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I do 27 March 2022: Mamu is shocked at dilshad’s retaliation. razia is shocked too and asks mamu how is he bearing them, and why doesnt he ask them to go. Dilshad says that she should try once, as neither zoya nor dilshad would go.

she says that they can throw them out of the house, but after that, she can understand how respected she would be. mamu asks dilshad to warn zoya to rectify dressing sense. as he begins to go, he is shocked that zoya says that she wont change, and emphasises that this pic is fake. Razia considers her and says that her pic like that was morhphed like that as the girl was like that. she asks her to mend herself, or get lost from this house.

Zoya says that shge would agree to the wishes but first razia should get the person who did this, and get him/her punished and then she would do whatever they would want her. Zoya begins to go, but razia asks how dare she do that. Duilshad says that if she can try to ignore the truth, then zoya can dare to ignore them. dilshad asks if she even tried to find out who did this. Dilshad says that she didnt bother as she wants that zoya be insulted as the person taking davantage of that is known to everyone else.

Razia gets nervous, and asks what is she trying to insinuate, that she did this, as she’s on,ly trying to save the image of this family. dilshad says that zoya belongs to a good family. razia casts a direct attack on zoya’s family’s anonymity, and sarcastically taunts her. dilshad says that such stories would be fake too. mamu says that zoya’s clothing is the matter of discussion in the society. but dilshad is adamant that they shoukld just let the matter be, as it would die within a few days. Dilshad takes zoya and leaves. mamu leaves too. Razia says that she would never let this fire douse.

Zoya overhears haider talking about reservations and walks in. Zoya asks haider about his progress with humaira. Zoya is shocked when she knows that haider plans to take her to a dinner date, which wouldv accidentally happen when he falls sick at the nearby park and humaira tries to take him to the nearest restaurant. Zoya says that she would never go on a dated with haider.

zoya says that humaira is like a sister to her, and hence appreciates her efgort, and he shouldnt even dare hurt her in humour. She says that he shouldnt do anything to get humaira back into that zone again. haider clears that there’s nothing brewing betwen them and asks zoya to relax, as she would never love him. She asks what about him. haider is speechless, but makes up for it with a heavy dialogue. They get back into action, when they find humaira at the door. He goes into his sob story, while zoya hides.

Humaira asks haider if he’s okay now. He tries to get her sympathy, but she shocked her byv saying that she has a friend, in the medical college, who’s an intern and would come here as a favour to her, to check on him. haider is scared that his gig would be up now. But he says that this shows her concern for him. She says that her friend just wanted a case study, and would come soon. After she’s gone, zoya and haider are worried as to what would they do now.

In the store room, they are tensed what would happen now if they are caught. zoya tries to shrug it off her shoulders, but haider says that she too would be implicated as a silent witness. He finally gets an idea, and picks up red coloured gloves type cloth while zoya is shocked and confused.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat is scared and asks farhan on the phone, when would he return. just then, she hears the sound of a shattering glass and goes onto to find out. She goes inside the room, and finds a lamp broken. she is shocked that there’s noone around then who did this. Haseena sees her picking the lamp shards, and is scared to find that it has happened just next to the ominous painting. she goes on to insistently help nikhat and nikhat wonders whats wrong with her.

She goes on to clean the the oil from the lamp, and goes onto a trail of blood stains, which shocks her. the flashes show some woman being dragged underneath the sofa. Haseena is tensed to see nikhat’s revelation. Nikhat wonders why the blood stains lead upto the painting. just then the doorbell rings, and she goes on there thinking that its nazma. Haseena is tensed.

While nazma is excited about her veg shopping, nikaht urgently takes her to that place, but is shocked that the floor is spic and span clean. nazma is confused, while nikhat tells what she saw. She asks nikhat whats wrong with her, as she must have had a halluciantion. nikhat desperately tries to protest her. But nazma asks her to relax. haseena comes and distracts nazma to arrange her shopping in the kitchen. she gets both the girls out of the room with her. Nikhat is tensed at whats happening to her.

