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If you were not there 4 August 2023: Angad warns Manaroma she has two ways either he will get every property which is on the name of Abhimanyu or she will lose her son, Manaroma mentions she has found him after so many years, she cannot ask anything from Abhimanyu since she tried to take his life but even then he brought him to her, Abhimanyu is trying to do everything right so how can she wrong him, Angad replies what about the wrong which she did to him, she can stay with her stepson and think her real son has died, he turns to find Niyati standing there, she questions what will Maa do for her real son, is she going to take everything from him and give it to her own son, she knows Abhimanyu is not her real son but he thinks she is everything for him and Angad can never match the love which Abhimanyu has for her, Angad asks Niyati to shut up since a step son can never match the real son, she should go to handle her mental husband, Niyati slaps Angad exclaiming she will slap him whenever he thinks of harming her husband, she exclaims Manaroma should have been the one to slap him, Niyati informs he can only be a part of this family and not the owner, Niyati assures she will not let him blackmail Maa as she knows he is just using her, she has not only married Abhimanyu but also become a part of this family, she will never let him use Maa for his own means, Niyati leaves and Angad tries to go after her but Manaroma stops him, he says that she has only two options either to choose her real son or that step son.

Manaroma enters the house, she is thinking how will she be able to say this to him when Abhimanyu comes to hug her from behind wishing her Happy Birthday, he even asks her for the dance and they both start enjoying when Abhimanyu seeing the guests exclaims that they are not suffering from any punishment and must enjoy, everyone is really angry with her, Abhimanyu asks if she liked the gift when Manaroma replies that no one can give her a better gift, she thinks he is the best son while she was not able to be a good mother, Manaroma suddenly says she needs to leave and cannot take advantage of his good deeds, Abhimanyu questions if Angad has said anything, Angad enters the house, Abhimanyu is looking when Manaroma hesitantly explains that Angad desires that he get the ownership of every property which Abhimanyu owns, he suddenly leaves the hand of Manaroma going to stand in front of Angad, Abhimanyu says he caused Manaroma to cry for such a small thing and since they are brothers then he is also the owner but must not be worried since tomorrow he will be the new owner of this property, the entire family is shocked. Angad exclaims it is very easy to be like this in front of everyone, Abhimanyu calls Gupta jee informing Angad he is their lawyer and will prepare the papers for the transfer of his property. Kinkar requests all the guests to leave since the situation has taken another turn, he starts scolding Abhimanyu exclaiming that he was quiet but now things has gotten out of hand, Abhimanyu mentions it is nothing to be worried about since a brother can do this for his own brother, but Angad must promise after the property he will not cause any tears to flow from the eyes of Maa. Niyati thinks there are not any people in this world like him but she will not let Angad misuse his good deeds.

Karan is with his mother and Diya in the room, when Mami jee explains that one should never trust their family as till yesterday Gaju bhai used to consider karan as his elder brother and even Manaroma used to consult him for every problem but now his son Abhimanyu is going to give everything to that step son Angad, Diya exclaims even then they have respect but what about her children who would not have anything when they return from abroad, Karan turns exclaiming they need to be around Angad if they are to regain their control, Diya replies he can do it but what about her husband who would not be able to do anything, Karan turns thinking of a plan.

Niyati pulls Abhimanyu into the room, she informs she wants to talk to him about something important, Abhimanyu suddenly changes the topic exclaiming whenever she tries to subdue and love him ,she closes the door revealing she needs to talk about something important with him, Abhimanyu replies he also wanted to talk with her as she was looking really pretty in the party and he wanted to kidnap her, Niyati tries to talk when he say she loves him a lot and must prove it, Niyati says he is using her words when Abhimanyu explains they must take a step ahead. Niyati insists why is he not listening to her since she is serious, Angad is a really bad person who has tried to had him killed a lot of times and he cannot give his entire property to Angad, Abhimanyu replies it is just property and this is not above relations when Niyati exclaims it is a matter of right and wrong, now Angad is the one who is wrong. Abhimanyu explains he has promised Maa and if he backs out then she will get hurt, Niyati replies he has a way.

Amma jee exclaims Niyati said he has gotten healthy, but she is feeling he is not healthy, Abhimanyu questions why is getting angry, Amma jee questions how he can give his entire property to any outsider, Kinkar says he tried to have him killed so how he can give his entire property to him. Abhimanyu assures he is not an outsider and they all should have the dinner; he tries to give it to Gajender when he refuses then Abhimanyu goes to Amma jee who says he must not change the topic since Kinkar has spent his entire life working for Gajender and what about karan who his brother is. Niyati coming from behind exclaims that he doesnot know how to feed them, she says that she will not eat if he doesnot eat anything, Abhimanyu questions why he did not eat anything when Niyati explains she is with Amma jee as if she doesnot eat the food then how can she scold Abhimanyu, Amma je tries to talk with Niyati feeds her, she then looks to Kinkar who raises his plate and she exclaims he is the best person. Kinkar replies he is getting really scared and feels that tomorrow all of them will lose.

In the morning Abhimanyu is checking the papers when Angad is smiling, Amma jee explains she will not let him go ahead with this since he has gotten mad, she will not him go ahead with it, Gajender tries to signal Kinkar to stop Abhimanyu but he replies things have gotten out of hand, Abhimanyu signs the transfer papers when the lawyer asks the person to come forward on whose name is the property being transferred, Angad is about to sign it when Niyati stops him revealing that they need the sign of the person on whose name Abhimanyu has signed the property and not him, he is tensed so Niyati goes to stand in front of Manaroma revealing Abhimanyu has transferred eighty percent of the property to her name while giving the rest twenty percent to Kinkar uncle and Karan bhai. Manaroma is not able to sign it when Abhimanyu comes questioning why she not signed it, Kinkar questions why did he not keep anything for himself, Abhimanyu replies he has his Maa so technically is the owner of eighty percent, Manaroma looks to Angad who is shocked.

