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I do 28 March 2022: Dilshad asks asad to take zoya from there, and leave for their home. Asad says that he cant leave her here, with such people. Dilshad says that with them gone, her life is over as it is. Zoya says that he is right that either she would come with them, or theyt oo wont leave. dilshad is surpised, and tells zoya that she has to go, as she cant bear the insult of her daughter.

She saays that their marriage preps would start soon. She frees asad from her promise too, that now he’s free to go. asad and zoya are tensed.

Haider tries to clarify with humaira, the misunderstanding about heena and haider being in the same room, that heena accidentally was inside the bathroom. humaira doesnt believe his excuse. she says that she would believe but she has a condition, but heena would have to come here and clarify the same. haider agrees but tries to get past making an excuse. She goes onto call her and haider is tensed that its his number only. haider tries to hard to conceal the vibrator alert on his phone. he excuses himself for nature’s call. in his room, he picks up huamira’s call and puts her confusion at rest, by sounding like heena, and agrees when huamira asks her to come home as she has something important to discuss. Haider is happy. later, haider dressed as heena, reprimands humaira for thinking like that about haider, and that she should apologise to him. humaira begins to go, but heena asks her to say sorry later. but ahumaira isnt at peace and insists that she would say sorry right now. haider is disturbed what to do now.

Finding the door locked, humaira wonders why isnt he opening the door. heena begins to go, as there is no one opening the door. humaira is insistent that maybe something is wrong with him and begins to open the door. heena asks him not to open the door, as she loves him, and he doesnt love her back. he goes into a sob story, of how heartbroken she is, and leave s in haste. humaira is confused. Haider gets inside his room, from the window, and takes a blanket over himself. Humaira comes in and asks him to keep lying down, and that she has something to say to him. humaira finally says that she’s sorry and runs from there. He is super happy, and thinks that now

Asad overhears dilshad talking to rashid, just trying to cheer him up and saying that soon asad would come to meet and bid goodbye and he isnt angry at all at him. She says that asad talks less, and has huge work in the office and he’s very serious about it. she says that she hads made him understand, that whatever he did was in helplessness, she says that he has forgiven him completely. asad begins to turn around. Dilshad sees this. Dilshad goes to asad and asks him to come inside and meet rashid. He says that rashid knows that he would never forgive rashid. Dilshad asks her not to talk like this, at such a time atleast. asad turns to rashid, and says that dilshad wanted him to bid goodbye to rashid and hopes him to get better soon. dilshad is distraught while he leaves. She doesnt notice that a tear escaped rashid’s eye, meaning that he registered everything thats happening around him. dilshad notices it finally, and goes over to rashid, and wipes his tears. she says that she knows that he can hear them, and breaks into crying herself. she caresses his face.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat confronts haseena, about her betrayal. Nikhat asks haseena why didnt she tell her about farhan’s first marriage. haseena asks what was there to tell about someone whos’ dead. nikhat asks her how’s she so sure. haseena is visibly tensed. She begins to taunt her on rashid’s name, who kept two wives while both wrre alive. She says that farhan believes sameera is still alive. haseena says that she knows sameera is dead, and the sooner she listens to this, the better. While she is gone, nikhat is tensed.

Nikhat is packing up stuff, for the one month trip, when haseena asks her to hurry. haseena thinks that nikhat would have to be sent as she’s becoming a nuisance now. She says that she hasnt told anyone about her trip, and goes to call them. Buthaseena says that she would tell him and nazma too. farhan comes and asks who’s going where. He says that he came home early and enquires where is nikhat going. Nikhat says that haseena kept a mannat for his marriage, and hence has to fulfill it. farhan says that haseena has to do it herself. haseena intervenes saying that she has jointache and hence is sending nikhat. nazma comes in saying that imran and nazma are going there for a wedding and they shall do it and asks nikhat not to bother. haseena says that nikhat would have to go far away from this house. they are confused. haseena insists that nikhat would have to fulfill it. farhan says that imran can do it, and nikhat wont go anywhere. He asks haseena for a cup of tea, and she orders nikhat to do so. but farhan says that he has some work with nikhat and that haseena can send the tea with a servant. haseena leaves fumingly in a rage. nikhat is relieved.

nikhat is awkwardly standing beside farhn, and he asks her whats the matter. she asks whats the work that he was talking about. He says that he was just making an excuse so that she doesnt have to go, and apologises for haseena’s orthodox behaviour. He says that he knows that she can manage with nazma, but she can tell him if haseena gets a little too much. Nikhat is overwhelmed, while farhan gets back to work.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
As zoya begins to go outside, she comes across humaira, and tells her that she’s going now, and one of her problems would be less now. humaira tells zoya that every time a new problem keeps cropping up in her life. Zoya assures her that it wont happen now, as she has a good friend now. Humaira is surpised when zoya mentions haider’s name. She says that he is a very nice man and genuinely wants to befriend her, and asks her to treasure him. zoya says that she can judge men, and he is a nice one. Asking her to tyake care of herself, zoya leaves. Humaira remembers zoya’s words and is tensed. the screen freezes on her face.