Scene 3:
Location: In the marketplace
haseena meets razia in the marketplace, where razia tells her about the neighbours, and asks her to stage a drama just like she did at home. haseena in front of the other ladies, reprimands razia, for what zoya did, and how their image is forvere tarnished, and that they would never even dream of a prospective suitor for their nephew from their locality, as it would soon be called a professional market, the way things are going about right now.

razia tells them in the tone of being sympathetic, and tells everything aboput zoya. razia pretends to be horrified and shocked and pleads being the innocent victim. The neighbours are horrified at this. Razia says that their reputation is at stake, whiel haseena says that she doesnt care of that. After haseena walks off, razia tries to get their sympathy by instigating them against zoya with much success.They all walk off, while razia stands amused.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Zya is frustrated with haider, that he got rid of the plaster. Zoya is unable to see his idea. Haider is about to tell, when a knock on the dorr, makes zoya panic and hide him behind the curtain. After he is hidden, humaira and her friends come to the storeroom, and ask zoya who was she talking to. she concocts up an excuse. A girl who’s humaira’s friend, says that she wants her to answer some questions regarding female health. Zoya agrees and takes them outside. But humaira finds feet peeking out of the curtain. meanwhile, haider scares humaira, when she finds him hiding in the closet, but dressed as a woman, but is unable to recognise him, whil he winks at zoya, who’s extremely shocked. zoya recognises him but makes up for this, saying that its her friend from hyderabad, Heena. He makes a female voice, qand says that she qwas helping out zoya in this closet, and says that being very shy, she hid herself in the closet. Humaira says that she feels that she has seen her before.

Zoya says that its impossible, and inadvertently tries to get their attention distracted from haider. The friends take haider away for the survey, while zoya is tensed, that his secret might be up. Inside, zoya is very tensed as haider starts with the questionaire. haider intentionally takes humaira’s hand, but says that its just out of nervousness, while humaira is visibly at discomfort.

zoya intentionally makes up for it, saying that it just slipped off her mind this time. zoya makes all sorts of stories, to prevent them from doubting him. But as the questions start, haider has difficulty making up with the ladies, when they start asking about her past relations. The dorrbell rings and haider finds it an oppurtunity to duck outside.

Zoya inside, says that she’s shy just as she told them about her. zoya asks her to tend to her friends while she goes to get riya. Zoya goes outside and asks haider to compose himself, while she sees who is it. She is shocked to find many ladies at the doorstep, lamenting about her dressing sense. Zoya bravely faces them saying that she is very mannered, but is taken to taunts by all the ladies, and insult her in the name of jeans and tshirt that she has worn. dilshad comes to her rescue and asks them to sit down.

but they are adamant that they would throw her out ofd this house. But dilshad says that they wont let that happen. Dilshad says that zoya is her would be bride, and hence has every right to stay in this house. they are shocked that she is staying hegre without even getting married.

They all the more try to throw her out. razia comes in pretending to be very concerned, but the neighbours say that they can let one girl spoil the society and remind razia how she had been insulted due to this girl. razia too agrees that she isnt a good girl, shocking dilshad and zoya. The ladies begin to take her by the hand, and throw her outside. Dilshad vehemently tries to protest.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
While nikhat sits tensed, she is extremely surprised to see farhan. she says that its good that he came back early. He brings out a gift, and says that he got it for her, just to try and make an effort to be a good husband. she shyly accepts it. she opens it to find a beautiful ring inside. farhan is very conscious that she maynt like it. she says that its impossible that he get a gift for her the first time, and she doesnt like it. She says that its very beautiful. He grows into remembering sameera, and what she liked, and nikhat gets tensed, remembering her attacks, matching his description of sameera.

Scene 3:
Location: On the road
While filling petrol in his car, he accidentally comes across Zoya’s morphed pics and is scandalised.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
razia corners zoya along with the other ladies, insulting her for her dressing sense. Asad stops them finally with his scream, to let go of her hand, or else he would forget that they are ladies. he takes zoya by his side and dilshad too, while razia is angered. He retaliates back at them saying that what they are doing is also wrong. Asad stands up for her. But mamu asks whats his basis to stand by her, as they had never been targeted before, as they never gave a chance, like zoya did. He questions asad about her dressing sense. but mamu doesnt agree, saying that the first impression is through the clothes, but asad stops him midway. they get into a verbal conflict. He says that zoya wont go anywhere as the clothes dont paint her character, and its just her dress sense.

while all are shocked, zoya is overwhelmed to see asad supporting her. asad says that he too did this mistake, but the mistake is in the thinking. Zoya stands up for whats true and rightful, saying that she represents the modern woman, who doesnt take shit from anyone, and isnt disrespected for her dressing sense, or her descision taking ability. She says that she would never allow a woman to get diesrespecrted, and she cant be forced to live in a certain way. asad says that he is ashamed that being women herself, they are doing this to another woman. He says that he wont ever bear anything against zoya and dilshad, till they are in this house.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Humaira is asked by her friend about haider, and she expresses her disgust. haider sneaks through the other door, not knowing that huamira is fast approaching his room. he gets himself out of the woman mode, and gets into the plaster mode. Haider hears her footsteps and knocks on the door, and goes onto hurriedly compose himself for the next act. She gets in, while haider shouts from the bathroom, that he is bathing. she finds women’s clothes strewn all over the bedroom floor. She wonders if haider and heena are in the bathroom together, and is shocked. haider calls out to her, and when she doesnt respond, he realises that she is gone. while haider sees himself in the mirror, he starts romancing himself in the bathroom with the mirror, and doesnt realise that humaira is disgusted with the idea of hearing voices of him romancing heena in the bathroom, and she leaves. he comes out and finds her gone, and thinks that she must have been angry for having been kept waiting.

