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I do 10 October 2022: As afreen washes her hands in the sink, she thinks that she shall teach mahira a lesson, but before that, she hasd to make azad her own, as mahira is spending her time on azad and his family in vain, as her efforts shall be reaped by her, when she replaces mahira through her ring. she then notices her bare fingers, and wonders where it went and starts searching for it in the sink. She remembers mahira wiping her hands and understands that she is behind this. she follows mahira as she comes to her room and places the ring in one of the boxes. When mahira moves aside, afreen comes and takes the box, and asks how how dare she steal the ring from her, and actually thought she would get away with it. mahira asks if all daayan are dumb or only her. afreen says that she has her ring now. mahira says that not the ring, she only has the box. when afreen opens it boggled, she is shocked as she finds thousands of rings inside it, all the same type.

She drops the box and the rings fall on the ground. Afreen says that this cant be, unable to believe it. mahira says that azad is noble but unfortunately trapped in the soul of a demon, but now nothing can stop her from freeing azad of the evils. Afreen finds many rings and she is tensed as to which is the real one that belongs to her with her magical powers. Just then, mahira pours some red liquid on them, while afreen in horror, begs her not to do so. The liquid gets them to start glowing and finally beginning to melt. Afreen is shocked. mahira says that now she would leave no stone unturned to thwart her efforts. suddenly afreen starts smiling crookedly, and then closes her eyes and chants something, and the ring thats hers, stops melting and begins to float out of the rest.

mahira is shocked. Before she can take it, the ring comes back to afreen, who holds it evilly and then wears it back again. mahira is tensed. Afreen proclaims of her powers, and asks that she is that dumb to think that she can defeat her, when being a mere mortal. mahira says that her hope isnt defeated, and that she has the trust and faith on their tru love that can defeat all powers, as she shall save her love from all that is evil. Afreen asks if taveez is the solution. mahira says that when the intention and blessings of the lord behind the taveez unite, then it does miracles. afreen asks her to wait for her miracle then, as it shall be incomplete since tonight and every nioght, from hereforth, azad shall be hers only. She says that from this day forth, azad shall spend the nights with her only.

mahira says that she wont let it happen and not let azad out of her sight for even a minute.Afreen says that azad shall come so close to her for consummation, and she maybe the bride but he shall spend the wedding night with him, and she shall be helpless. She says that she shall win and give mahira her death. she turns around and leaves. mahira is tensed. She wanders in the corridor, wondering why afreen said that she wont be here and definitely she is upto something, and that she shall have to warn azad and then they have to go to a safe place. Afreen takes azad’s place in the room. mahira rushedly enters and takes him with her, saying that he has to go right now with her, to escape afreen’s trap, and then drags him out. meanwhile, after they leave, the actual azad comes out of the bathroom, after freshening up. he takes his cell phone and leaves out.Outside, mahira hurriedly takes azad, thats actually afreen while he pretends to be boggled.

Scene 2:
Location: In the fields
Begum is distraught saying that the person cant die without telling her the secret. just then the guy’s phone starts ringing and begum picks it up. She hears a person asking of the delivery. She says that the guy is sick hence the delivery got late. she asks him to come tomorrow, and take the stuff. he says that he does know impatiently. She asks him to repeat the address for her sake, so that she knows he knows it correctly. he repeats the address, and begum remembers it. She leaves from there. the person lies dead.

Scene 3:
Location: The person’s shop
Begum arrives at the said address, and a woman without looking upto her, says that the shop is closed today and asks her to come tomorrow, as masterji isnt here today. begum composes herself, and takes scissors. She then holds it against the lady’s throat from behind. She asks begum not to think she is alone as her son shall come soon now. Begum says that her son shall not come now. The lady asks if she is the same girl who gave birth to that seven fingered boy. begum complies and says yes. Begum holds the old lady at gunpoint, and asks her what does she know aout the boy with seven fingers. She says that the child was dead then. She remembers giving that fellow the child, to ask him to get rid of that child. she then asks the lady where is he. The lady says that he was blessed by the god, and that he didnt die, but was alive, and hence she cared for him and then sent him to an orphanage.

begum is shocked. The lady shows a pic of the boy to begum. She finds a pic hanging on the wall, with many other kids in the picture. She is surprised and asks which one of them. she holds the lady up and asks her to identify, or else she shall kill her. The lady says that she never saw her till now, as she is blind. begum is shocked.

