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If you were not there 3 August 2023: Abhimanyu is with Manaroma who sits down, explaining she has tried a lot to kill him so why is he not understanding, she starts weeping, he is kneeling in front of her exclaims he knows she did not try to kill him but was forced to by her second child, but he is really angry as why did she not tell him the truth, he would have drank the poison himself, she asks him to stop. He exclaims what did she think, he would forget the love which she had for him just because of a single bottle of poison, he knows all the love which she showered on him since their childhood, Manaroma says she is his step mother but Abhimanyu informs it is said that Bhagwan is not present everywhere which is why he created Mothers so that is why mothers are given the status of Bhagwan just like she is for him, Manaroma mentions she is not like that because she did not gave birth to him, Abhimanyu mentions he got to know the name of his birth mother yesterday, but only knows she is his mother. She did everything because she was under pressure, he will not let the love of twenty six years go in vain because of a single incident, her tears are proof that she doesnot have any hatred against him, how can he stop loving her since she taught him the meaning of a mother, she was his friend and guru, he cannot forget her, she is his world and no one can snatch his world from him, he exclaims she cannot leave him like this, Manaroma mentions she is not worthy of his love and so he must let her leave, Abhimanyu exclaims he has every right to love her, children can be wrong but a mother would always remain true and honest, she can never be wrong. Manaroma apologizes to him, Niyati also stands behind them both crying, Manaroma stands beside him, holding her hands apologizes to Niyati informing she wronged her a lot, Niyati exclaims that parent feel good while giving blessing, she informs she is proud to be his wife.

Abhimanyu takes the hand of Manaroma, insisting to take her back when Niyati exclaims she is going to stand by his decision being his wife, but does he think that the family would accept her, Abhimanyu says thy would have to otherwise would lose him, Manaroma asks him to not do it, he however asks her to come with him.

Abhimanyu along with Manaroma and Niyati enter the house, Amma je and the rest of the Panday family are shocked to see her, Mami exclaims some people do not have any shame, Kinkar questions if she wants to kill someone else because of which she has returned, Manaroma tries to turn away, however Abhimanyu takes her hand walking into the house, Amma jee informs she is not his mother and even tried to kill him, she is the reason his father is paralyzed, Abhimanyu asks if he had made the mistake then would they have thrown him out of the house, but they would have forgiven him so why are they not forgiving Manaroma, Abhimanyu mentions that he is also going to leave the house if they do not allow his mother to stay in the house, Mami jee mentions it is wrong to trust this women once more as she is not worthy of any sympathy, Mami jee also warns Niyati that she cannot be trusted, Niyati explains after what happened yesterday, Abhimanyu split personality has started to recover, he gets really excited while Manaroma is also smiling. Abhimanyu takes Manaroma to her room, Amma jee warns him to not expect them to not believe what they have seen with their own eyes.

Abhimanyu sits with Manaroma in the room, he starts applying the medicine when asks Niyati to bring some food for her since she would not have eaten anything, he even offers her some cookies. Manaroma questions why he is so nice since she is not worthy of his love and only hatred, he asks how he can do it since he doesnot know how to hate since his mother has only taught her how to love. Manaroma mentions she feels only Angath started hating, she met him one and half years ago and realized how much he hated him, she followed each and everything which he said and caused so much pain to Abhimanyu, she in order to be close to her son started doing each and everything which he said, Manaroma insists on leaving since she stayed because of him when Abhimanyu informs if she left then he would die. Manaroma mentions she doesnot want him to die, he informs Niyati that tomorrow is the birthday of his mother, and they are going to celebrate it with full zest, he promises to bring his brother back with him, Manaroma stops him informing he only has hatred filled in him so he is not going to go, Abhimanyu however insists Manaroma tell him the location of his brother.
In the morning Niyati is sitting in her room, she is really tensed when Abhimanyu hands hr a box asking her to open it, she is excited to see the bangles, asking if he remembered it when Abhimanyu informs how he knows everything, she used to insist with Sulochana who would go to and argue with seller. Niyati shows him the bangles, asking how are they looking when he mentions they are really beautiful like everything which he likes, she gets angry saying that he is calling her a thing but he assures that he loves her and if she wants to fight then can play the music with these bangles, she assures there is no need to fight from now on, he kisses her on the cheek, requesting her to look after Maa since everyone in the family is angry with her, Niyati asks him to not be worried about her, he stands to leave when Niyati stops him requesting that he not go since they donot know anything about Angath except that he is the son of Maa, Abhimanyu assures he is going to make sure nothing wrong happens, he leaves Niyati when she thinks she doesnot know why she is worried when he is leaving, she prays that Abhimanyu return safety with Angath.

Mami jee mentions she doesnot know why Abhimanyu is planning the party of the same women who tried to kill him, karan enters through the front gate mentioning why did not do anything even after all that happened, since Gajender Panday was paralyzed but why did she not do anything, Amma jee exclaims that Abhimanyu is not listening to anyone.

Niyati walks into the room, Manaroma standing mentions she cannot do it anymore, she questions why did Niyati forgive her when Abhimanyu is her son, she mentions she did it for herself as she wants the love of a mother in law but now Manaroma has a chance to prove that being a step mother is not wrong and she can take care of him, he loves her a lot and is the reason he went to bring back Angath.

