi romancing on her bed. She breaks the mirror and asks Lakshmi not to touch her Rishi, and asks Rishi not to let Lakshmi touch him. She imagines Rishi asking why she has objection, as she got him married to Lakshmi. Malishka says I got you married to her, so that you gets saved for me. Rishi says I am of Lakshmi now. She imagines Lakshmi asking her if she saw her love

power, and tells that love was war for you which you have lost. Rishi says you are a loser. Malishka says yes, you made me loser, says your Malishka is dead and stabs herself. Lakshmi asks Rishi if he had the food. Rishi says no, I just saw when everyone is eating. Lakshmi says I forgot, and asks him not to pull her leg. Rishi asks can I pull your hand. Lakshmi says it is late, we shall change our clothes and shall sleep.
Kiran comes to the house and thinks they changed the house over night, thinking it will bring change in malishka’s life. She thinks Sonal is coming, she will make everything fine and will bring Rishi back to Malishka. Rishi teases Lakshmi, saying cockroach is there. Lakshmi jumps and climbs on the bed. Rishi laughs. Lakshmi says you are behind me. He says my wife, every wife wants her husband to be behind her. He says if you don’t want then I will be behind someone else to set her life. Lakshmi says ok.

Rishi comes to Malishka and sees her stomach bleeding after the knife stab. He tells her that he will not let anything happen to her. He gets a call and tells Malishka that Lakshmi fell down from the stair and I shall go. Malishka says will you leave me dying. Rishi says I am sorry, but I have to go. He leaves. It is Malishka’s imagination. She thinks today Rishi has killed her, by choosing Lakshmi over her, he will regret all life and will never get a girl like her. Kiran comes there and sees Malishka stabbing herself. She falls down.

Rishi talks to himself about whom to call, making Lakshmi hear him. He calls Aaliya and says pick the call. Lakshmi takes phone from his hand and ends the call. He asks why did you cut the call. Lakshmi says until I am in your life, I am your life and will not let you go behind anyone. Rishi comes near her and asks really. Song plays…har jagah….Rishi says if I go behind someone. Lakshmi says then I will go behind you (haath dhooke). She says it is a saying. Rishi says Naha Dhooke. He asks her to give phone. Lakshmi says if Aaliya calls. Rishi says then cut it. Rishi goes to change. Lakshmi asks God, what kind of husband she got, but she likes him. Rishi asks what did you say? Lakshmi says nothing and goes to get water.

Malishka sees Kiran on the floor. She haven’t stabbed herself. She comes to Kiran and asks if she is fine. Kiran slaps her and asks if she will kill her if she don’t get Rishi. Malishka says Rishi is her life, what she will do without him.

She says she don’t to live. Sonal calls Kiran and tells her that she shall not kill herself, but shall kill the hurdle come her way. She tells that she is coming there and asks if she wants to die then die infront of her. Kiran asks Malishka to kill her first, if she wants to kill herself. Malishka tells that even she don’t want to die, she just wants Rishi. Kiran is sure that Sonal will make everything fine.

A guy entered Oberoi Mansion. Tushar Kapoor as Inspector comes inside the house following him. Virender asks who is he? Inspector says he is Rajiv dixit and came to catch the criminal. He says he had killed Pooja and came here. He asks why you kept the door open and tells that he shall check. Neelam says you will not get anything. Rishi finds the hat and black coat. He thinks Lakshmi might want him to wear it, and wears it. Inspector arrests him for Reena and Pooja’s murder. Rishi says he is Rishi Oberoi. Neelam tells that he is our son. Inspector tells that white collar criminals are also there. Lakshmi says this coat is not his. Rishi says he worn it thinking Lakshmi kept it. Inspector asks the viewers to watch his film in theatre.

