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I do 11 October 2022: Begum wanders through the dargah, while she overhears people talking about armaan’s humanitarian nature, and how its very difficult to meet him. She thinks that she wont be able to get past the security guards, and meet him hence she has to come up with a new plan. she decides to sit with the beggars dressed as one. just then, its announced that armaan’s car has arrived. She gets alert and tensed, as the car draws in and is thronged by security guards, amidst whom, armaan steps out. He starts distributing 1000 rupess notes amongst the needy and the poor, while begum stands back in line waiting to catch a glimpse of him. the beggars bless him as they receive the money. finally khan begum confronts him. he eyes her tensedly, taking off his glasses, as she takes off the veil of the burqa. he gives her a note too, and prays that the lord relieves all of her pains.

she eyes him and their ironic situation. then he walks past, and begins to move ahead with his guards. She is overwhelmed to have finally seen him and she calls out his name emotionally overwhelmed. He stops surprised and then turns around, but just before that, mahira walks past between begum and armaan and begum sees her and she turns away, lest mahira sees her. Armaan turns just then but is unable to see who called out to him. She however wonders underneath the buraq as to whats mahira doing here. She turns around to find armaan walking away yet again, but accidentally collides into a lady, and falls on the ground. mahira rushes to help her.

she is frustrated that she couldnt meet her son due to mahira. She composes herself and walks off hastily. mahira is tensed and walks in.Inside, mahira prays to the lord that her father used to tell her of the miracles of love, and today she was witness to one too. On the opposite end of the mazaar, armaan sits, just like asad and zoya’s first meeting, as they both ardently pray to the lord. she finally gets up, and he too and they start walking, obliviously moving closer to each other. mahira walks past armaan, her dupatta grazing past his face. armaan is mesmerised and overwhelmed as he eyes her, unable to take his eyes off her. He wonders why his heart felt that someone close to him went by him. mahira comes to the wishing area, where people tie knots and wish for.

she prays that she hopes she meets her true love finally, and that she leaves herself to him, and that whatever he wishes for, she shall accept, as her destiny is in the lord’s hands now. just then, from the opposite end, armaan too comes and ties a knot beside mahira’s knot, and eyes her face as she prays, mesmerised yet again.Outside, begum hovers around armaan’s car and asks the guards if she can talk to him for a minute as its important. but the guard wards him off. She continues to pester but in vain. she thinks that guards wont let her meet and wonders what to do.

She takes out her purse and places it on the pedestal of the car and then wards off, hiding as armaan comes in and is about to step in, when he notices the purse kept and picks it up, and looks around. he then goes through the details of the purse, and finds an address, and she thinks that now she would meet him, as he would come to her house for returning the purse.As he sits in the car, he is doing his business dealings, wherein he is very harsh and straightforward on the phone, as to how he wishes people to be on their toes. he suddenly asks the driver to put the car to a halt. They stop outside an orphanage.

he remembers how he was abused in childhood here, by people, who cursed him for being an orphan, making an easy target of him. just then, a beggar comes asking for money, and remembers him as the child who the tailor had adopted. He is shocked but denies this and drives off, but he continues to say that he is the same sam. Armaan is tensed and worried. Armaan thinks that for some people, their birthplace and their childhood is their worst nightmare. He says that had his grandmother not forced him to come here, he never would have even thought of it.

Scene 2:
Location: Begum’s residence
mahira decorates the whole house, with the intention of seeing the blue moon soon, so that with the onset of the special moon, the onset of her love story too is wonderful. gazalla and latif happily chat and banter while mahira is amused. She gets up and asks them to get Channi and rice pudding. they comply. mahira thinks that she should get ready too for this special occassion.With much love and care, mahira gets ready but hears the sound of afreen’s anklets and gets alert. but they stop, and she gets back to work. she then hears a female laughing and gets unsettled. She looks around the room but sees noone. she comes out but doesnt find anyone, both sides and is about to go in the room, when she hears a devilish and demonic female laughter.

as she turns around, she finds afreen guffawing at her, saying that the game isnt over yet. mahira is shocked and tensed. then the apparition vanishes. she is stunned and surprised, as the words resonate in her ears. she wonders who is this possible, and if its her hallucination or actually her, as she threw her out herself. She is distracted as other women come and take her along with them. She again epresses her concern to kainat who asks how is this possible. begum hears this and asks why is she tensed. mahira tells that she feels she saw afreen. begum says that its her hallucination, as the devil cant come inside, till she is called back three times. kainat asks her not to worry as she can never come. begum tells her that today her love story shall culminate and asks her to go to azxad. she complies. Afreen notices them from the balcony, thinking that she is for real and not a hallucination.