Abhimanyu stops the car meanwhile Angath walks up to the truck when everyone is cheering for him.Abhimanyu stops his car hearing the crowd yelling the name of Angath, when the workers exclaim they had warned him to not fight with Angad, Abhimanyu exclaims that his brother is really popular and he also needs to see the extent of his popularity.

Abhimanyu reaches the front of the crowd so he can meet his brother but he is stopped, the person asks him about his identity when Abhimanyu reveals he is the brother of Angad, the person replies Angad doesnot meet anyone before the final fight, Abhimanyu sees the person walking to the corner, he sits down and the people start massaging his arms, he is really amazed with the body of his brother.

The person exclaims that the last fighters has refused to fight, he questions who from the crowd would fight Angad, Abhimanyu exclaims he will fight when the person explains that he was just saying he is the brother of Angad, Abhimanyu replies it is the truth but he will not be allowed to meet his brother like this so he needs to fight, the person informs that he needs to deposit the amount since this is a real fight and it is also at risk so they would not take any responsibility, Abhimanyu asks if they will take the cards but they refuse, Abhimanyu agrees to arrange it.
The guests in the party exclaim that like every year the birthday party of Manaroma is going to be grand since she is the most loved in the Panday family, Niyati comes out with Manaroma who is a bit tensed since she cannot face the family, Mami and Daya exclaim this is the last thing which they had to see, she doesnot know why Abhimanyu and Niyati are taking care of her even after what she did, Manaroma refuses as she is tensed however Niyati consoles her, Karan gets a call from Abhimanyu who requests him to bring five lac rupees urgently, Karan questions why does he need the amount for and has also created such a scene in the house, he assures he will bring it.

Abhimanyu is waiting when Karan stops the car, he hands the money to Abhimanyu who rushes giving it to the organizers asking if he can fight his brother now, Abhimanyu reveals his name mentioning that he is the son of Gajendar Panday while his mother is Manaroma Panday and he is his brother Angad, he is not able to control his emotions so punches Abhimanyu who falls to the ground, Abhimanyu after standing up praises him for the pu8nch since he is seeing stars in the day, Abhimanyu informs he is not come here to fight him but to take him back home, Angad stands infront of Abhimanyu who reveals today is the birthday of Manaroma and he is the gift for her, Angad once again slaps Abhimanyu who falls, karan is not able to bear it. Abhimanyu stands exclaiming Angad is angry and it is justified, that he got the love of a mother while Angad was forced to live like an orphan, Abhimanyu is punched once again when Angad exclaims he has come here to once again talk about his relation, Angad exclaims he is not Manaroma jee, sever since he heard his name he hated Abhimanyu because his mother gave him the love for which he was destined and Gajendar Panday killed his father, and his family he longed for the love of his parents, he is not his brother but the pain for life, Abhimanyu accepts it informing eh has come to stop those injuries, Abhimanyu requests him to come and meet maa when Angad replies she is his mother and has tried to kill Abhimanyu so many times, Abhimanyu mentions he knows it but she did it all in a state of distress, Angad replies she is just an opportunist and left him in the orphanage for twenty five years without any help, today she wants him to forgive her and accept her stepson, he asks the reason, saying she is not worthy to be called a mother.

Abhimanyu replies he will not hear anything against Maa, Angad says she is his mother and he can do anything with her, even kill her if he feels like it, Abhimanyu getting frustrated punches Angad who falls, Abhimanyu mentions that he will not say anything to Angad if he keeps it to him but he will not do anything like this, Angad exclaims he will only come home with Abhimanyu if he agrees to fight him, and only if he is able to beat him will he come back which will not happen in any case, Abhimanyu agrees to fight however he is not able to do it, and so this worries Karan who thinks what will happen if he suffers another attack, karan thinks of an idea so asks Abhimanyu to end it as soon as possible because if he takes a little longer then would get really late, Abhimanyu agrees and then slaps Angad so he falls unconscious on the ground. Abhimanyu apologizes exclaiming that he never wanted to take his brother after beating him.

Abhimanyu along with Angad and Karan reach the house in the night, Manaroma is shocked to see that he is unconscious and then she rushes questioning what happened to him and why is he like this, Abhimanyu informs he got unconscious in the fight, the guests donot know what is going on and it seems he is not the son of Gajender Panday since the entire family is standing away, Abhimanyu exclaims they have come here as the guests of the family and must celebrate, Angad wakes up so Niyati informs he might have some concussion and even feel pain, he asks her to get lost, hearing this Abhimanyu is shocked and the entire family is standing away, when Karan and Abhimanyu come face to face, Manaroma stops them both assuring Angad she is going to do anything for him, Abhimanyu apologizes to Angad that he had to come like this since he promised Maa he will gift her Angad and so they both leave to get ready.

Abhimanyu and Angad come when Abhimanyu lights the cake, he pulls Angad so they both stand with Manaroma, after the cake cutting, Angad asks Manaroma to come out if her drama has ended, Angad questions why is she doing the drama of family, he clearly told her that the only way by which he will come with her is when she transfers the entire property which is in the name of Abhimanyu to him, since he has lived in the orphanage his entire life and now wants Abhimanyu dead, she failed two times in her plan even then expects him to call her Maa, he has only one condition and it is that if Abhimanyu dies, he will come back to her. Angad turns when Niyati comes to stand in front of him, he is stunned seeing her standing in front of him.

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