If you were not there update Saturday 5 August 2023

If you were not there 5 August 2023: Angad hits a knife on the table thinking how Niyati exclaimed that the property would be in her ownership, Angad thinks this entire property would not be his until Manaroma jee is alive, Abhimanyu entering the room exclaims he is planning to kill Maa, Abhimanyu takes the knife mentioning that he always knew Angad is using her love but he never thought Angad would stoop so low and there is a clause in the papers which states that if Manaroma dies because of any un natural cause then the entire property would go to trust, so Angad should calm himself down. Abhimanyu warns that if Maa suffers even a scratch because of him and he tries to cause any accident and she suffers because of him, Abhimanyu exclaims he would then ruin him, Angad thinks how will he ruin him when he himself has come to this house as a means of destruction for Abhimanyu Panday.

Niyati opens the door of the room in the night, she is amazed to see how well it is decorated, Niyati starts walking with a smile on her face, she is mesmerized with the level of setting, Abhimanyu calls her from behind, the lights turn on and he is standing in front of the door. Abhimanyu starts walking slowly towards her, he holds her hand, then pulls her close to him, they both are really close and he kisses her on the forehead, Abhimanyu mentions he cannot believe that she is his wife, he doesnot know how to express his feelings but even then she understands everything even when he doesnot say it, because he has a kismet connection with her which will be for life times, for him she is the meaning of love and he wants to spend his life loving her, desiring to come so close to her that there is no way for him to go away. Niyati and Abhimanyu both get romantic with each other and close their eyes. Niyati turns back but he still pulls her close to him. Abhimanyu walks towards Niyati who starts taking her steps back, she is constantly looking her in the eyes while she is also not blinking, he once again gets close to her. They both finally lie down on the bed and end all of their differences.

In the morning Amma jee is performing the pooja while Mami jee and Devi are standing, Manaroma while standing away performs the pooja, she requests for the Parshad when Amma jee replies that it has been two months and she still comes to stand in front of her but why does she not understand that after knowing about her truth no one from the family wants to see her face, she got the property but lost all the relations from the family, she leaves.

Angad comes informing he needs thirty lacs, would she give herself or he would have to beg her for them, she must tell the preference as then he will even perform the arti in the Mandir, Manaroma questions why is he talking like this as everything which she owns belongs to him, she will give he money today when Angad replies that even then he has to request her each and every time.

Gajender Panday is trying to stand up in the bedroom with the stick, he is about to fall when Manaroma helps him, he however pushes her away when she offers him Parshad but he tries to leave, Manaroma explains that she knows she is not worthy to seek forgiveness but he can at least try to forgive her, Gajender Panday replies that he will not make the same mistake twice and this face of Manaroma is only hidden from them all till the time Abhimanyu finds out the truth about her because then she will not be able to live in the entire UP, Manaroma is not able to lift her head, Gajender leaves when Amma jee calls him to the breakfast.

Mami je is with Devi when Amma jee exclaims that she had made the favourite Paratha of Gajender, Niyati is walking down the stiars but she suddenly starts feeling dizzy, Amma jee gets tensed seeing her so asks them both to take care of her, Mami jee and Devi both help her sit down on the chair, Niyati informs she has been feeling dizzy since the morning and even vomited in the morning, she feels it is because of indigestion and Kinkar agrees to bring the medicine but Amma jee stops them saying they should instead arrange for a band. Kinkar questions what is she saying when Amma jee informs she is telling the truth since Niyati is about to be a mother. Everyone is really happy, Manaroma also comes to hug her revealing that her Munna is going to be a father, Gajender asks Kinkar to take him for shopping as he is going to buy a lot of toys for his grandson, Kinkar also explains that he would also become an international cricketer, Devi questions what are they talking about as it can also be a girl, Mr Panday replies he has no concern if it is a boy or girl since he is only interested in being a Grandfather. Niyati is smiling.

The entire Panday family is waiting when Kinkar is also trying to call Abhimanyu however he is not answering which worries Kinkar, Manaroma informs that Angad has sent him for some work. Mr Panday says that her son has made the owner of this house like a servant and Abhimanyu is doing all the work just to fulfil the promise, the doctor comes revealing that Niyati is pregnant, hearing this everyone is excited. Amma jee asks Gaju to go and call Sulochana and Ram revealing they are also about to be Grand Parents. She even asks Devi and Rupa to hurry and prepare the pudding.

Manaroma enters the room praising Niyati, Gajender enters the room questioning where she is taking his daughter in law, Niyati replies maa would be taking her for some good reason, Gajender replies she should not expect anything good from this women, since both Abhimanyu and herself have really big hearts but he cannot trust her ever again, Niyati explains Maa only did all of those things since she is a mother and today she realized she is about to be a mother so is really possessive, she did wronged Abhimanyu but feels angry over her actions and so every injury is filled with apology, Niyati leaves with Manaroma. Angad while working out thinks he is going to keep on asking for the three million one by one and ruin the entire Panday family.

Manaroma performs the rituals with Niyati and even gives her the Shugun, she explains she is going to give this child the love which she did not give to Abhimanyu and never make any mistake, Amma je pushes Manaroma away exclaiming there is no need for her to worry about the child of Abhimanyu since his entire family is there to protect him, Amma jee advises her to take care of her own son since he is looking like at them with such a bad face at the time of happiness, Angad thinks now he is going to show the child of Panday family how it feels to live like an orphan.