she says that she is back, and now she cant even think at all, who called her back in, as the blue moon night shall be the night of mahira’s ruins. The screen freezes on mahira’s and afreen’s faces.Merriment and festivities begin in the haveli, while mahira reminisces her moments with azad, as sshe gets mehendi applied on her arms. she eyss afreen mingling through the crowd, and is shocked. she screams out her name, but noone sees her, and she is tensed. kainat assures her and that she isnt here and asks for the celebrations to continue. When the cone ends, afreen draped in a veil, comes and places a tray of cones where mahira is getting mehendi applied. afreen thinsk that all of mahria’s dreams for this night, shall be ruined by her, and she shall see what is the effect of mehendi on her hand.


she leaves. While mahira gets mehendi applied by the ladies, she notices blood gushing out of the cone. she is shocked and points this to kainat who is shocked too and asks the lady who gave her this cone.Meanwhile, begum anxiously awaits armaan’s arrival, while she remembers how she had planted the purse so that armaan comes here. A lady comes and asks mahira to drink this pure water before moon comes out, as she holds out a glass. she is about to take it and is boggled, when suddenly the glass slips. The lady comments that its severely ominous. Begum comes and says that noghint wrong shall happen as its just an accident.

kainat composes her. the lady blesses mahira that all of her wishes shall be blessed by the lord. mahira smiles. kainat comes and assures that all shall be right. mahira thinks that whatever is happening isnt right, and hopes that nothing comes in the way of her meeting azad today. She says that the taveez has always kept azad safe and hopefully tonight it shall relieve him of his devilish shackles.meanwhile, azad is in his room, waiting for the blue moon too, remembering the taveez, and mahira’s faith in it. The door opens and afreen walks in, with a veil across the mouth. she thinks that she shall not let mahira snatch him from her, as he belongs to her only. she comes in while azad looks out the window.

She picks up his shirt-piece and shows it to him, without revealing her face, and he assumes that its the tailor that begum had called for him. She takes his measurements, while he doesnt realise that its afreen. While measuring the arm, she intentionally stealthily takes out the scissors and cuts off the thread containing the taveez and leaves, while the taveez barely hangs by the thread. Azad turns around and the thread falls off. begum comes in and asks him to finish his food, as there are people waiting down for him. he says that since mahira hasnt eaten, hence he shall not eat too. begum smiles and says that people get everything but not true love and that they are lucky to have found each other and she is happy for them. he smiles and says that mahira explained to her what true love is, and he shall never make her sad. she asks him to hurry up, as all are awaiting him. She says that tonight shall be his new start. he asks her to go while he just comes. she leaves.

he starts getting nauseatic and with a headache, as afreen approacehs him. Afreen sprays some powder at him and he starts getting dizzy and finally collapses on the ground. Azad turns around and sees afreen and is shocked. she locks the door, while he eyes her stunned, and unable to respond. She gets onto seducing him to consummate their relation. azad is boggled, while she thinks that noone can stop him from being trapped. mahira’s sound resonates in his ears, saying that he cant allow anyone else to come in between them and that he needs to come to her, and he removes himself from her embrace. he gets ahead in the dizzy state and tries to open the door, while afreen watches.

Scene 2:
Location: Confectioners
Armaan gets some cookies and other delights packed, and then is walking out on the road when she finds a rich guy scolding two children for them having tainted his expensive car. the person starts reprimanding the children and armaan steps in. he is harsh and ruthless to the children, and armaan gets tensed seeing this. Armaan remembers his own plight in childhood and gets angry. Armaan signs a cheque of 60 lakhs and asks him to purchase two new cars. the man asks what would he do with the car. The takes an iron rod and smashes his car while all are shocked. Armaan signs another five lakhs and the guy is boggled and asks whats this for. Armaan slaps him and says that its for this, and asks him not to misbehave with any other child in the future.

he walks off while all are surprised. Armaan then goes through the files and tells his employess, even after they did the unachievable task, that he doesnt like to hear no and they should keep that in mind. he then shows an employee the wallet and asks him to return it at the said address. he sees the address, and tells that this is the same place which the owner declined to sell to him. armaan says that he doesnt like to hear no, and that he shall himself take the wallet. he is determined.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
Downstairs, Mahira is getting restless, that something bad shall happen and that she needs to go and check on azad. but as she gets up, the ladies insistently and teasing her, make her wait there. As they wait for the moon to come out, mahira thinks that she needs to go to azad. but the ladies stop her and say that she needs to be here for the rituals and azad shall soon come. mahira prays to the lord, that no power should stop her true love from coming to her. Just then, Armaan comes inside the haveli and asks about the owner of the haveli, and is directed upstairs. he leaves. just then, begum comes in there, and says that she felt that her son came but there’s noone here. the ladies ask mahira to get her channi ready as the moon is about to comer, so that they can see their true love’s face. mahira closes her eyes and prays that she has left her destiny in the hands of the lord, and wishes for him to make her meet her true love and make her forever his.

Just then, she hears an I AM SORRY. She is overjoyed that azad is here and then turns around happily. but when she opens her eyes, she finds armaan at the opposite end of the channi, where she had to see azad. She is distraught and shocked. the screen freezes on her face.

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