I do update Wednesday 13 April 2022

I do 13 April 2022: In her room, tanveer is changing when she thinks that today she would show the haldi and the true colours of herself. Tanveer takes off the lens from her stone eye. After she goes to the bathroom, zoya barges in and finds her lens, and is amused. she takes it and leaves from there.

Downstairs, Dilshad is very happy for this day to finally come. With badi bi’s permission, they start the ritual. All apply haldi to zoya and asad, while nazma smears it all over asad’s face. zoya breaks into her poetry.

nazma goes onto do it to zoya also. While all are having a good laugh, tanveer walks in with her stone eye, scaring everyone around. tanveer takes pleasure out of the scare that she created while all are tensed, as she progresses to Zoya. She takes haldi and is about to apply on zoya, when she stops her hand midway. but tanveer smiles evilly, as all look tensed. tanveer swiftly applies haldi with the other hand, and says that she has said that she would definitely come at the haldi and she did.

She intentionally throws herself at asad too, and smears haldi on his face, and congratulates him too. saying so, she leaves. Asad and zoya are both tensed. badi bi asks them not to be tensed and get upset. they continue with the ritual. Mamu watches all this from the balcony, and gets overwhelmed with emotions watching his daughter, zoya go through his marriage ceremonies. as he begins to go down, razia stops him asking how can he go where he wants to, and his feeling behind it. mamu asks her to leave way, and razia says that she is alarming him of the consequences. mamu asks razia that if he doesnt tell zoya, wont she ever know of their relation as the way destiny has brought them together, it would also make zoya aware of the relation that they share, as destiny cant be changed. Mamu leaves, while raziz stands shocked.

When zoya asks for dilshad’s permission to put haldi on asad, she says that there’s no such ritual. when badi bi asks what are they talking about, dilshad tells her and she permits. Zoya excitedly goes to asad, and they both take haldi from the plates.

Asad applies haldi to zoya, while she closes her eyes emotionally. (MITWA MOMENT) Zoya romantically applies haldi to asad. As she runs away to escape from asad, after smearing it on the nose, she bumps into mamu, coming her way and accidentally her hand grazes through his cheek applying haldi on him. he is overwhelmed with the irony of it, while she starts apologising profusely for her mistake.

He starts imagining a younger zoya, cuddling upto him, with her dollpiece that he had gifted her, addressing to him as her father. He gets emotional. Zoya is surprised to see such emotions from him and is surprised. She asks what happened, as he finds his hand in blessing over her. she asks why’s he crying. he says that at times, the person is in front of the eyes but cant be seen, and thats happening to him. he leaves, while she stands confused. Zoyab is called by badi bi, who compliments her on her beauty, and explains to her the importance of taking blessings from her father, on this ritual.

As she goes on, zoya gets reminiscient of her long lost father. seeing her get serious, badi bi is tensed. Dilshad comes and says that zoya’s father maynt be here, but they are, and they would provide everything to her. She kisses zoya on the forehead and they both leave, while zoya is sad. Mamu eyes her with helplessness from afar.

haider comes with humaira to the function, but she says that she doesnt want to participate in this ritual. Haider says that if she doesnt want to go, they can apply haldi on each other, and distracts her, and applies haldi on the face. As she runs off, with him after her, mamu eyes them. haider sees him, and winks to tease her. He lays her on the bed, and forcibly applies haldi on her, and then they end up laughing at their foolishness.

Humaira gets romantically aware of their increasing intimacy. she tries to get up, but he jerks her back in his arms and begins to caress her face. she closes her eyes, in anticipation of a kiss. As he leabns in closer, mamu comes in and jerks him off her, while humaira is shocked to be seen like this by her father. Mamu in his fit of rage, slaps haider tight, shocking her. Later, Mamu throws haider out of the house asking him never to return again, saying that he cant dare to cast his hands on the respect of this family, meaning his daughter, after having locked humaira inside the room, despite her protests to open the door, and leave haider.

haider eyes mamu venomously. He comes and asks if mamu’s sure that its his house, as he thinks that its asad and zoya’s house. mamu stands helplessly corrected. He teases him saying that he feels pity for him, that he cant do anything about his cunning and shameless nature.

he taunts mamu that he can go out, and tell everyone what he was doing with humaira, but only when he continues by telling what he did to him. He tells mamu that he isnt left with anything, except for respect, and he is hell bent to get rid of it. Haider says that just like he has seen himself losing everything in his life, mamu too would see humaira being ruined and he wont be able to do anything. Haider leaves, while mamu is distraught.

Outside, after the ritual, they wonder what to do now. nazma suggests Antakshari, and zoya gives in another idea. Zoya says that they shalll play antakshari of poetry. Asad says that he doesnt want to participate in this, as that would give her license of torture. As he begins to walk, zoya stops him with her poetry…..

All start complimenting zoya on winning. The guests provocate asad to continue while he smiles.

