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I do 12 March 2022: Zoya gets to work, and dons the chef’s apron. As usual, zoya makes a mess of everything in the kitchen, and also burns the cake mixture. She is horrified at the catastrophe that she has created in the kitchen.

She doesnt think that its her fault, and decides to get on with the work. She burns the cooker, and also blames the cooker for it. Ayan comes to her rescue and is shocked to see her and the kitchen’s condition. He smiles at her tension. Zoya admits that she cant cook. ayan breaks into poetry at that.

Apne aansuon se keh do, ki yeh jaaye ruk….
Mona nahi to kya, robert can cook…!!!!

Zoya thinks that he’s joking, but ayan is serious and decides to help her, first with the cleaning and then preparing. Seeing

his dexterity, zoya asks how does he know all this. Ayan says that
Ayan says that she isnt the real bahu.

Zoya agrees, and ayan says that he knows that she’s doing this Zoya asks what if someone sees them. Ayan asks her to take care of the outsiders, and watch, while he works. Zoya guards the kitchen while ayan works. Zoya enjoys completely. But she finds badi bi coming, and they pretend that zoya’s cooking and he camer for water. Ayan too praises her in front of badi bi. She leaves praising her. Both are relieved, while ayan again gets back to work. He finishes everything and asks zoya to take a look. zoya is very happy, and hugs him in glee. Humaira is shocked to see them like this. They dont know this. He says that he would have to take care of their friendship, and asks her to taste and while they get in doing that, humaira is distraught to see this amicability between them.

After the ritual, ayan is super happy, but later realises that zoya is tensed, and asks her not to be tensed, and says that she’s here and would learn everything about the kitchen from him. He vasks whats acxtually bothering her. She says that she’s crying due to asad, who hasnt called or msged her, and is highly indifferent and insensitive, and also doesnt bother about her feelings, but ayan stops her saying that he had a talk, when she wasnt picking up her phone, and told him that he would take her to asad’s place, after this ritual. she is very happy. Ayan teases her that she just has two minutes to get ready. She says that she would just freshen up in one minute and thanking her, she leaves to get ready. ayan smiles.

As they walk out, to leave, while they are discussing

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
Nikhat is surprised to see haseena’s bedroom, ridden with stuff. Both nazma and nikhat have a hearty laugh at it. Nazma asks nikhat to take what she wants. After they are done taking, they turn around to find haseena, staring angrily at them, and are scared. nikhat stutters and tries to talk. Meanwhile, Haseena reprimands nikhat that today she came to get rice, and tomorrow she would sneka to get jewellery. Haseena says that only nikhat must have brought her here. she intentionally puts her down in front of nazma, frustrating her. She says that her character is as bad as her complexion. Unable to take it any longer, nazma asks her to stop now, as nikhat hasnt really done anything wrong,

and she cant talk like that to her own bahu. She says that she had come here to get rice, for her son only, and they wouldnt have had to come here if the required stuff was in the kitchen only. Haseena is outraged and furious at Nazma’s rebellion. They leave, while haseena is fuming with anger, at nazma’s outburst. She says that tomorrow the other one would also talk back. She breaks the jars in anger.

Later, nikhat tries to advise nazma, that they know and have the habit of Haseena’s outburst. But nazma asks her to change her habit and not overtolerate. They overhear Haseena saying that now she would keep this key out of their reach, and that these two sisters would have to beg for food, in front of her. This upsets nikhat and nazma. She puts the key inside the flower vase. Nazma asks nikhat is she still believes in haseena’s change.

In their room, Haseena and chandbi are happily discussing how they would torture the two sisters, and also the latest advertisement about the latest serials on Zee Tv for saturday.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
Ayan and zoya find the priest outside, talking to Rashid and the family, and are surprised as to what are he and his team doing here. The priest comes with some ladies, who say that even after belonging to high caste, they did community marriage, and they want to take this example, and convert it into a film. The priest too agrees to this. Ayan says that she cant do this interview as she has to go. This surprises everyone.

Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
Asad talks to zoya talking about her health. zoya tells him that she wont be able to come oday, as she has to wait for two more days. Asad is tensed. Zoya remembers that despote razia being happy, and zoya telling them that she has to go outisde for some important work, but still would postpone it for sometime. she tells asad that the same prierst had come, and he would have doubted and things would have worsened, had she refused, and that could have catapulted into having an effect on nazma and nikhat’s life, and tries to assure him that its just a matter of 2 more days. She tries to talk, but he cancels the phone midway, shocking zoya. asad is angry, while zoya distraughtly looks at ayan, who’s watching her and is tensed too.

razia calls tanveer, and she asks howcome she called her today. She says that its her who doesnt want to let zoya leave the house. tanveer applauds her for knowing instantly, and sarcastically praises her. she goes into an imitation of what she said when she was pretending to be razia with the priest on the phone call. Tanveer says that its necessary for her to become asad’s wife. tanveer says that zoya wont ever be able to leave the house. Razia says that she wont let zoya be in the house.

Tanveer says that zoya would have to accept defeat, and she wont be able to do anything. Saying so, she cancels the call. razia thinks that tanveer wont let her go, and razia herself doesnt want her to stay, and wonders what to do now. Meanwhile, a tensed zoya is walking in the drawing room, lost. razia thinks that now if zoya doesnt leave this house herself, then she would see that zoya’s thrown out of the house.

Later, ayan tells zoya that she shouldnt have said yes, and should have gone to asad. Zoya says that she would respect her friends and the friendship. Ayan says that it would overcomplicate things for everyone. Zoya asks that he also made it very difficult, as he and his brother are responsible for this situation. ayan says that she isnt helping now. zoya says that they cant take new mistakes to mend old mistakes. Ayan says that she didnt do anything good, as always her plans are flop. They get into a verbal arguement, and then playful fighting, where they crib badly, and while zoya is in a rage, and hitting him, while he keeps saying that his stitches would be hurt, but still doesnt stop from tugging with her. Humaira is shocked and distraught to find ayan and zoya playfully tugging at each other’s hair and is distraught to see the chemistry between them, while they are cribbing at the other.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
As haseena and the family sit at the dining table, she notices very less food, in all the utensils. The boys are tensed too, while nikhat is tensed, but nazma assures her that everything would be alright.

When imran asks why so less food is made, nazma says that this was only available in the kitchen, and haseena was out, and she doesnt like anyone going without her permission. she says that she couldnt do anything against her elder’s wish. They ask why didnt they take stuff from the room.

They girls innocently say that haseena keeps it locked. Imran asks why does she lock the door. Haseena tells fumbling that she does it to protect stuff from the strangers. The girls again rest her case, when they tell that all the servants have been dismissed. Farhan is angry that she has dismissed all the servants. Both imran and farhan say that the wives arent capable of managing this big house alone. Farhan and imran decide that they would eat from outside, till the servants dont return back. haseena is outraged. They decide on the menu with consultation of their wives, and leave to place the order. After the boys are gone, nazma intentionally says that they should order something in deserts too. as they leave, haseena is fuming with anger.

Chandbi all the more instigates her, that the boys are turning away from their own mother, and didnt even ask what they want. haseena says that she’s right, but after having smiled evilly, resolves that she would have her revenge at the two sisters. She decides that now its time to seperate the two sisters.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While gazing at herself in the mirror, she notices that the family heirloom, the bracelt that she had been given, is missing. she frantically searches and is unable to find it. razia asks if she’s searching for anything. Zoya says that her bracelt is missing. Razia taunts her and says that those who cant keep tradition of the family with respect, what would she be able to manage. zoya asks her not to bother as it would be somewhere here.

Razia says that if it was inside then it would be found, but what if she went outside and did something that she shouldnt have done, and maybe that caused the forgetfulness of their family. Zoya remembers her embrace with asad, last night. Razia says that mayeb she didnt wear jewellery to hide where all she went. Razia intentionally taunts zoya, that not much can be expected from a girl, whose parents didnt give her the correct raising. zoya says that she knows that she doesnt like her, as she took away her daughter’s humaira’s right, but she cant express this through maligning her parents. Zoya asks if she has ever met them, identifies them.