Scene 4:
Location: On the road
Begum comes back to gazalla and latif, while they ask where was she gone for so long and if she found anything. begum is apalled, and remembers her conversation with the tailor regarding the child, and then the lady telling her that the child was alive. she is overwhelmed with emotions. latif asks if they can go from here, and reminds her of her prior engagements. begum says that she doesnt wish to go and is frustrated. she remembers the lady talking about the boy being in orphanage, who was later adopted by a very wealthy and rich man. She udnerstands that latif

Scene 5:
Location: Begum’s residence
Azad asks kainat where is mahira. she says that she hasnt seen her. He wonders where is she, as she never goes without telling him, and is nowhere to be seen. An oblivious mahira sits in the car with azad says that if they stay here or dont do things hurried up, then afreen shall trap them all. she asks him to hurry up. She says that afreen cant see them together, and she doesnt know what she is upto, but dwefinitely she is planning something, and that staying here isnt safe for them anymore at all. Just then, in the rearview mirror, she finds azad talking on the phone. she is shocked, and notices the hand of the azad sitting in the car and finds its blue with the ring. meanwhile afreen starts the car. mahira is shocked and boggled. she drives off. mahira thinks that if she does anything, that might tip off afreen.

Azad tells her that afreen cant ruin them. Mahira says that she has top place a call and dials the mobile. azad says that she is with him then why the phone and disconnects it. mahira wonders what to do now. azad is worried at home, where is she. kainat comes and teases him that he is already missing her, and assures that maybe the phone is off. Azad is tensed. the screen freezes on actual azad, fake azad and mahira’s faces.Azad is driving. Mahira looks up and sees they are in the market area. She thinks here Afreen wont be able to do anything here. Mahira asks Azad to stop the car. He is confused. Afreen (who has taken the form of Azad) smirks that Mahira figured out that its me and not Azad. Mahira insists Azad to stop the car.

Azad stops the car. Mahira gets out of the car and Afreen (as Azad) calls cops. Mahira asks whom is he calling. Afreen says you thought you could fool me. She drags Mahira away but Mahira wrests free and throws sand in Afreen’s eyes and runs away. Mahira asks for help from all present. Afreen (as Azad) forces Mahira to come with him. Mahira throws vegetables at him. A lady present asks Mahira the matter. She says this man is harassing me. Azad asks the lady not to interfere between a hubby-wife. He says Mahira is mentally sick. She gets fits. Mahira refutes his story. The other ladies say he is your hubby. Mahira says he is not my hubby, thing is he knows magic. He is a WITCH. Other ladies are confused. Mahira says ask him to show his hand, he has a ring with which he does magic. One of his hand is blue. Show your hand. Afreen asks Mahira not to create a scene. Mahira accuses him of lying and asks to show the hand.

Afreen (as Azad) shows the left hand which is blue and has a ring. All are shocked. Mahira says see told you its a WITCH. Afreen (as Azad) asks if Mahira wants to make a joke out of him. Azad says Mahira hit me so much on the hand that it has turned blue. Mahira fumes on him for lying and says no one believes you.The other ladies try to convince Mahira to go with her hubby as fights are part of hubby-wife lives. Mahira tries to make them listen to her but they dont. Afreen tries to pull Mahira away but Mahira points a knife at her. The other men taunt that in todays times, wife has turned enemy of her own hubby. Mahira screams saying he is not my hubby. Cops come and arrest Mahira. Afreen smiles.

Cops fume on Mahira and say they are arresting her for threatening her own hubby. Mahira explains that he is not a man, he is a WITCH. The cops threaten to throw her in an asylum. Afreen mocks at Mahira from afar and says Azad will come close to me tonight, so close that he will be one with me. Tonight at 9pm your husband will me mine. She winks at Mahira.Mahira is in the police jeep and tries to explain to the cops but they quieten her. She thinks that in her absence Afreen will surely do something with Azad. Need to get out of here soon but how.