Bani watching the promo of the new show Rab se hai dua. Shalu comes there and watches the promo. They think to watch the show. Kiran thinks if Malishka agrees then she will get more good alliance than Rishi. She tells Malishka that Sonal is going to come. Malishka wakes up and sees Rishi and her pic. Kiran says your day starts with Rishi. Malishka says he is my everything. Kiran says you will get him and asks her to have patience. Malishka says sorry for yesterday. Kiran asks her to promise that she will not do it again. Malishka promises her. Sonal comes to Malishka’s house. She sees something and thinks this is the solution for Malishka’s solution. Malishka comes there and greets Sonal. Sonal asks her to tell what is her problem? Malishka says Rishi. Sonal says I thought you both got married. Malishka says Rishi married someone else. Sonal says that’s why you wanted to die and tells her that life is everything. Malishka says my real problem is not Rishi, but lakshmi. Sonal laughs asking his wife. She tells that she will solve her problem, and will send them to honeymoon and then only will go. She says I have solution for this and shows her photo with Lakshmi. Malishka asks when and where did you meet her? Sonal says this is the solution for your problem.

Manager calls Virender and tells that Mrs. Alvira and her secretary will reach by evening, but she wants to meet Lakshmi. Virender says my bahu, it is absolutely fine. Malishka asks when you met her. Kiran asks if you are her friend. Sonal says no and tells that she don’t know her, but I know her. She says she was coming when…A fb is shown. Lakshmi tries to give money to the needy person who wants to go to Gurdaspur, but the money flies away and falls near Sonal’s car. Sonal stops the car and asks how dare you? Lakshmi says sorry. She takes the money and gives to the needy woman. Sonal tells Lakshmi that the woman fooled her with her story and tells her that she will find her here tomorrow also, fooling the people. lakshmi goes to the car. Sonal asks her name. Lakshmi says Lakshmi Rishi Oberoi. Sonal asks her again. lakshmi says her name again. Sonal thinks this illiterate behenji is Rishi’s wife, who can be fooled by anyone and Rishi left Malishka for her. She asks Lakshmi if she can take selfie with her. Lakshmi nods her head. Sonal takes the selfie with her. fb ends. Sonal tells Malishka if Lakshmi is problem for you, then you are more foolish than her. Malishka says Lakshmi has manipulated everyone’s mind and is fooling all Oberoi family. Sonal says I don’t believe. Kiran says she looks simple, but is very clever and fought with the terrorist to become great. Sonal tells that Lakshmi is an easy target and she will throw her out soon. Malishka says even she thought this. Sonal says Lakshmi has won as you let her, and accepted your defeat. She says you are so much better than Lakshmi, there is no comparison. Malishka says I know that. Sonal says I do whatever I think. malishka says I have lost always from this Lakshmi bhagya. Sonal asks her to be like her, and tells that she has cheated her best friend and married her husband. She says she is now his wife. Malishka says that woman was not lakshmi. Sonal says she will move Lakshmi from Rishi’s life. Malishka says if this happens then I will give you anything. Sonal says then give your Rishi to me. Malishka looks shocked. Sonal laughs at her. Kiran smiles.

Sonal and Malishka come to Oberoi House. Sonal keeps her hand on Rishi’s eyes. Karishma asks him to guess. Rishi asks who is she? He says this is not Lakshmi or Malishka. He asks if this is Suzanne. Karishma asks who is she? Malishka says if you don’t identify then you have to agree to her sayings. Sonal removes her hand from his eyes. He sees Sonal and says hot, bold and happening girl of our college. Sonal meets Karishma. Lakshmi looks at them. Malishka asks Sonal to complete the bet. Sonal says any girl will be flat seeing you even now. Malishka asks Lakshmi to meet Sonal. Sonal asks Rishi if he will give whatever she asks for. Rishi says I don’t have any option. Sonal asks for a kiss and tells that you used to give me daily. Malishka asks Rishi. Rishi clarifies to Lakshmi that Sonal is joking. Sonal says nothing was serious. She tells that since college days, Malishka and Rishi were a couple and they can never separate. She goes on praising them as a couple. Rishi looks at Lakshmi. malishka gets happy and thinks Sonal is targetting well. Neelam asks for her tea. Mukesh says Lakshmi is making. Virender asks for his tea. Mukesh says she is making. Lakshmi brings tea. Ayush praises Lakshmi for handling the house well, and says it is too good. Karishma says house was running well when lakshmi was not here, and we were happy then. Ayush says when she was not here, we didn’t know what was missing in our family. Malishka gets upset.

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