As tanveer comes in her room, in the night, she finds razia sleeping and is scared. then she asks whats she doing here. razia says that they would have to learn to live together, as sisters, and mamu would like that too. She says that she has thought to send Mamu to her room and came here to be with her, to better understand her. tanveer is tensed. Razia says that if she feels bad, then she would have to take the other eye too, and if that happens, her world would be dark. razia says that she has forcibly entered her life and her house, and she has just entered the room, but she should get adapted to this, as every moment from now on, her eyes would be on her. As she lies off, Tanveer too taunts her saying that whetever she wishes, as tanveer has changed, and she wont get anything by spying on her, as she wont do anything wrong. she bids her goodnight and lies down too.

Later, in the night, someone steals its way inside zoya’s room, and as she gets aware of someone’s presence in the room, she opens her eyes, to find a hand muffling her from sceraming. She is shocked. She finds that its asad and asks whats he doing here like a thief. he says that he came here to see the morning star. Zoya takes it as a compliment but says that she would liek to be referred as the moon. He says that he actually wants to see the morning star, along with her.

Asad takes her on the roof, and shows her the star, asking her its name. Zoya asks if starts have name too. He complies, and she asks whats this one’s name. He answers that its zoya. She starts smiling. Asad explains that its kept so, as if they ever be apart, god forbid, this star would make them rememkber each other. She is emotional, while he says that whenever he sees the star, he would remember his zoya. Zoya says that she didnt know he was romantic. Asad says that he too shall gets stars for her, if she so wishes, barring this one, thats evidence of their love, the one named zoya. She smiles and looks at it. The screen freezes on their face.

Precap: As zoya, dilshad and badi bi are sifting through the gifts, zoya takes a look at the saugaat ki thali like, tray, and asks who sent it, as asad confirmed that he didnt. badi bi says that whoever has sent it has put in much care, and knows very well of what should ideally be given, like someone from their own family. Zoya says that she too feels that someone their own, has gifted it to her. mamu, who’s the sender, sees from the balcony, and is overwhelmed with emotions, sad too that he cant give it to her, in person. in her oom, nuzrat gets a gift from tanveer and tanveer then distracts her to tell the location of the marriage. Nuzrat brings her face closer to tanveer’s ears, and starts talking, as tanveer’s eyes gleam at her success.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is surprised to find that her bed has some gift trays kept, and is boggled, as it doesnt have a sender’s name. when she doesnt get any name, she goes down with the gifts. As zoya, dilshad and badi bi are sifting through the gifts, zoya takes a look at the saugaat ki thali like, tray, and asks who sent it, and think that its asad.

but aasad comes and clarifies that he didnt. Asad asks zoya if he actually has time for such things. He says that all gifts should be wrap as there’s a van that has to go. badi bi says that whoever has sent it has put in much care, and knows very well of what should ideally be given, like someone from their own family.

Zoya says that she too feels that someone their own, has gifted it to her. mamu, who’s the sender, sees from the balcony, and is overwhelmed with emotions, sad too that he cant give it to her, in person. razia too thinks that its mamu’s job and is frustrated with it. Dilshad comments that the jewellery is very beautiful, and someone has put in much thought to this.

Meanwhile, haider stops the servant, and gets to know that he is taking breakfast for humaira. he stealthily slips a chit in the plate and sends him off. In her room, humaira is tensed and crying. Wajid enters with the food. She throws off the plate saying that she doesnt want to eat and asks him to get lost. After he leaves, in her desperation, her eyes fall on the chit lying on the floor. She is surprised and picks it up. She finds that its from Haider, who tells her that he’s sorry for her torment and wants her permission to take her somewhere very far away.

humaira eagerly agrees. She searches around and finds the door locked again, and gets frustrated. She finds a scissor, and picks it up with an idea, and cuts her finger, and writes a yes on the door, with her blood. haider outside is amused to see this. Mamu is told by the servant that she didnt eat anything. he is tensed. zoya comes andf talks about how he is treating humaira, and asks if he did this, since she likes haider.

Zoya says that its very personal, between him and his daughter, and she is noone to talk, as she isnt related to him at all. mamu gets tensed at the irony, while she says that haider is a very nice boy and he has taught her to laugh again, and live life again. mamu says that she doesnt know the reality. She says that her reality too is unknown but she has continued, and they have caused much trouble in people’s lives and asks him not to do the same to their own daughter.Mamu gets tensed.

zoya says that she knopws humaira doesnt like her, but she has always considered her as her sister, and wants her to be in her marriage. Shge says that she has no family of her own, even though she has got immense love from asad’s family. Mamu is overwhelmed at the ironical situation. Zoya says that she doesnt know if humaira would come or not, but she would have felt really happy, if on her marriage, humaira’s hands too are covered with mehendi. She leaves. mamu turns around to find razia staring angrily at him. he leaves, while she is tensed.

