Rajjo Starlife update Friday 4 August 2023

Rajjo 4 August 2023: The Episode starts with Arjun saying I will leave this house, we will stay somewhere else. Rajjo asks what are you saying, you will leave your family, I know the pain of leaving the house and dear ones. He says I will do something to earn a living for us, don’t worry. She says even I can earn, I m a labourer’s daughter. He says I know, but you can’t make your career here, I don’t care about Niharika, come with me, don’t you trust me, we will come back here after some days. Rajjo asks what about your parents, Chirag, Swara, Mukund already… Arjun asks what happened between Swara and Mukund. She says nothing, we will talk about them later, you love your family, you can’t leave them, think we will elope from there and make our family, when you lose the family, can you live.

He says yes, I won’t blame you. She says with time, you will realize the mistake.He says we will take care of each other, we will take Mannu along. She says think about your mum, what will they think that you chose my family over yours. He says I know you are saying truth, but… She says no need of any but, there is just one way, we have to fight, we have true love, we can’t run away like thieves, we have to face the challenges, we have to fight. He holds her hand and says we will fight and win also, I m so sorry, I got selfish for sometime.

She says come, we will go inside. He says I m really lucky to get you. They smile. Kalindi calls out Arjun. She says I have to go and tell everyone. Chirag hears someone crying. He sees Swara and asks what happened, come, calm down, tell me everything, why are you scared, why are you crying. Kalindi thinks she can expose me. Swara sees Kalindi. Kalindi says Arjun is nowhere. Madhu asks where can Arjun go, no. Chirag says I think he left the house. She slaps Chirag and says don’t dare to say this. Arjun comes. Madhu asks did you go to meet Rajjo, I won’t let her come here.

He says I have come back here because of Rajjo, I wish I could explain you. Kalindi says you should have not slapped Chirag, he isn’t at fault. Madhu says yes, I made a mistake, when I heard Arjun isn’t at home, I thought Chirag has helped him, Arjun is behaving strange, he agreed to our decision, he is ready to marry Niharika, something is going on, that we can’t see, he is again chanting Rajjo’s name. Kalindi says yes. Madhu says you take Arjun to the mandap, I don’t trust Chirag in this. Kalindi says I know, he supports Rajjo. Madhu says maybe he is still supporting her, go to Arjun, Arjun and Niharika’s marriage should happen. Kalindi says don’t worry, I will go to Arjun, you see if Niharika is ready. Rajjo hugs Chirag and cries. He asks why are you crying. Rajjo says sorry, I should have told you everything. He says I m ashamed that I didn’t understand your problem and questioned your mental state, no brother does this, every brother supports his sister, I couldn’t prove to be a good brother for you. She says you always supported me. Chirag beats Arjun and says he is a bad husband, he doesn’t trust his wife. Arjun asks what did I do. Rajjo says you always make mistakes. Chirag and Rajjo pull his ears and remind his mistakes.

Arjun says enough, you all have troubled me, Rajjo is my wife and Chirag is my elder brother, I also think Arjun is a bad man. They laugh. Chirag says talk soon and come downstairs, guests are coming, what’s the plan. Rajjo says we got Niharika’s BF Amit home, Amit is her baby’s father, before Swara could get Amit downstairs, Niharika switched off the power and disappeared Amit, Swara was shocked to see Amit’s blood there. Chirag recalls Swara.

Arjun says fake blood, I went there, I didn’t get any proof, there was a bad smell, it was paint, Niharika used paint to show blood. Rajjo says it means Amit is safe, he is in the house. Arjun says we have to find Amit, delay the pheras, Amit has to come. Chirag smiles and says I will charge you for this, I always do this for you. Rajjo says sorry. Chirag says I m joking, I will give life for you, don’t worry, I m there. Rajjo and Arjun leave. Madhu asks Niharika to come fast. She applies black dot to her. Niharika asks why are you scared. Madhu says I m scared of Rajjo, she isn’t here but she is in Arjun’s heart, he may leave for her again. Niharika says if Arjun changes his word, you know where he will go. Madhu says no, don’t say such bad things. Arjun will marry you. Niharika warns her. Madhu says I have accepted you as my bahu, I m your baby’s Dadi, the baby is my heir, the baby and you have a right on Arjun. Niharika says if you were sure, then you would have not been tensed, I m feeling angry on you, its harmful for your son. Madhu says don’t get angry, I will handle everything, come for rasams. Niharika says I have an imp work, you take Arjun to mandap, send Swara to me. Madhu says tell me the work, I will do. Niharika says you are my would be Saas, I can’t ask you to do work, send Swara. Madhu praises her. She says get ready soon, I will send Swara. Arjun collides with Rajjo. She says Amit is nowhere in the house. He worries.

