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I do 9 October 2022: afreen eyes the crystal with the intention to finish off mahira tonight. the crystal falls into azad’s room, shattering the glass. they are boggled, while this gives the chance for the moonlight to come in, and strike azad. He gets unconscious. By the full moon, azad turns into an animal, as his eyes turn golden. he opens his eyes, and mahira retreats back in shock. he gets up and turns around asking her to go. she asks him not to let the devil ride him and asks him to fight this, and not get weak. She tries to come to him, but he shouts at her to go. she rushes out in scare, while a hungry azad rushes after him. She hides behind the dining table, as azad callously approaches the dining area searching for her hungrily. she is scared, but then thinks that she cant desert him in his troubles times.

she wonders what pain is azad in, and that she cant leave him like this, as if he loves her, he would never harm her. she comes out of hiding and stand in front of him and calls him. he eyes her angrily. Afreen watches from the balcony. Mahira tells him that he shall have to fight at all cost, as if they are together, they can overcome anything, and he has to let their love win. Afreen enjoys the drama from the balcony, amused that mahira is within inches of death. She says that she promises him that she would be by his side, and he too promises that he would always protect her. she says that this is the time to fulfill their promises, and says that together they can defeat all evil forces. she extends her hands out to him, while he having turned into a vampire, eyes her glaring with anger. She asks him to come to her.

mahira is shocked as she sees rage and viciousness in his eyes, and not love. she is scared too. Afreen thinks that mahira has stupidly invited her death in the form of azad’s helpless barbarousness. But to her surprise, azad walks past mahira, boggling her too, while he plunges reindeer horns deep into him, as the showpiece lies on the mantle to stop himself. Mahira and afreen are shocked. Azzd winces in pain and then falls unconscious, while mahira is shocked, and tries to revive him, saying that he cant do this. She prays to the lrod for help, saying that she needs him back. But he doesnt respond. As she puts up her hands for prayer, azad gets up and then picks out the horns, and then miraculously his wound heals too, as the night passes away, covering the full moon. she is surprised and relieved too. She helps him get up.

He then shoves mahira aside asking if she is happy now to see what could have happened, and says that this is why she needs to stay away from him. she is shocked. he asks if she still wishes to come close to him, and in response, she endearingly comes and hugs him, while he is boggled and apalled at his helplessness. he shoves her away and says that she needs to stay away, as what she saw today, her delicate shoulders wont be able to bear the burden of it, as this is his truth, that she needs to be away from, as he is an animal, and she a mere innocent mortal, who’s heart is crystal clear, and cant carry a demon’s reflection. He says that he cant give her the love and peace that she deserves. He asks her to think from the mind and not heart. mahira says that he knew all this from afore, then why did he marry her knowing it all, and asks if she should answer.

without waiting for his response, she comes to him, and says that in this war of mind and heart, he too lost by the heart, as she is loved by him, and he married her to protect her. He asks her not to insists, and she says that she isnt but he is. She says that she isnt going anywhere not woulr let him go away from her too. Azad gets to go, but she tells him that the next night, is blue moon night, in which couples see the moon together, and wish for a lifetime of eternity and on that night, she promises him as a wife, that she shall free him from his devilish clutches. Just then, afreen comes behind her, clapping her for her achievcement. mahira turns around boggled, and confronts her. The lights go off just then.

In her room, begum finds missing eyes, and crackes face od anand kumar on the portrait. she then gets a pic on her mobile phone with her and gazalla and latif burying anand kumar in the grave. she is shocked. She wonders who is this, who’s trying to blackmail her. she gets another sms, saying that crimes cant be buried in graves, and that she shall be punished, and for that he shall himself come out of the grave, and that day shall be her last. she wonders how is this possible. she breaks her phone in disgust.

