Can you see me update Thursday 14 April 2022

Can you see me 14 April 2022: Pihu in Mike’s body walks wearing her usual large shirt. Barbie stops him and asks what is he wearing, he knows papa does not like all this. He says I love you and runs. Barbie stands confused smiling. Pihu runs to Anandita’s room seeing her panicking. Anandita panics that strangers are intruding her house, she will call Subodh and complain. Pihu tries to stop her, but she calls Subodh and when his phone is not reachable, she calls his secretary who says Subodh died 2 years ago.

Pihu reminisces nurse telling that Anandita should not know about her daughter and husband’s death. She pleads Gopal to do something. Gopal does leela/magic, Anandita’s phone rings and someone speaks in Subodh’s voice and apologizes for not calling her since long. Anandita relaxes. Pihu thanks Gopal who says Anandita is her ardent disciple and he would help her for sure.Pihu gets out of Mike’s body. Mike sees holding doll and wearing oversized shirt and throws doll angrily. Gopal gets Pihu in Mike’s body back.

Doctor treats ACP and says he consumed dangerous medicine, who gave it to him. Rohini says who else than that mad woman/Anandita, they should kick her out of house. Sooraj stands dumb without speaking. ACP says it is okay, let us finish engagement ceremony before muhurat passes away. Suspicious man walks in and gives a gift bag to Bobby. Bobby asks who is he. Man says boss sent something for him. Bobby sees note in bag. Pihu sees that and tells Gopal that one bad uncle is meeting another bad uncle. Gopal says it is better she knows less about this suspicious man. Engagement ceremony starts. Bobby dorns diamond ring in Barbie’s ring.

ACP says it is a precious diamond ring. Bobby says he can gift many diamond rings to Bobby. Bobby gets very happy. After sometime, Bobby meets suspicious man pins him down and asks how did he get so much money to get diamond ring. Bobby laughs and says it is a fake ring, he hates Barbie and would not give her a penny, he just wants her family jewelry. Pihu hears everythig and thinks of informing about it to everyone and save Barbie from Bobby.Pihu tells Gopal that she wants to expose Bobby. Gopal says she is in Mike’s body, so nobody will believe her, so she has to do something which will make people notice it.

Barbie looks at her engagement rings and gets engrasped in thoughts. Mother comes and asks her to have 1 meal a day, else she will balloon up and Bobby will start losing interest in her. Mike/Pihu enters and says Bobby is a thief. ACP consoles Barbie. Barbie says she is lucky to have Bobby in her life. ACP says Bobby is lucky instead.After sometime, Gayatri sees Mike wearing girl’s shirt and says he is a boy, it is not good for him. He says she is very greedy. She says she so what and walks to Barbie’s room with fruits. Barbie asks to get proper food. She taunts she will swell like panda if she continues this food. Barbie fumes, sees sweet box on dining table and rushes to pick it.

Pihu/Mike splashes sauce on her ring. She remove it and keeps it on table. Pihu shouts cockroach. Anandita comes runing and hits ring next to cockroach and it breaks and falls down. Whole family rushes and mom says diamond does not break, it is a glass piece…Barbie’s family is shocked to see fake diamond ring. Bhagwati confronts Rohini why did they lie and gifted fake engagement right, they did not ask for any diamond ring though. Barbie says when Bobby has told, it is diamond ring. Mike says it is glass ring. ACP Hukumchand slaps Bobby and says Barbie loves him blindly and believes all his lies, he will not get his daughter married to a lier family.

Bobby starts his drama again and says Barbie wanted to elope and marry, but he convinced her to marry with parent’s blessings. He had promised Barbie to gift her special diamond ring and it got stolen 1 day before, so he brought fake ring. He shows fake bill. Barbie says she told Bobby is not a lier. Mike/Pihu says Bobby is a lier. Anandita says Pihu let us go and finish homework. Everyone look at them confused. Mike says even he has to finish homework and runs away. ACP says Bobby will not call him uncle, he will call him papa instead and hugs.

Rohini praises Bobby for using his lying skills on time and saving themselves. Bobby says that man woman Anandita is a big problem for them and they have to get rid of her. Rohini assures him she will make sure Anandita is out of her own house. After sometime, Anandita dries her hair in balcony after a bath. Suspicious man clicks her pics. Rohini catches him and asks who is he, whose pics he is clicking. Man gets nervous and drops camera. Rohini picks it and is about to check when Bobby comes and says he is Vikram, his boss’ aide. Rohini looks at Vikram sensuously and leaves. Vikram warns Bobby that he has only 1 day left for his work, else be ready to die.

Pihu in Mike’s body tells Gopal that she is tired of being in Mike’s bodyw, when will she get her body, it is good though mamma is identifying her even in Mike’s body. She says how will she expose Bobby’s lies. Anandita comes and scolds Pihu why she is not going to school. Pihu says because she is bho…then stops. Anandita gets Mike ready in girl’s clothes and sends him to school. Bobby returns and sees Pandit performing pooja. ACP says they are finding wedding date. Pandit asks to call groom’s parents. Bobby says his parents are dead. Barbie brings their pics and says she framed pics he showed.

Mike in girl’s uniform walks on street and complains Gopal. Bobby’s parents get out of taxi and discuss they came to Lucknow from Saharanpur to search their son and showing Bobby’s photo ask people. A thief steals their bags and runs. Mike/Pihu catches thief and punishes him. Parents scold thief…

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