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I do 11 March 2022: nikhat is worried that farhan hasnt come back yet. Hearing the doorbell ring, she pretends to be asleep, while farhan sneaks in and is happy to find her asleep. she peeks open her eyes, and finds him changing his clothes. Farhan seems tensed. He goes into the wshrom. After he’s gone, nikhat wakes up tensed, seeing wet clothes yet again, and wonders that this area didnt have any rainfall, then how come his clothes are wet, and wonders where he went. While nuzrat and nikhat are talking, haseena gorges on food, and is listening. Nuzrat happily tells that she has got halwa for them.

nuzrat begins to take their leave, as she’s getting late for college. Nazma is about to go, but haseena asks her to keep the halwa in the fridge, so that she can eat later. While nuzrat and nikhat talk on the main gate, nuzrat tells that it was raining heavily near their house, particularly the lake. This gets nikhat tensed, as she thinks about farhan. She wonders if its possible that farhan went to the lake and wonders why he went there, if he did.

Scene 5:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya and ayan big a final godbye, after she’s packed her bags. zoya asks what would he tell the family. He asks her not to think about that, but only think about asad. He asks him to hurry up, as asad is going to pick her from the chowk in 15 minutes. Zoya thanks ayan, and get into teasing each other about who’s salman’s bigger fan.

Zoya is waiting with her stuff, for asad, at their meeting point. She wonders why isnt he here yet, as there’s not much traffic too.

Asad gets the police but finds that she isnt in the drawing area. He begins searching for her. The police is confounded too. Tanveer, who’s hiding in a room, is very angry and tensed too. Asad is searching one room after the other. the police asks who’s that girl. asad tells about tanveer and his repeated warnings to her. As asad comes with the police to his room, all are stunned and surpised as to what they see. An injured tanveer pretends to be horror stricken at his sight, and keeps acting that she’s very scared of him, who had beaten her up badly.

She takes the police’s resort, who too believes her story. After reassuring tanveer, asad is reprimanded by the inspector for beating a girl like that. Asad tries to protest but he doesnt listen. The inspector takes asad in his custody, while tanveer smirks. Asad gets into the van and drives off.

Scene 3:
Location: At the police station, and asad’s office.
Asad places a call to the lawyer, to gte him out of here soon, and not tell dilshad about it, who would be bothered unnecessarily. He asks the inspector’s permission to allow one more call, but he doesnt allow. Also, he therefore isnt able to pick up the call, when zoya tries to pick up the number. Finally she tries the office number, and is told by the receptionist that he’s in a meeting. Zoya is shocked, and all the more angry, when she doesnt put him through asad. Meanwhile the lawyer comes out, and asks the receptionist not to let this news out, that asad has been arrested. the lawyer leaves for asad’s bail.

Scene 4:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While humaira is tending to ayan, he assures her that everything would be alright in their love story. he takes her hand, and cupping it in his, he says that he knows that she’s been through a tough time, but promises that tonight only he would tell everyone that zoya has returned, and after the divorce is done, they would get married soon. She is pleasantly surprised. Ayan says that he wants to spend all life with herr, and its been too late already, and he doesnt want any more delay or problems in their marriage. They are unaware that zoya has returned back dejected with her bags. Ayan assures humaira that noone would come into their lives now. They are surprised to find zoya back.

Zoya says that he wont ever be able to understand, that its so difficult for her to be away from asad for evenb a second, and now she has spent so many days away from him. She says that he can never understand how much she misses Asad. shirin is listening to all this, stunned and silenced. When they find her standing at their door, they are tensed and worried. Shirin calmly tells him that rashid has returned and they are being called for dinner. she leave swithout saying anything.

In the corridor, shirin remembers zoya’s outburst, and her embraces and intimacy with asad.

Scene 6:
Location: Imran’s residence
While farhan and nikhat are chatting, nikhat stealthily tries to bring up the topic of it being raining heavily on their family’s side, while it wasn training at all on her side. As he gets to work, avoiding that topic, nikhat remembers farhan coming home, and asks if he went outside to get wet. He is tensed but says that he didnt. She says that his clothes were so wet, and asks if he went out somewhere. He starts smiling and makes up a story, that he put on the shower in the night, in his sleep. She wonders whats it thats forcing him to lie to her, about going out. She wonders where does he go out at nights.

Farhan gets faluda for nikhat, and asks her to taste it. She hesitatingly takes it, and says that its very tasty. He asks if she’s had rose flavour. she says that she hasnt. He goes to get it, but she stops him, saying that she would get the rose syrup. after she leaves, he gets to his work. Meanwhile, nikhat too is shocked, when she comes in to find that farhan is mixing something in her drink and stirring it. The screen freezes on nikhat’s face.