Meanwhile, mahira turns to go, but finds afreen standing in front of her. By the candlelight, afreen says that they are vastly different and that she can create a storm in her life anytime, she can render her helpless as and when she wants to, and mahira shall not be able to fight it, as she is a mere mortal. mahira says that azad was, is and shall always be hers and shall love her only. She says that she wont be able to trap azad. she says that by the next full moon, she shall get azad rid of his ghostly life. Afreen is shocked. She says that after that there wont be anyone between them, neither her fear nor her conspiracy. she herself blows off the candle and walks away, while afreen watches in rage.

In her room, mahira prays in her room, with the book of her father beside her, that had gotten burned, thinking that this book had helped her father to fight evil spirits, and they shall help her too. she says that she doesnt understand how to help azad as the book is now half burnt. she prays to the lord to be shown a way. mahira finds the book’s pages turning and gets back to praying. afreen eyes her from a distance, thinking that if she is able to revive the book, she shall make azad a human once again and she herself shall forever lose azad and also possibly die. she thinks that she cant let this happen and eyes the hunter that she has brought with herself, thinking that she shall have to stop mahira. just then the book also turns to the page, which tells how to deal with daayan like afreen.

she comes inside, while mahira prays obliviously. She is about to strike a blow with the hunter, but the hunter gets struck midway by an imaginary force. she tries to bring it down but is unable to. she gets frustrated and frantic. she is thrown away from mahira and the book, which startles afreen too. Mahira then opens her eyes, and finds the page of the book too and starts reading it intently. Afreen is tensed. mahira thinks that she has to prepare a taveez and without making it fall on the ground, she has to make azad wear it. Afreen hears and is surprised. Meanwhile mahira walks out. afreen eyes her viciously, thinking that she cant let mahira succeed, even if she has to die for that. The screen freezes on her face.

Khan begum is reading a novel, when she hears the noise of water fom the bathroom. She thinks that maybe she left the shower on. Then she hears the humming of anand kumar’s song, that he used to sing while bathing. she goes to the bathroom, and turns the shower off, surprised to see noone around there. she finds a note, that she killed him, now he shall kill her. she wonders who is playing with her, and then finds the same mysterious man in the window, who runs away. she follows him and then rushes after him, stunning him for a moment with her knife, but he composes himself and walks off. She eyes blood on the knife. She says that the blood proves that the person blackmailing her is a mortal and no spirit. she says that this time he got saved, but the next time, destiny wont be as lucky on him.

Inside, mahira thinks that she to somehow make azad wear this taveez anyhow, that she clutches in her hand. afreen says that she shall also see how mahira is able to do that. as mahira walks by the pool, afreen walks behind her, with a powder in he hand, which she sprays on her and her hand catches fire. she is shocked as she tries to douse the fire, as the hand contains the taveez. Afreen eyes from afar, saying that now she shall have to drop the taveez on the floor. Azad sees this from his room, and rushes to save mahira. Afreen stops him, while azad is boggled. He tells her that she neither has the right nor the permission to stop him from saving mahira. She says that she isnt mahira’s enemy, then why is he being one, as she is willing to go to any length to save her, and he knows that he cant become a human again, but her efforts might unfortunately lead her to her grave. he is confused and convinced by afreen, who smiles.

mahira turns around for help but doesnt findanyone. She tries to keep her hand from burning, but thinks that the lord hopefully doesnt let her trust break. She comes to his room, but afreen convinces azad that he neednt give false sympathy to her, that he might have a chance by being human. he says that he shall pain her by staying away. Afreen says that time shall heal everything and with time she shall understand that they arent meant to be. she says that she knows he too wants to be human, but this isnt possible, as by staying with her, he shall only give her pain. She says that this is true that she loves him, but she doesnt hate mahira, as she is a mere mortal. she says that he should lovingly make mahira understand that what she is doing is wrong. Azad is tensed.