badi bi, while sleeping wakes up to find out that tanveer is pressing her legs, saying that she wants herself to serve badi bi. badi bi says that she wont stop her, if she is insisting so much. tanveer brings the discussion around their marriage and its destination. badi bi is asked if she has packed everything, and her meds too, as otherwise she would help them or not. tanveer tries to get her to speak the location of it. But badi bi starts saying that the marriage isnt happening in some location outside the city. badi bi says that she cant go there, and says that she knows all these tricks. Badi bi says that she knows what tanveer is upto, and asks her to leave. tanveer leaves angrily.

in her room, nuzrat gets a gift from tanveer and tanveer then distracts her to tell the location of the marriage. she tries to go on her sympathy tale of how she is being misinterpreted here, and just wants a friend and hopes that they can become one. Nuzrat agrees. Tanveer says that she wanted to gift asad and zoya, but she couldnt due to not knowing the venue. she asks nuzrat if she could help her. nuzrat asks what if asad knows. tanveer says that noone shall know. Nuzrat brings her face closer to tanveer’s ears, and starts talking, as tanveer’s eyes gleam at her success.

haider comes to asad’s room, with a gift hidden. Asad expresses his regret at haider not being there for the wedding as zoya would have felt happy. Haider says that its impossible and he feels sorry too. Asad asks about humaira. haider says that its between mamu and humaira. Asad gets angry at his mention. Haider turns his mood around and gives him the gift asking him to keep it safe with him, and give it to zoya only on the wedding day. Asad agrees.

While the mehendi continues, and they are all singing. Nuzrat enters and starts chatting about her conversation with tanveer. All are tensed whether she told tanveer everything. Nuzrat tells them that she misled tanveer saying that the wedding is in char minaar, and brings them to relief. as they all have a good laugh and apply mehendi, mamu sees them and gets emotional, and remembers zoya’s wish. He takes the mehendi from some girls coming out, saying that he would get the servants to keep it.

As humaira sleeps with her hand laid out, mamu comes and as per zoya’s wish, he applies mehendi on her hand getting emotional, thinking that on the occassion of the sister’s wedding, her hands shouldnt be dry.

at night..gauffer puts mhendi on humz and comes out of her room and razia comes and says my eye is on ur every move. First saughat and now mhendi..i dont like it. and auffer says i dont care about ur likes and dislikes…and razia says u have to care. i m quiet doesnt mean i cant speak. Some truths dont take long in coming out and some lies also become truth. dont try to tell zoya…and gauffer says i m not tellin her anything…and razia says u r not telling but u r showing ur emotions.

she cant reach her father until u dont show her the way how to. Gauffer says zoya will find a way. as i m eager for her … she also is eager to meet her father so she will surely reach me. No one can stop her…NOT EVEN YOU!!! and he leaves. Razia is maha pissed.

Humz wake up and sees mhendi in her hand..and wonders how it got there and she rubs it.

Asad comes and is talking about temp and tanveer is listening and asad sees her. So asad tells wajid to keep the lungage in the room. Tanveer comes to Asad and trys to convince him that she has changed…and she wants to come to his wedding. and send some gifts. and asad says u can give me one gift …STAY AWAY from my wedding. and leaves. and tanveer says u tell me the truth or not..but i know that Nuzat was lying to me…as why the need for warm clothes in Hydrabad. That means wedding is taking place in a cold place. but where?? and she turns and finds Zoya standing there…and zoya smiles and says u will never know where the wedding is taking place. Zoya says i m surprised that after all that has happened u still want to know where the wedding is taking place.

Zoya says when will u know that we dislike u so much. We dont even want ur shawdow there to the place we are going. We have no place in our hearts. Tanveer says i have changed all i want to do is send gifts. and Zoya reminds her of how she had mixed Acid in her mhendi and now she can not believe her anymore. Now we will be together forever and no matter what u will not be able to separate us. and ZOYA leaves.

Wajid comes to humz with food and humz ask for yogurt..and then she looks for note for haider…and he says no matter what will run away from here tonight. and humz is wondering how it will happen…but smiles. and then it is shown Humz and haider is running away from home…and haider assures her nothing will happen to her until she is with him.

gauffer tells Zoya that his blessings are with her…very emotionally…and Zoya says Thank you. and starts leaving and gauffer says i know u will look beautiful in ur wedding dress…and Zoya wonders how does he know the color of my wedding dress?? she turns to ask but he has left. and zoya wonders he did send the saughat?? but dadi says such saughat is sent by parents for their daughter. Gauffer is having flashbacks of Zoya as his daughter and crying…and tanveer comes and taunts Gauffer. and gauffer leaves from there.

Haider and humz get off a truck and humz says is asad getting married here…and haider jokes around and humz says i dont care…i only care about u and me. and humz hands her hand to haider.

Asad and zoya cute moments:

Asad says the shayari..and so does Zoya.

Gauffer sees a door open and says how is this door open..and razia is inside…and he says where is humz..and she says she left. and razia reads the letter from humz that she is leaving with Haider. and Gauffer sits down broken. and he feels i have to go find humz wherever she is.


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