Aparajita zeeworld update Friday 4 August 2023

Aparajita 4 August 2023: Aparajita watches Veer on the video and tells Disha that if our plan works then Veer and Mohini will accept their crimes. We will expose Veer and he will confess himself. She asks them to leave.Veer is getting ready and says I don’t know what Aparajita is planning. Disha and Asha come nearby. Disha says they won’t get married because Mohini is gone on Aparajita’s side because she threatened to expose her in front of Akshay so Mohini got scared and went on Aparajita’s side. Veer hears that and says this Mohini is a coward, she will take Aparajita’s side to save herself.

Disha asks Niya to give sherwani to Veer, I don’t want to talk to him. Niya says can’t you leave your grudge against him because he loves Chhavi? Disha says I don’t believe in love after what happened with mama, she leaves from there. Niya brings sherwani for Veer. He says I already have one, he says I don’t know but Maa sent it, he takes it and goes to change. Disha hides and tells Aparajita that her work is done. Aparajita calls Veer from an unknown number and plays a sound. Veer looks at the sherwani and finds a mic in it. He says this Mohini is spying on me for Aparajita? she sent this sherwani so she could trap me and get saved. I will tell everything to Akshay so she can’t break my marriage.

Mohini gets a video of Veer in which he says that if Mohini tries to go against him then he will break her marriage with Akshay. She is shocked. Akshay comes there and asks if she is okay? she says yes, I will go and check on Veer. She goes from there.

Mohini comes to Veer and they both fight. Veer grabs her and shouts how dare you join hands with Aparajita? Mohini shouts how dare you hit me? I am helping you. Veer says shut up, when you got to know that Aparajita would expose you so you joined hands with her against me. Mohini asks him to shut up, I was a fool to help you against Aparajita. I wanted to destroy her daughter’s life by marrying her to you but I was a fool to help you.. I did so much to make this wedding happene, I even brought Chhavi in this house so this marriage can happen and I didn’t even spare my Akshay to destroy that Aparajita and you.. you are alleging me? Aparajita watches them on her phone and says I hope Veer confesses too. Niya comes there so Aparajita hides the phone. She says Akshay is looking for you all. Aparajita says I am talking to a client, I will come in a bit. Niya says its your daughter’s sangeet so come. Aparajita says I have important work, I will come in a bit. Niya takes her phone and says you can get it after sangeet only, she goes from there. Disha and Asha run behind her.

Veer tells Mohini that you think I can’t do anything without your help. I can take revenge of Aparajita anyway I want.. I can expose you to Akshay easily. He will go back to Aparajita easily. Mohini strangles him and says how dare you try to break my marriage. I can expose you and your father and how you got rid of Ritika and her sister. I can get you and your father jailed for doing that to Ritika and her sister. Don’t you dare threaten me. Veer coughs.

Scene 2
The sangeet ceremony starts, Aparajita comes there and tries to take the phone from Niya but she asks them to dance with her. Mohini comes there too. Aparajita keeps trying to take her phone from her. Disha tries to take it too. Akshay notices that. Aparajita takes her phone and goes aside. She watches Mohini and Veer’s altercation and smirks. Akshay is approaching her and asks what’s going on? she says I want to show you something that will show you the reality. He says don’t start again. Aparajita asks Disha to turn on the TV, I want to show something to tell him what Veer has done and who had been helping him. Sunil says you still doubt Veer? what is going on here? Aparajita says lets just watch it. Akshay says if you are wrong againg then I won’t spare you. Aparajita gets a video call from Veer, he says I know you want to expose me but see who is with me.. your precious Chhavi. He shows Chhavi lying unconscious in the bed with him. He says if you show my video to anyone then I will make another video of Chhavi. The flashback shows how Veer and Mohini found a camera in the room. Mohini says this was Aparajita’s plan, she recorded everything, she will expose us. He says you have to make Chhavi drink a spiked juice and I will take her with me.. the flashback shows how Mohini made Chhavi drink juice and she fainted so Veer took her away. The flashback ends. Veer tells Aparajita that if you don’t accept that you did all this to malign me for no reason then I will make your daughter’s video and make her viral. Aparajita is stunned. Akshay asks Aparajita to show them what she is up to now? Aparajita takes out the hidden camera. Mohini says what is going on? Aparajita asks Disha to turn off all the hidden cameras now. Disha takes out all the cameras while Aparajita cries. Akshay asks what is going on? what is all this? he shouts at her to answer him.