Angad while exercising is thinking about what Amma jee said that he is looking like he might harm the child, Manaroma enters the room when he asks why did she come to his room when she promised Niyati that she is going to take care of them both the rest of their lives, she is always saying she is going to do whatever he desires, Manaroma at once exclaims she will do what he desires since she in the happiness of becoming a Grandmother promised Niyati, Angad questions does she not get tired of ignoring him, Manaroma assures she cannot ignore him and the child has not been born till now, he must let her fulfil the promise which she made to Niyati, Angad explains he needs thirty lacs more, she assure she is going to transfer it when Angad explains he needs sixty lacs in total, when Manaroma questions

he talked about thirty lacs, Angad explains if she was his real mother then would not question him like this and will just transfer the money, Manaroma assures she is going to transfer the entire amount, Manaroma assures she is going to transfer it, she asks him to listen to hr words explaining that once the child is born the everything in this house would be just like it was before and nothing wrong will happen, he will even love the child when he becomes an uncle, Angad exclaims it is enough so she leaves, he thinks it is really easy to manipulate her, she should see what he makes her do in the future.
Niyati is really excited in the room and not able to control herself, she starts calling him but he doesnot answer and so she thinks he would then say that he was driving and not able to answer the call, he would always remain a joker, Abhimanyu reaches the house and brings the boxes, he informs Angad that he brought every thing and does he want to check it now when Angad explains he will check it in his room, he advises Abhimanyu to make sure that nothing breaks, Angad explains that Abhimanyu is going to receive a good news after entering the house but he is not able to understand, Angad at last informs he is about to be a father, Abhimanyu in excitement drops the boxes, he hugs Angad explaining he has given him the best news of his life, Niyati sees Abhimanyu from the window, she doesnot like it since she was waiting to give him the good news.

Abhimanyu entering the house calls Manaroma exclaiming he is about to be a father, Manaroma replies he just needs to wait for seven months after which a new member would be a part of their family, she would give her undivided attention and love to that child however Abhimanyu replies that it can never happens since she is first his mother then the grandmother. Abhimanyu leaves to meet Niyati, Manaroma sees the anger on Angad’s face, she assures him it is not like what he is thinking since she only said it because of the happiness for her Grandchild, Angad walks away thinking this is not right since he will be able to make Manaroma do his work till the child is not born since she is once again inclining towards Abhimanyu which is not good for him, he would have to do something before the child is born.

Abhimanyu rushes to the room, he starts dancing with Niyati thanking her for giving him the biggest happiness of his life, Niyati explains that she would have given him the good news if he answered her calls, he got to know about it from Angad, Abhimanyu explains that when she came into his life, he got so happy so he doesnot know how happy he would be when another young Niyati enters their family, he is not able to contain his happiness.

Some time later Niyati is walking down the stairs when Abhimanyu explains that she must walk slowly, Kinkar places a chair for her, Amma jee takes the plate from Manaroma, Niyati is smiling when she sees Angad and so immediately covers herself, she gets nervous.The functions starts and Niyati calls Sulochana who asks Ram to see how beautiful is there daughter, Ram asks her to not talk like this about his daughter, Sulochana explains the first child should be born in their house so she should come now but Amma jee explains they are not going to send their daughter in law anywhere and if they desire then should come themselves, Manaroma also explains that they are taking great care of their daughter, Niyati ends the call after which the rituals starts and they start performing the arti, Devi and Mami jee start dancing and even Kinkar joins them, Manaroma turns to leave when Niyati stops her saying that she is her mother in law and should also perform this ritual. Manaroma is delighted, Niyati gets tensed seeing Angad standin in the corner.

After a while Abhimnyu is decorating the room, Niyati is tensed and sits on the sofa, Abhimanyu notices something is wrong so asks her what is the problem when she explains that she is really tensed, Abhimanyu questions what is the need to be worried about since everyone is a part of their family, Niyati explains not everyone since she doesnot like the way Angad looks at her, Abhimanyu explains she must not think about him since he is always angry, Niyati scream because of pain, he asks what happened when she informs even the baby wants to give the opinion, he listens to it and starts smiling. Abhimanyu requests him to come out very soon since his father really loves him and would do everything for him, Niyati explains he is going to be the reason they both live and will try to give him the best life, and when he will come back after playing, she will not scold him. Abhimanyu promises to always by his side, Niyati adds they are going to fight everyone for him but would also make sure he lives the best life, both of them rejoice.

Abhimanyu asks the doctor if everything is fine, she advises him to be prepared since the labour pain might start anytime, he leaves with her when Angad thinks they should celebrate all the happiness which they feel like.

Niyati walks out of the room, Angad sees her and pouring water thinks water is really useful, he walks with the jug, kneeling that water ends any fire or thirst but today will ignite the fire between Abhimanyu and Niyati since the joy of happiness for the child will soon turn into the pain of losing him, this entire house will be filled with her cries of losing her child only when will he feel good, he goes back to sit on his seat wishing her good luck.

Niyati walking down the stairs calls Abhimanyu revealing that even her medicines have ended, Niyati steps on the water and she slips because of it falling on her stomach, she calls Abhimanyu, Mami jee rushes to help her and even Abhimanyu comes, asking what happened when Niyati looks at Angad who is smiling, Abhimanyu sees she got unconscious, Karan explains he is going to the car and they need to take her to the hospital, the entire family rushes with them while Karan sits with joy on his face.

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