Razia remembers the cold blooded murder and the fire. zoya retaliates and asks what does she know about her parents. Zoya says that her father is a very important and respected person in bhopal, though she may havent met him. She says that she may have not been with her parents, but she wont tolerate anyone speaking against her family. She asks her to talk directly with her. She also shows razia, the bracelet after having found it, and asks her to give it to humaira. Zoya leaves. Razia is tensed, at this outburst. She thinks that she knows zoya’s parents so very well, and hence wants to throw her out so bad, as mamujaan is returning in a couple of days, and she wants zoya out by then. She says that she wont take back just the jwellery, but also ayan, for her daughter.

Scene 1:
Location: Asad’s and ayan’s residence
To cheer zoya, ayan breaks into poetry….
We know everything, shaitan kaisa hai, or uskli naini kaisi hai…
why r u so upset, when u know mumani kaisi hai??
Zoya is still upset, and says that she is sacrificing all her principles of this marriage, and her notions about it. ayan says that this isnt a marriage. zoya sys that she knows this, but it was a marriage after all, and that they have made a joke of this instituion, and they shouldnt have done it, come what may.

Ayan advises her that if she wants to think so deeply, then she should go in the basement and think. Zoy is all the more angered. Ayan says that she shouldnt try to be deeply philosophical as thats his forte. Zoya is still tensed. ayan tells that she is overbearing, and hence she shoudlnt bother so much, and that this is one of the life’s most mysterious puzzles, and they shouldnt try to unravel it. They again get in to a bickering, as to how their better halves are going to suffer, and they have a hearty laugh. Humaira sees them candid, and starts believeing razia’s warning, and starts thinking that zoya may actually be trying to steal ayan from her, or else she would have gone by now. seeing them, she is distraught.

The next morning, Zoya finds a bucket of soapy water, and goes out in the garden, to throw it while the family sees this. razia smirks at her first level of plan working. Zoya tells badi bi, when she asks why is she working, that she saw this on the floor, and hence is going out to give it tot the servant. Later, razia, stealthily spills soapy water on the track that zoya took, while going out. Ayan, who’s immersed in his phone, walks out unconscious about the soapy waters, towards the dining table.

Scene 2:
Location: Imran’s residence
While farhan is making her drink, nikhat stops him and says that she doesnt need the meds anymore, as she isnt stressed and tensed anymore, and it isnt due to the meds, but due to his care. Farhan says that he should take them for some more days. Nikhat denies, saying that he’s here with her, and she’s very fortunate to have him in her life. She says that she feels like talking to him, as they havent since marriage. farhan thinks that he doesnt have time for that, as he has to go out, and wonders what to do.

just then, haseena enters and says that she just told imran and nazma too, that she’s planning to send both the couples to honeymoon, as they should spend alone time. farhan is tensed. Haseena goes on to present this holiday as a gift. farhan tries to argue, but she is adamant, that she wont be a miser, and she’s sending them on her expense. She asks nikhat to start packing, and she complies. When she leaves, haseena asks why farhan is tensed. He makes a happy face, and says that he did like the option. hasena wishes them goodnight and leaves.

Haseena asks the couple about their destination for honeymoon. She asks the girls, as their wish would be taken. They are excited about Paris. Imran prefers Europe, while nikhat suggets Switzerland. farhan is asked about his choice. He says that everything is cool with him. Imran mentions London, and they all agree to it. Haseena says that she would get to managing the travel plan rightaway. imran and nazma leave. Farhan sits with haseena, while she smirks.

Scene 3:
Location: Ayan’s residence
While zoya is busy preparing juice for ayan in the kitchen, razia comes. When zoya is called outside by shirin, and she leaves, Razia stealthily mixes something in the juice meant for ayan. She pretends to have come for water, while zoya comes in the kitchen and pouring out the juice, pours it for ayan. She serves it to ayan at the dining table. Badi bi praises her concern for ayan.

Badi bi asks her to have breakfast. she says that she isnt hungry and leaves, while ayan is tensed. Razia comes and says that he wont drink this juice. When ayan asks why, she says that she saw zoya, mixing something in the drink. All are surprised, while zoya turns around shocked. The screen freezes on Zoya’s shocked face.

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