Location: Ayan’s residence
razia vasks mamu not to worry as asaad and zoya have gone, and dilshad would leave too. She says that they have to take care that such people never return. mamu says that atleast this would shut people’s mouth. He expresses his doubt at zoya actually having done it. But razia points out her clothing style. mamu says that she still doesnt look like that type of girl. razia says that its just beyond the innocent face, and points out how intimate zoya and sada are together, and asks what more proof does he want. mamu says that even after all the mistakes, she isnt a bad girl by heart. he says that maybe he was wrong about her. Razia says that its good they got rid of her and hopes to god that they dont see her again. mamu leaves, while razia

is tensed.
razia later thinks that everything is working out fine, asad and zoya have gone, and dilshad would leave too soon. Razia plots her schemes, saying that she njever lost any bet and would never. She thinks that tbhe phone calls too have stopped coming, as maybe it was a prank, who understood razia’s power. Just then, as if to prove her wrong, the phone starts ringing. she gets tensed, and picks it up. A voice tells her about some trail, leading to the jungle, saying that she would find him there. she is scared and says that she cant come. the voice says that she knows better than that, and hence should do what he tells her to. She asks why at this point of time, in the night, and again denies coming. But the voice tells her to come as she would understand everything then, as she wants to know who is it, and she would know that today.

Later, humaira comes out to search for haider, and doesnt find him in his room and wonders where he went. as she is about to move out, haider’s voice singing from the bathroom emanates, and she deduces that he is bathing and leaves. But it turns out to be a recorder playing.

Scene 2:
Location: Asad’s residence
Asad and zoya return back to their houe, while zoya places the dinner order with asad’s consent. He checks his telephone messages, visibly tensed. He gets rashid’s message, saying that he must have left for new york by now, but he wanted to stop him, as he cant seperate him from dilshad. he says that he doesnt know whether asad would get this message, but he wants asad to know that he couldnt do anything in his lifetime, but would definitely after his death. Rashid says that he has given everything in his will, his property and business to him, as he knows that he would be the rightufl and proper heir to it, to make its best use. Asad considers all this a drama, and wards it off. He again gets a frantic message that says that he knows now that he isnt involved in the factory incident, and that he is innocent. Right after that, he hears rashid’s screams on the phone, and both asad and zoya are shocked. Zoya tells asad that rashid wants to talk something important but before he could, he fell off. Asad says that maybe someone pushed him. zoya is shocked and asks why would someone do this. asad says that it maybe due to the inheritance of his will. zoya says that it could also be due to the doll factory incident. Zoya says that dilshad always said that rashid was innocent, but asad never believed her. She points that all this started after that fire, and since rashid didnt know the real person, he was forced to be seperated from them. Asad remembers dilshad advocating for rashid, when he dragged rashid to court. Zoya asks whats he thinking. asad says that a great secret is buried in that house. Zoya asks that they would have to go back then, to find out the secret. Asad asks zoya if he knows or remembers any little detail, about that incident. zoya starts wondering. zoya talks about the dead body, and rashid was implicated for that. asad says that he remembers.

Scene 3:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Both the couples are playing Antakshari, where nazma is very excited about it, with the boys and the girls team. Each tries to outdo the other. farhan compliments nikhat on her singing, and asks for more. nikhat gets shy. She embarks in the same song again, but the lights go off. Frantically all people start looking out for candles, where nikhat starts screaming. When farhan lights the candle, they find that nikhat’s head is hurt by the pillar. They get tensed. Nikhat is taken to their room by farhan.

farhan tends to her head with an icepack, while she lies on the bed, and she asks him not to do anything for her. He insists despite her protests, getting them shy and then nervous. they both start smiling. She offers to get ice for the pack. But farhan says that he would get while she rests. but nikhat insists that she would manage. she goes out with the candle, and into the kitchen, smiling. Inside the fridge, as she stares, she is suddenly scared of another person’s silhouette behind her. But when she turns around, she doesnt find anyone. She rushes out of the kitchen, while that shadow reappears.

Scene 4:
Location: In the jungle
razia is frustrated about her situation. then her phone starts ringing, when she cant find anyone there. While razia is talking on the phone, out in the wind, asking whose this and why is he doing so, she doesnt realise that the veiled murderer is approaching her from behind with a shining knife in his hand. As the wind blows, the veil shifts aside, and it is revealed to be Haider. haider says that he would tel later who he is, but he would that later, after she answers his questions. he asks her about the doll factory 17 years back. she gets scared, remembering that murder, and says that rashid did so, and he put the factory on fire. haider says that they both know that there was something else, which happened before the fire in the factory, and that she only herself is to blame, and that now he has come to get his revenge back. She says that the link to that crime has come to her door today, after 17 years. she is stunned and shocked. she asks how does he know all this, and what is his conncetion. he says that he would tell her everything, when she takes her last few breaths. she is scared but is suddenly aware of someone’s presence. As she turns around, she is shocked to find him with a knife pointed at her. She is scared.

Scene 5:
Location: Asad’s residence.
zoya says that there’s some sercet that rashid knows, but how would he tell them that. Asad says that its definite that there’s some loose thread to the doll factory and some secret buried still in that house. asad says that now is the time to unravel the secret. Both are tensed. the screen freezes on asad’s tensed face.

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