Abhimanyu questions why is she thinking, he asks her to take the pen and sign the papers, Amma jee mentions how she feels this is all the plan of Manaroma and her son, why did he have to do it but Abhimanyu replies how can he think of anything good, this was the plan of Niyati as she mde sure that the future of their family is secured, Manaroma look to Angad when he asks why is she looking there and must sign without any worry, Abhimanyu then also takes the sign of Kinkar and Karan, Niyati reveals that there is another thing as she cannot sign the property over to anyone else and this is so no one can use her feelings, Angad exclaims she has been made a fool and now lost her son, he leave so Manaroma rushes after him requesting him to not do anything like this to her since she is his mother and he should not leave her, he asks if she knows the definition of a mother, she promised to give everything to him and do whatever she desires, but first Niyati slapped him and her step son said he is going to give him the property but today instead gave it to her, Manaroma mentions that she did not know Abhimanyu would do anything like this, Angad replies she was not hesitant in signing the papers as she is just a selfish person and only cares about herself, Manaroma assures that everything that belongs to her is his and she can give him whatever he desires, he asks she should give the house to him and if wants him to be happy then should throw Abhimanyu and Niyati out of the house, Angad pulls Manaroma into the house demanding that she reveal her decision.

Abhimanyu thinks that Maa has still not come back so he is going to check her, Angad pulls Manaroma into the house saying that she must reveal her decision, Abhimanyu questions what decision has she made, Manaroma exclaims that Angad desires that he and Niyati should leave this only when he would stay with her in this house, Amma jee mentions she warned Abhimanyu to not do this since this was the plan of Manaroma and her son but he did not listen, Angad says they need to stop this family drama and if Manaroma has given her decision then why are they both still in this house. Abhimanyu starts crying, he assures Manaroma that they are going to leave but will she allow him to come back and meet her from time to time since he cannot live without her and she should not take this right from him, Niyati coming informs Manaroma that they are going to leave and live with the hope that she will be happy with her son but can she live without her Munna and this family live without Abhimanyu, she knows Angad is her real son but she doesnot want to see the goodness in Abhimanyu, her real son is taking advantage of her while the other son is ready to lose everything to fulfil her desire, he requests Niyati to not say anything to maa, Niyati explains he cannot see her in pain even now and she has not seen anyone like Abhimanyu, Manaroma is leaving that son, Abhimanyu suggests they should leave while they are going to take the rest of their belongings once they find the house, since he would be able to meet Maa.

Kinkar explains if Abhimanyu leaves the house, then he would also not stay, Abhimanyu forces him to stay since he has to take care of the family, Abhimanyu turns to leave with Niyati when Manaroma rushes to stop him, assuring he would not go anywhere from his own house. She pleads with Angad to not throw Abhimanyu from his own house, Angad sits down mentioning that he will accept it since she is his mother but he has a condition and it is that Abhimanyu would have to work under him if he wishes to stay in this house only then would he stay in this house, Manaroma rushes to Abhimanyu requesting him to accept the condition of Angad since she doesnot want to choose between her sons as she found Angad after a long time when Abhimanyu has always accepted her every decision but she cannot ask him for anything else however is requesting him.Abhimanyu hugs Manaroma assuring he will do everything which she desires, Karan gets tensed.

Niyati is talking with her father on the call who inquires if the split personality of Abhimanyu has ended, she assures he is fine and they just need to perform some tests, Abhimanyu stands behind her, she turns informing she was talking with her father, he is tensed so taking her to the bed sits down menti9oning he is trying to apologize, he reveals that it was her right but she did not ask for anything and he distributed it amongst everyone else, even when she is his wife, Niyati replies she surely wants something from him, he replies but he doesnot have anything left when Niyati mentions he needs to give something to her, she reveals she wants the reason because of which she fell in love with him and that she wants the right over him and nothing else, Niyati taking out the whistle blower requests him to make her remember their first meeting, he exclaims the most beautiful moment of his life. Niyati assures she is happy since Kinkar and karan bhai got what belonged to them while Maa got back her son and she got him. Abhimanyu explains even then he was not able to give anything to her, she says they have a really strong kismet connection, and she will receive it from him, she requests him to never leave her, when he agrees she replies then what is the worry.

Abhimanyu starts blowing the whistle blower, Niyati recalls their first meeting when he revealed that they do not meet but it is because of Niyati, she is not able to take her eyes off him.Manaroma requests him to call her Maa once again since he got what he desired, Angad questions why she not accepts it that she loves him when Manaroma questions what is wrong with a mother loving her both sons, Angad explains that she should accept it is her guilt, Manaroma mentions she has a guilt since she wronged Abhimanyu, but he still forgave her. Manaroma requests him to forget the past and move on since she has set his room, he leaves saying what will he do about the room when the property belongs to her.

Angad is walking when Niyati walking down the stairs mentions that he must end this anger since it will not do him any good since everything is fine in this house except him, he should mend his ways since she will not let him harm this family, she warns him to not think he can harm the relation between maa and Abhimanyu, since he saw what happened today and it will happen in the future, love doesnot see any blood relation but this time would see the relation between a step mom and her step son, she leaves while he is angry.

Angad exclaims he will not have ownership of this property till Manaroma jee is alive, Abhimanyu standing at the door questions if he is making a plan to murder Maa, Angad turns to see him standing at the door.

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