Later in the night, auction is underway and Sanam-2 tries to influence buyers but it all falls flat. She keeps an eye for finding the ones who adopted the boy. She spots someone sitting there wearing gloves. She thinks that maybe its the same boy. She goes up to the boy and fakes needing help with her purse. The boy agrees. He tries to open it wearing his gloves but Sanam-2 suggest to try without wearing gloves. He agrees and does so. Sanam-2 spots nothing special in his hands and sulks.

Azad is trying to reach Mahira but her phone is switched off. Right then Afreen comes and gives Mahiras moby to Azad. He asks about Mahira and Afreen closes in on him and says everytime i touch you my heartbeat starts racing. Dont you feel anything. He fumes on her and asks about Mahira. Afreen hugs him and says else what will you do, kill me. Well i am dead already. I know how to kill & not get killed. She changes her form to Mahira and says you love this face. Well i am Mahira now, love me. Azad is quiet. Afreen says you only want Mahira. Well go ahead. She then smiles and turns back to Afreen and says lets not waste time in talking. Mahira isnt here and she wont be here to stop you or me. Be mine. Azad pushes Afreen away and asks what did you do to Mahira.

Afreen says i will answer all your questions, just hug me first and if you dont, then you will never find out where is Mahira. She narrates the whole market-place incident and how she got Mahira arrested. Azad fumes on her and slaps her. He walks off. Afreen is holding a piece of Azad’s hair. She swears not to spare Azad- Mahira.Azad is walking out of the mansion when Afreen spots him and chants some magic and he feels dizzy and passes out. Afreen says now you are under my control Azad, no one can stop you from being mine. Azad walks back to Afreen.

At the traffic signal, the police jeep comes to a halt and Mahira manages to open her handcuffs and manages to run away. At the auction, as the bidding starts, Sanam-2 participates as well. Sanam-2 is winning the bid just then a boy says 20 lacs. Its the boy with 7 fingers that Sanam-2 was looking for. Sanam-2 smirks that for Khan Begum no work is impossible. I found you.At the mansion, Azad is under Afreens trance and walks upto her. Afreen says they will become one tonight. I will give you all the happiness in the world. She leads Azad into the bedroom but he pulls her back.

He is about to kiss her but Afreen stops him and says every work has a place, lets go to the bedroom. Azad says first you gotta do something for me. Afreen asks what. Azad says cook for me and then feed me. Afreen agrees. She kisses him on the cheek.Sanam-2 is rushing to meet the boy with 7 fingers when an old friend stops her in the way but she says in a rush, talk later. By the time Sanam-2 goes up to the boy he is missing. She looks around for him but the auctioneer says the boy send this necklace as gift to you. Sanam-2 thanks her. She reads the note with the necklace which reads that world knows a womans love for diamonds, but i dun like to lose.

Dun like see you sad so this gift may brighten your mood. Its signed A. Sanam-2 is emotional and breaks down. She says .. MY SON!!Azad comes and finds afreen in his room. he is tensed. she captivates him by the black magic of her ring, and then tells him that he wants to give him every happiness that a woman can to a man. He says that he shall be pleased when she pleases him and thats by cooking for him. she agrees. he then says that he too shall assist her in that. mahira sees this and is shocked, and understands that he must be captivated definitely or else he cant be nice to afreen. mahira comes in saying that he needs to be with her and not afreen, as she is his wife, and afreen is merely trapping him. Azad pushes her away asking her to leave him alone, as he belongs only to afreen. Afreen eyes mahira with sadistic pleasure. mahira tries to convince him that afreen has trapped him in some way through her black magic, and that as promised she would always be by his side, and not let anything part them away.