Location: Ayan’s residence
Rashid enquires about ayan’s health, and he says that zoya took proper care of him. rashid thanks her. shirin remembers zoya’s outburst, and is tensed. Razia notices this. Badi bi asks shirin to fix and prep up the kicthen, for zoya’s rasoi ritual tomorrow. Zoya is surprised, and badi bi tells that they wanted to do it earlier, but didnt get time.

Ayan says that zoya isnt familiar with the kitchen. Badi bi says that they are here to help her, and she shouldnt feel scared, as they wont be disappointed ever from her. Rashid asks why does she look tensed. She says that she isnt sure if she can. Rashid too says that she’s right and they can do it when ayan is better.

Zoya is about to tell them, that she cant do it ever, but stops seeing ayan. shirin makes zoya realise the importance of this ritual, which isnt just that, as this would prove that she’s a good bahu, whose husband matters the most to her, and a good bahu would never say no. Zoya is tensed and leaves the dining tabel, to avert the topic. Rashid asks where is she going, and she responds that she’s going out for some fresh air. But shirin asks zoya if she would do it, and zoya is speechless.

Zoya is tensed, thinking about asad’s not turning up yesterday and yet love to her, and ayan’s advice. Zoya thinks that maybe she’s overthinking, and should go back to asad tomorrow. she wonders what to do about this ritual, and thinks that she cant say no, to badi bi and shirin, as this is the first time they have asked anything. she thinks that she would do the ritual, and then leave tomorrow. Razia says that she is impatiently waiting to see her departure. Razia eyes zoya and thinks that the first chance that she gets, she would throw this girl out of the house, and then neither shirin, nor badi bi, nor any ritual would keep her in the house. Tanveer too eyes her, and thinks that if she had to go, she would have gone today, but she is waitin g for tomorrow, that would never come for her, and she also wont allow that. She says that she would never let her come back to asad, and that she wont ever let them be together. Zoya is tensed, oblivious of the scheming against her. Razia finds tanveer, sneaking out of her house and is shocked, and wondrs what is she upto, as she can harm her real bad, as she knows that zoya’s father is mamujaan. She thanks the lord, that mamu has arrived late, or else, much harm could have been done. she thinks of dealing with her.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
As farhan turns around, oblivious that she has seen everything, asks her how come she came so early. She says that she couldnt find the rose syrup. Farhan asks her to let be, and drink this one only instead. she is tensed and horrified, but doesnt say anything, while he insists on her to drink it. Finally, after much deliberation, she silently starts eating it, putting up a smiling face. Farhan asks her to taker a bigger sip instead. She is shocked. Farhan takes the glass from her and feeds it to her instead. Seeing no other option, she silently drinks it all.

Instantly her mind starts going dizzy, and he happily catches her. He puts her on the bed, while she is still dizzy and almost asleep. As farhan gets to go, nikhat is a faze of sleep, takes his hand and says that she knows that he mixed medicine in her drink. Farhan is shocked, and tensed too. she says that she knows that he’s giving her sedatives, and asks why. Before she can continue, she dozes off. Farhan is tensed.

He says that he wanted to hide it from her, but now that she has seen him, he tells her the truth, and thats that he was doing it for her, and he wanted to help her after the suicide. she is dozing in and out. He says that he wanted her to rest and get better, and not bother her about her past. She asks him why did he lie to her, as she has seen his wet and mud stained clothes. farhan laughs it off, saying that he didnt go anywhere, and even though she may not believe the absurdity of it, but he had gone to fix the water pipe in the garden. Nikhat believes it and is slightly relieved. he says that he understands that its difficult for her to believe, but she isnt a villain, and asks her to trust him. She finally dozes off. Farhan smiles evilly.

Nikhat is working in the kitchen, and finds everything locked. Nazma understands her problems, and tells about haseena’s habit of locking everything. She asks her to go to the store room and get stuff. Nikhat goes, and finds it locked. She wonders what to do. Nazma shows her the key to it, and says that she knows the tricks now. Nikhat asks why the room is the store room. Nazma smiles and says that its actually a storehouse for everything. Nikhat asks what if haseena gets angry as she hasnt

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Zoya is surprised when she introduced to the spices, much to shirin’s and badi bi’s amusement. Shirin asks what would she be making. Zoya tells that she would be making chicken pizza and chocolate cake. She reminds them of the story of the first time she had baked the cake, and the ladies are amused. Badi bi asks her to make whatever she wants, and ask for any assistance. Badi bi says that their mother in law had helped them too. Razia says that she had been there at Asad’s place a long time, and in india too, and she was going to be dilshad’s bahu, and hence she would have learnt something from her.

She suggets that they should leave Zoya alone, and asks shirin’s take. She agrees and they leave. Badi bi stays behind, and tells zoya that new work and new responsibility is scary, but asks her to pray and start and everything would be fine. She asks her not to be scared. She wishes her all the best, and zoya is all smiles. She leaves. Zoya is tensed seeing the kitchen, and wonders why is she so nerv ous. She buckles herself up, and gets to work, assuring herself that she can do anything. the screen freezes on her face.

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