Akshay tells Aparajita that how dare you put spy cameras in my house? he shouts at her what she wants to prove? she says I am sorry, I did a mistake. I wanted to expose Veer by gathering proof against him but he never did anything wrong. Akshay says I am ashamed to take your side.. you were spying in your own daughter’s marriage? you want to destroy her happiness for your stubbornness. Chhavi gets hurt because of you, I will tell her everything. Veer comes there and says please don’t tell anything to Chhavi as she will be hurt, lets forget all this.

Akshay says you were spying on this guy and he is still thinking about Chhavi? I will forgive you today because of him but I am sorry, you can’t stay here and you can’t be a part of the marriage now. He drags her out of the house. Aparajita is hurt as he throws her out of the house. Akshay says if you want Chhavi’s happiness then don’t show your face till Chhavi gets married. He closes the door on her face. Mohini smirks. Disha runs and tries to open the door but Akshay stops her. She shouts that you don’t understand.. I am 100% sure Veer did something for Maa to not expose him.. she is helpless to stop in the middle of exposing him. Akshay says its not good for her to stay here. Disha grabs Veer and says I know you are behind all this. Veer says I know you love your mother but please don’t drag this matter. Sunil says this is enough, we keep getting insulted here and this girl has no shame. Akshay says enough.. only I can talk to her in loud voice as she is my daughter. He asks Disha to control her anger. Disha says this is the only thing I got from you and I hate it.. I want to be like Maa only. I don’t want anything from you.. nothing at all. She takes Asha and leaves from there.

Disha comes to Aparajita and says why did you do that? why didn’t you expose Veer? I know Mohini is behind all this. Aparajita says I don’t want to talk about it.

Scene 2
In the morning, Disha knocks on Aparajita’s room and says she never sleeps in late. Asha and her knock on the door.. they get worried and try to break the door. Disha unlocks and doesn’t find Aparajita in the room.

Akshay wakes up on the couch. Dadi comes there and says you threw Aparajita out of the house but you are still thinking about her right? Akshay says I don’t know why she is behind Veer so much, she couldn’t prove anything. Dadi says she might not have proven it but she is a mother so she can’t be wrong.
Disha is panicking and says I can’t find Maa anywhere, she calls her but she is not picking up. Disha and Asha pray for her.

Chhavi comes to Akshay and hugs him. She says I slept last night and now Mohini told me everything. Why did Maa do that with me? Dadi tells Mohini why did you tell her? Mohini says we can’t hide things from her. Chhavi says I thought Maa isn’t against Veer anymore and she would be a part of the wedding now but she still is doubting him. Disha and Asha come there, Disha asks if Aparajita came here? Dadi says no. Disha says she has been missing since morning. Akshay says what? Asha says she was very upset last night. We couldn’t find her in the room. Chhavi says she might be in the mandir. Disha says she didn’t take pooja plate, she locked herself in the room. Akshay says then how could have she left the house. Veer comes there so Chhavi hugs him and says Maa is missing. He says don’t worry, I will ask papa to look for her. Chhavi, Disha and Asha cry for her. Akshay recalls Chhavi saying that she wants her parents to do wedding rituals together. He says I am worried that I might have over-reacted last night, I got angry at Aparajita.. she will come back. Nothing will happen to her. He hugs his daughters and consoles them.

Mohini comes to Veer and says good job.. you kidnapped Aparajita and no one has any clue about it. Veer says they will start searching for her and won’t focus on the wedding.. I thought you kidnapped her. She says why would I take that risk. He says if we both didn’t do it then where did she go?

Akshay tells his daughters that I am also worried about her, she will come back. Chhavi says I won’t do any ritual or get married till Maa comes back. Veer and Mohini hear that. Disha feels relieved. The flashback shows how the priest came to meet Disha and told her that Aparajita came to the pooja today. He gives them her message which says that she had to leave without telling them but she will come back soon and bring something that will shock Veer. The flashback ends. Akshay promises Chhavi that he won’t let this wedding happen till they find Aparajita. Disha and Asha are happy to hear that. Veer tells Mohini that she keeps pulling something to stop the wedding.

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