Kalindi coming to call Arjun. Chirag says I will get Arjun, he is getting Arjun, you go to Niharika. She says something is wrong. She looks inside the window. Chirag sees her and asks her to give them some privacy. She goes. He sees the mannequin in front. Swara is asked to call Niharika and Arju. Rajjo says we will go and check the godown. Swara comes. Rajjo says Amit is alive. Swara asks really, Madhu asked me to get Niharika. Rajjo says we will find Amit, just keep your phone with you. Arjun says just Rajjo will be my bride. Swara wishes them to win. They go. Swara goes to call Niharika.

Niharika asks how dare you double cross me, you knew that Amit was here, I know you know Amit and my truth, you have no courage to do this alone, are you doing this with Rajjo, she had tried

to send my dad to jail. Swara says no. Niharika threatens her. Swara says I have done this, I m scared that you know my secret, when your truth comes out, you will lose. Niharika says just Rajjo can threaten me, she is here, right. Swara says I won’t tell anything, you can kill me if you want. Niharika scolds her.
Arjun says what shall we do now, I can’t take the risk. Madhu says its mahurat time. Rajjo says its time to show Rajjogiri. She shows Amit’s phone. He asks how did you get it. Rajjo says I had stolen this, we trust Amit, but not Niharika, so that Niharika doesn’t talk to him and fool him. He says you got smart, being with me. She says I got slow, I would have thought of this before. She messages Niharika. Niharika scolds Swara. Swara scolds her back. Niharika gets a message from Amit.

She gets scared and drops the phone. Pushkar comes and asks what happened, is everything fine. Swara says maybe she is scared, talk to her. She goes. He asks what’s going, tell me, don’t worry for Arjun, he has no way than to talk to you. She says I m scared of Amit. He asks who, that athlete in our academy, how do you know him. She says he is my baby’s father, he isn’t rich, he is from a poor family, I didn’t tell you because I knew you won’t agree, when I got to know I m pregnant, I have no future with Amit, I trapped Arjun to secure my future. He asks how could you do this. She scolds him for cheating her mum, for his affair with Mannu. She says I used this pregnancy and got you out of the jail. He says I was happy knowing this is Arjun’s baby, anyways, I m thankful to you, why are you scared when nobody knows about Amit. She says someone got him here, I had hit a rod on Swara and Rajjo, I showed them fake blood to scare them. He asks did you kill him. She says no, he is alive, he has sent me this message. He asks where did you hide him. Madhu asks Chirag to open the door. He says just 5mins. She sees the mannequin. She asks where is Arjun. He says don’t worry, he will come till pheras. She says I knew it, what is going on, why is he doing this. He says for his love for Rajjo, he is ruining his life, give him 5 mins. She asks if I tell him that he can marry his love, then will he stay happy. He asks do you realize this now. She says no, I can’t be wrong, Niharika is the right girl for him, get him to mandap in 5mins. She goes.

He says don’t know what mum wants. He messages Arjun. Kalindi gets Niharika. Rajjo says she is going to marry. Arjun says Pushkar is doing her work. They follow Pushkar. Pushkar goes to Amit and scolds him. He insults Amit. He says Niharika has used the baby and got me out of jail, she has trapped Arjun, she is smart, she made a mistake, she didn’t hit you hard, I will fix her mistake. She points gun at him. Amit says let me go, I will never show my face. Pushkar says you fooled me, you got close to my daughter, this is the price for fooling me. Amit tries to get saved. Pushkar says your journey was till here. He shoots Amit. Amit dies.

Pushkar comes to Niharika and says work is done. She thanks him. He says I can do anything for your happiness. Chirag gets Arjun. Kalindi thinks why is Chirag so happy. Chirag says sorry, lets start the pheras. Kalindi says stop, he isn’t Arjun. Chirag says he is Arjun. She removes the sehra. They all see Amit. Niharika and Pushkar are shocked. Madhu asks where is Arjun. Arjun comes with Rajjo. He says I m here. Rajjo lifts the veil and shows her face.

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