A new life update Sunday 8 May 2022

A new life 8 May 2022: The Episode starts with Pritam asking Monty to keep an eye on such guys and take them for work. He sees Kabir and comments on him. He goes to Kabir. He says I have seen everything, you got a tight slap from Amrita, you had a great plan to blackmail boss for the job. Kabir says I don’t feel bad that Amrita slapped me, I have hurt her heart, I m very sad, I had done a job because of her slap, but I failed, I have hurt her, I love her more than Nimmo. Pritam says maybe she loves you more, so she slapped you, I m sure that she is crying in her room.

Amrita says how can Kabir do this crime. Soni says leave it, Kabir will not understand. Amrita says I wish he understood his mistake, did he have food. Pritam asks him to have food and sleep, apologize to everyone in the morning. He says I m sure Amrita will forgive you. Kabir says I just want that, I don’t want to apologize. Pritam asks shall I make my special omelette, will you have it. Kabir nods. Soni says Kabir left the food and went upstairs, let him sleep hungry. Pritam sings and makes the omelette. Kabir sees the drawing. He asks what’s all this. Pritam says have food and go, that’s it, I didn’t mean that, have the food and tell me how is it. He feeds Kabir by his hands. Amrita comes and stops Kabir. She asks what are you doing here, come, I have kept the food ready. Kabir asks her to go, he won’t come. Pritam asks Kabir to go, he was praising her since a long time. He says he was saying he is close to you, he has hurt your heart, he did a mistake, it doesn’t mean that you slap him. She says he did a criminal work, its not a small mistake.

Pritam says yes, take a job the right way. Amrita says I explained him to take the house responsibility. Pritam says yes, Dada ji and Guneet can’t work, Angad can’t handle things alone. She asks him how long will I save him. He asks Kabir not to trouble her. She asks why am I talking to you, you are talking a lot. He says you are talking, so I m replying. She asks Kabir why does he involve Pritam in his matter. Kabir says I didn’t say anything. Pritam gives the omelette. Amrita says you have it, I have cooked food for him. Amrita and Kabir go. Pritam eats the omelette. Amrita asks Kabir to have food. Angad comes and taunts Kabir. Soni says Kabir should have shame. Kabir argues.

He asks Angad to stay happy and do the job. He says if anyone recommended me, then I would have got the job too. Angad asks what do you mean, tell me. Kabir says nothing, do your job. Angad asks him to say. Kabir says you got the job on Krishnakant’s recommendation. They get shocked. Angad gets angry on Kabir. Amrita scolds Kabir. Kabir says sorry, maybe the one who told me is lying to me, you don’t leave the job. Angad asks who told you. Kabir says sorry, forget it.Pritam needs a glue for the greeting card. He says from where shall I get the glue at night, I will go downstairs and ask. He goes downstairs and asks Amrita for glue.

Amrita asks why do you want it at this time. He says I have some work, give it if you want, I will get a new one in the morning. She gives him and asks him to close the cap after using. He says I know. He sees Nitin at the gate. He stops him and goes to talk. He asks what are you doing here. He says Monty has sent me pics. Nitin says I had to tell something else. Pritam says Amrita is awake, tell me. Nitin says she got to know about your application in the care home, she also put an application, she is taking the child somewhere. Pritam says she can’t do this, I have put the application first, I will talk to Mansoor, even last time she didn’t let me meet, don’t let her enter the care home. Nitin asks him to relax. Amrita comes to see. Nitin asks did you get Rahul’s childhood toys from the locker. Pritam says I will get it. Nitin sees Amrita coming and hides. She asks whom are you talking to.

Pritam says there was someone asking for address, you go and sleep. He goes. She says strange man, he was normal just time. She thinks of Angad’s job. She says Krishnakant doesn’t want a relation with Angad. She hears Guneet and Nimmo’s talks about Angad’s job and Kabir’s mistake. He says we have to pay the money, if we don’t return one lakh in a week, then Kabir’s boss will fire the FIR, police will come and arrest him. She says no, this shouldn’t happen, we will lose our respect, do anything, arrange the money. He says I m thinking to sell my shop. Amrita worries. Nimmo says no, don’t think so, its the last hope for us. He says who will give us money then. Amrita recalling Karan’s pic. Pritam says he will be happy seeing this card, I have to get his toys also, I have kept everything safe. Amrita gets the bank locker keys. She says Karan has made all the arrangements, I will fix everything, it will be all fine. Angad recalls Kabir’s words. He says if I got this job on KK’s word, then I will resign it and tell KK.

Amrita goes to the bank. She accesses her locker. She sees Pritam. She thinks is he following me. Pritam opens his locker. Pritam smiles and takes the baby’s accessories. He gets Nitin’s call. He says I m coming. He gets a credit card call and gets angry. The toy falls. He leaves. Amrita takes the bond papers. She picks the toy and asks why did Pritam had this baby toy.Angad meets Sharma. He asks did you give me this job on KK’ word, its imp for me to know, tell me the truth. Sharma says yes, KK spoke to me. Angad says sorry, I can’t continue this job, I resign. Sharma says KK told me about the job, but you got this job on your merit, you are very talented, I got to know that KK broke Meera and your alliance, he didn’t value you, I valued you, I wanted you in this company, I have many hopes and want to give you responsibility, you deserve this, are you interested in new job, my daughter has come back from UK, I would like you to join her and help her out, you and Reema can do a lot together. Angad says sure. Sharma wishes him good luck. Angad smiles.

Everyone waits for Amrita. Amrita comes home. They ask where did you go early in the morning. Amrita says I will tell you, Kabir take this money and give it in your office, its 1 lakh. Biji asks how did you get it. Amrita says don’t worry, Karan kept bonds for me, I sold that. Guneet asks did Karan keep it or did Kuljeet send it. Amrita says Karan kept it. Soni says Kabir doesn’t worry for anyone. Amrita asks Soni to forget it, wounds are healed. Dada ji says Karan left it for you. Amrita says bonds aren’t memories that I sold out, our family’s respect is at stake, what if police arrests Kabir. He says they can take him, you didn’t do this right. She asks can’t I do anything for my family.Kabir says sorry, I wanted to take over the responsibility of the family, my intention was good. She says I know, the house blood can’t be a criminal, don’t do anything wrong again, go and give money. Nimmo asks Guneet to go with him. Guneet says we don’t trust Kabir.

Kabir thinks dad can see Meera. He says trust me, I will go and give it. Amrita says it will be good if dad goes along. Guneet and Kabir leave. Amrita asks Nimmo for some sweets. She goes to the room and sits.She sees the toy and says why does Pritam keep baby’s items in the bank locker. Pritam says you told me that paperwork is done, how can this woman get the custody. Mansoor says don’t worry, Danish went to the court. Pritam says she does this to trouble me, Danish can’t handle this case. Mansoor says your request will be approved. Pritam says she hates me and doesn’t love the child. Mansoor says yes, don’t worry, you will meet the child tomorrow Pritam says nothing should go wrong. Mansoor says have faith, give this gift from my side, give my love. Pritam hugs him. He says I also got his old toys from the locker.Meera misses Kabir. She feels sad. She says I rejected him and then he did this fraud, I thought he has come to trouble me. She sees Kabir and Guneet coming. She hides. Muskaan asks Kabir to go. Guneet says I have to meet his boss and return the money. Muskaan talks to Shetty and asks them to go in. Kabir calls Meera. He thinks she can get seen. Kabir sees Meera hiding.

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