As mahira’s hand burns and she is searching for azad, he comes and douses the fire. She says that she has been searching all over for him, while he asks what was she thinking, as her hand could have wholly burnt. she says that the truth and rightful thing is that she makes him wear this. he denies. She says that this taveez works, and he has to keep it with him, till the next blue moon night, and then he shall become mortal. he asks her to stop all this. She says that she is doing this for him, for her, and for their life. she asks whats the problem, as they are doing it for their love. he asks her to stop dreaming. she tries to make him wear it, but he shoves her hand away and the taveez falls out of her hand in the air. She dives to save it from touching the ground, and he rushes to catch her, scratching his hand and causing a wound, from which blodd gushes out. mahira makes him wear the taveez.

Azad asks why is she doing this, and is endangering her life. she says that its for him. he says that he wont be able to forgive himself if anything happens to her. he says that she is in for disappointment only. mahira says that he doesnt know the power of god. she shows him the wound that still hasnt healed. She says that he is becoming a normal person, as it takes time for a normal person’s wound to heal. He is boggled and confused. She says that he has no clue of god’s miracles. Afreen wonders how is this possible. Just then, sameer and kainat come and ask if they can discuss wedding arrangements.

Scene 2:
Location: Graveyard
Begum stands by anand’s grave, thinking that whoever is blackmailing her shall also definitely follow her here. In pretense, she screams that noone is more than a husband for a wife, and claims to be regretting her move and begs for an apology. She senses someone coming behind her, just as she had predicted. He comes and is about to hold her, when begum scream gazalla and latif. Gazalla and latif along with begum, catch the mysterious person, who has a naqab on his face. Begum ideitnifies him and is shocked, and he too replies that he is the same person. begum is surprised, and asks how can he be here. he says that he has been the pawn that she has used for many of her vicious evils, but now he has come for payback. he says that he thought he would punish her for her deeds.

He says that he had thought that he shall extort money. she slaps him tight across his face, saying that he doesnt have the stature to punish her, and that he was a fool to think that she would come on her knees to beg for an apology. He gets himself free from their clutches, shoving them all away. he then picks up a knife, and before anyone can recompose themselves back, he tries to strike a blow, but begum overpowers him. She asks that he dared to kill her, and then stabs him continuously in the stomach while he collapses on the floor, almost dead. begum reprimands him for trying to turn against her. He says that the secret thats in her heart shall forever be buried with him, and noone else shall know of it. She asks him to stay alive with that secret for a little while longer, as he would die and noone shall be there to see or look out for him. thy begin to go.

He tells her about a boy who has seven fingers, and asks begum if she remembers it. she turns around in shock. She asks him what he knows. He says that he knows everything, and how her life is dependant on that boy only, and how that boy is extremely imp to her. she asks where is he. he says that she has made many mistakes, but the biggest is that, she killed him, as with his burial, her secret shall die too. He says that she lost and he finally won. He collapses, while she asks him to stay alive and conscious. latif and gazalla tell her that he is dead. begum says that he cant die without answering her. But he is dead by then. She is extremely tensed.

Scene 3:
Location: Begum’s residence
As all sit to eat, mahira serves them all. Mahira tells sameer and kainat that she and azad shall try everything to fulfill their marriage and all her wishes. Afreen thinks that since she has her days outnumbered she can take all the responsibility she needs, as soon she would be dead. she thinks that she shall profit from this, and beforelong, she shall have azad to herself. mahira thinks that she knows what afreen must be thinking, but she shall never let her success, not atleast till the blue moon night, and she knows a perfect way to thwart her plans. Kainat asks her to let the servants serve, but she says that she shall feed herself her family. When mahira serves to afreen, Afreen says that she shall not take more. Mahira says that she should eat as she has huge responsibility on her shoulders.

She insistently puts more food and spills some of it on her ring. Afreen is shocked. mahira apologises and tries to wipe it off, and takes off the ring too along with wiping her hand. Afreen leaves to wash it off, disgusted. mahira eyes the ring thats in her napkin, as afreen is dependant on this. she says that now she shall see how afreen does the conspiracies now. the screen freezes on her face.

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