She asks him to come with her for god’s sake and leave afreen. But he pushes her away. They leave while mahira stands defeated as she eyes the clock and its nearing nine, and she remembers afreen’s challenge.In the kitchen, afreen and azad get romantically intimate while mahira watches helplessly, as azad begins with his consummation with afreen, as they hug each other. suddenly afreen notices that the ring isnt there, and tells him that she shall come rightaway. he asks whats so imp that she wants to leave him alone. Azad presents her the ring, and asks if this was the one, as he takes it out from the pocket. He asks her if this is the one as he takes it out of his pocket. she tries to take it, but he takes it away. she is boggled. He throws the ring to mahira who stands at the opposite end of the corridor and she catches it. afreen is shocked, and then gets angry. she orders azad to go and get the ring back.

she says that he would do what she says as he is trapped by her. but he just smiles, and then signals mahira something, who smiles at them and then throws the ring away in the fireplace. afreen rushes to the area as she finds the ring burning. She understands that it was both their trap, and asks how dare they take the ring. He remembers how he took the ring when they were kneading dough together in the kitchen. she asks how is this possible that he defied her magic. he tells her that those who love truely cant be captivated. He then shows her the taveez that mahira had given him. Mahira tells her that she had told her that good always wins over the evil. Mahira then grabs hold of her and turns her around, and cuts off her braid. Afreen is shocked. Mahgira then holds her by the hair, and drags her by the corridor, as she remembers all of afreen’s torments. She throws her out on the ground, and her braid at her, while she walks back in, with azad standing behind her, confronting afreen, as she lies on the ground.

mahira tells that if a daayan’s braid is cut off, and then she is taken out backfoot, out of the house, then she can never enter back in the house again. she asks if she now believes that evil cant win over the good. they together shut the door on her face, while she eyes them with venomous rage.

Scene 2:
Location: On the road
Begum stands outside, as she reminisces her son with overwhelming emotions. She then finds the same car, that she saw her son in earlier, and rushes to it, but is stopped by security guards. Begum says that its paramount for her to meet the owner of the big, black car. the guards say that she cant meet him. She asks where can she meet him. he ignores her. just then, he finds a troop of people coming in with the same guy, Armaan, while he signs off some papers and then sits in the car. she hears the name and desperately tries to catch a look of the person, but he gets in the car and drives off.

She thinks that she couldnt meet her own son and is distraught. A person comes and says that she has been trying to meet him, and says that he too was trying for a long time and finally got the chance. She asks if he can tell anything about him. He tells that the guy has business all around the world and many houses. He says that he has just come here for big business, and that he is searching for a big haveli, but he is busy. she asks if there is any way she can meet him. he says that he meets only for professional reasons, but every saturday he goes for the mazaar where he pays his respects, and adfds that if she is lucky enough, then she shall get to meet him. she thanks him profusely overwhelmed with emotions, for this info. She thinks that tomorrow, being saturday, she shall meet her son at any cost.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
Inide the haveli, mahira tells him that she had told him that they and their love shall win, and afreen went out due to this taveez, and the blue moon night is one day away, and they can finally consummate their love tomorrow. he says that the taveez kept him safe, but he is not sure that it shall be able to get him rid of the devilish demons inside him. she says that even a normal person cant get rid of the daayan, but the impossible happened, and hence he should start believing in miracles. She says that this dream shall also come true. he says that some dreams arent destined to be true. he says that she too is a dream like that. she comes to him and asks why is he saying so. he says that he loves her and she is like that moon that he can watch from afar. She asks him to keep her in his heart always. He holds her hand and eyes her lovingly. He says that his heart shall stay in her love, even after his death. he says that his heart was, is and shall always be hers.

She hugs him and he hugs her back, as they both smile. he thinks that tomorrow is the blue moon night, but he feels that something is still missing and that their love cant be culminated and shall have to face a lot more serious problems now. he says that his heart is hers, but the same heart is in doubt, that tomorrow night, something else shall turn up to threaten their love and that their love story isnt complete yet.The next morning, mahira wakes up and comes in the room, to find azad still asleep, and eyes him lovingly. she thinks that tonight shall bring a new dawn into their lives. she says that she has only wished for true love and the lord shall have to grant that. She pulls the drapes on him. she says that she cant start this new beginning without bowing to the lord’s bounty and decides to visit the maaar. the screen freezes on her face.

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