later, he finds her passing through. Seeing her, he calls out to her, and when she gets irritated, he starts asking for his help, blaming his condition. she complies frustratedly and is about to leave, when he asks for newspaper, and she says that she would send the servant. He holds her hand and she jerks it off. He says that he’s sorry for not having been able to see her friend, as he was tired and dozed off. Humaira says that she knows all about heena and their bathroom activity, and asks him to remember that next time that he is in the bathroom with someone, he shouldnt sing out so loud. After she’s gone, he realises what she was saying, and gets frustrated at his idiocy.

Out in the lawn, zoya tells asad that she always thought relations can change a person, but she has seen it herself, after the way they have started understanding each other. Zoya says that their relation is strengthening by the day, and she isnt scared anymore of the future. (MITWA) asad says that she doesnt need to be, as he would always be with her, as she would alwasy somehow invite trouble. zoya is amused. asad apologises profusely and gets serious for all that she had to suffer today, and that too alone, and that he understands.

He promises that he would never let her face anything alone, and would always be by her side. she is overwhelmed, while he kisses her hand. razia ses them from a distance, and an evil idea crops up which makes her think that company isnt going to save zoya, as she doesnt knw that the next trouble shall come due to being together.

A lady’s hand, presumably razia’s, mixes a tablet in zoya’s water. while walking on the lawn, they discuss today’s accident, while asad says that the best way is to leave. but zoya says that they havw to face the problems together. razia takes a video of them together, and slides a wooden bar underneath the grass in their way. She steps on it, and winces in pain. He carries her to her room, in his arms. later, asad gives her a painkiller along with the same water. she drinks it down. She is emotionally overwhelmed to find asad tending to her in the most caring way. Zoya starts feeling dizzy, and dozes off, while razia stands from a distance, smiling that her plan finally worked. asad is tensed to see her sleeping and then realises that she has dozed off. he caresses her and then drawing the blanket on her, he sleeps on the couch, while watching her fall asleep.

Scene 2:
Location: Haseena’s residence
Nikhat wonders, while seeing farhan working, if she should tell everything thats been happening, and thinks how would she explain this. she thinks that before farhan leaves for the night, she would have to talk to him, but wonders whether he would believe her. As she approaches him, bhe says that he would stay at home only, as he is tired and wants some rest. nikhat thinks that its good that she didnt say anything, as it may have been a hallucination, and now that farhan is here, nothing would happen. Nikhat is disturbed in her sleep, and finds a female shadow staring at her in the door.

She is shit scared and finds it unable to scream, while farhan is asleep and then finds that the shadow moves off. she also moves stealthily and scared outside to follow the shadow. While she is moving around, someone creeps up behind her and finds that its farhan, who asks her whats she doing at this time in the night, and if she is scared. she denies and says that she wasnt able to sleep. as he takes her inside, she wonders if it was just a hallucination, or there was actually someone. she is visibly tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya wakes up the next morning, with a headache, and asad too wakes up at the same time. he goes to tend to zoya, after hearing her wince in pain and asks if she’s feeling okay now. Zoya says that she is okay but has a headache just like last night too. Zoya says that she shoudl leave his room now. asad helps her towards the outside. they are surprised to find razia standing in the doorway, with dilshad and mamu. razia asks her where is she hiding now, as what had to be done has been done, and they are being infidel. asad asks what nonsense is she talking. Razia says that he can shut her up, but what about the society. razia accuses them of being adulterous without getting married, and especially zoya, who without being married to asad, is fulfiiling all wifely duties, hinting barbedly at their sleeping together. While asad is outraged, zoya is distraught, and points to dilshad that this is her upbringing.

asad begins to speak but dilshad silences him. Razia says that he’s blaming her as if she has done this, and not him. razia tells dilshad that their house maybe like that, but not this house, but if she wants zoya to be the bahu, why cant she take her to their home. Dilshad is tensed. Razia says that she cant let zoya liev now in this house. Asad faces her angrily. razia leaves. Asad turns towards zoya, and finds her crying. The screen freezes on zoya’s tensed face.

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